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Win You Over (Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 1+

Request:  Request for Alexander Hamilton x Reader inspired by the song Roses by The Chainsmokers ? SONG

A/N: I kind of trailed away from the song a little (im sorry) but the basic premise is that they want to win over the person they like and keeping them to themselves It got way too fluffy and adorable and i loved writing this

Hamilton was convinced he could win you over.

You expressed dismay every time he spoke loudly in front of Congress, debating with Jefferson. You were one of Madison’s assistants, and from Madison’s descriptions of the man, you disliked him as well. It was a constant yelling fight between Jefferson and Hamilton, and you wished every day that it was over.

After one of the debates, Hamilton walked over to you, smiling, “How’d you like my arguments?” You frowned at him.

“Well, since I lost hearing in one of my ears, doesn’t seem like it was the best.” Yes, your ears were ringing, and yes, you felt a headache coming on. You had to admit, his points were logical and much more realistic than Jefferson’s.

But you weren’t going to tell him that.

He leaned on your desk, his hands placed on either side of yours. “I know you don’t hate me. You like me, admit it.” You rolled your eyes.

“That would be the day, Hamilton.”

And that’s how your relationship was with him. He always walked over to your desk, telling you how amazing and intellectual you were and how much you two were alike. He was consistent, strolling to your desk every day at seven in the morning with coffee. You wondered how he knew how you preferred your beverage, but he just shrugged his shoulders, skipping away to bother someone else. Eventually, after weeks of this, you finally put down your quill, looking up at him.

“If we go out once, would you stop bothering me every day?” You asked, and a smile almost broke his face. He nodded quickly.

“I’ll pick you up tonight. Please wear your most replaceable clothing.” Before you could question him why, he again slipped away, seeing the questions in your eyes. That night, you wore your most disposable clothes.

He brought you two to a lake. You looked at him like he was insane, but he just grinned at you, jumping into the lake at full speed. You couldn’t help but laugh at him, and he smiled at you back, gesturing you to the water.

“No way. Nope, I’m not going in there.” He sighed.

“Y/N, have you ever did something that didn’t follow the rules? You’ve been stuck next to that stuffy Madison and Jefferson. Have some fun in your life for once? Just let go.” He dived under the water, leaving you to think.

He was right. You always followed the rules, always stuck to what your mentors taught you was right and proper. You looked at the dark water in front of you. Closing your eyes, you walked in. You felt arms wrap around your waist, pulling you under. You gasped as the cold hit you, and you heard him laughing in the background. You glared at him, and he was all smiles.

“You can’t just go halfway, Y/N. If you make the plunge, you have to give it all you’ve got.” You snorted at his inspirational phrase. He swam around you. Luckily, it was the middle of summer, so you two weren’t going to freeze to death. The water was still cool, but it was bearable after a few minutes.

You two laughed and joked around in the water. Hamilton didn’t seem as bad as they said: He was kind, funny, and he talked more than anyone else you knew (that part was actually true). When you guys walked out of the water, Hamilton’s hair was sticking to his face. He shook his head quickly, and you yelled at him for getting it on you, a huge grin on your face. He laughed, pushing his hair away from his face.

“You know, now that I’m thinking about it, whose lake is this?” You asked, looking out past the river. You saw a house in the distance, luckily, there wasn’t a source of light that you could spot. This place seemed familiar, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it.

“James Madison.” He whispered, and you gasped.

“Madison? My boss, Madison?” He nodded, giving you a wryly smile. You quickly squeezed the water out of your clothes, glaring at Hamilton. “You idiot, we have to get out of here before his guards come.” Hamilton laughed, waving a hand at you.

“It’s fine, I checked already, there’s no one h-“

“Hey! What do you two think you’re doing?” You both turned to the voice, you instantly recognizing one of James’s guards. You gave Hamilton a look, before turning back. The man eyes widened once he saw your face. “Y/N?” You smiled sheepishly. “You know, I would let you go, but you aren’t alone. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, just take us to Madison.” You grumbled. Of course, you weren’t going to put up a fight since he does know who you are. You two followed the guard back to Madison’s home. Hamilton was whispering ways that you two could run, but you ignored him. For sure the guard would tell Madison you were there, and there’s no way you could get out of it.

“I say we kill him.” Hamilton mumbled in your ear. You pushed him away. He must be joking.


You three made it to Madison’s home. James was still dressed in his outerwear, and he frowned when you appeared before his eyes. Hamilton and you were still soaked, so he asked that you stand on the porch, outside of his front door. The guard explained how he found you two, then walked away, patrolling the rest of the property. James glared at you, completely ignoring the man next to you.

“What the hell were you thinking, Y/N? Did Hamilton put you up to this?”

“Sir, I can explain…” Hamilton interrupted, standing in front of you.

“It was my fault, I brought Y/N out here for a date. You and me both know that Y/N is kind of a bore, so I thought bringing them out here would be a good idea.” You were ready to hit Hamilton, but you saw Madison’s gaze on you, crossing his arms. You smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of your head.

“Sir, I-“

“You like Hamilton? Since when were you two courting?” There was a small smirk on his lips as he looked at the two of you. You widened your eyes at the misunderstanding.

“No, we’re not-“

“I finally convinced Y/N to court me today, I guess they couldn’t help but like my moves.” You hit him on the arm, hard, and he winced, moving away from you.

“I went with him to shut him up. I didn’t know that he’d bring me here. After we were in the lake, he told me that this was your property. I’m so sorry, sir. I didn’t know.” Madison scanned you and Hamilton once over, then laughed loudly. You looked at him nervously, a small smile on your face.

“I’ll let you off with a warning this time, Y/N. There better not be a next time,” before he closed the door on the both of you, he looked back, “You’re getting extra work tomorrow. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” He closed the door on your faces, leaving you with a grinning Hamilton. You marched away, knowing how to get home from there. Hamilton caught up to you, walking next to you. He nudged your shoulder a couple of times, and you finally glanced over at him. His hair was nearly dry now, hanging in strands across his head. You wondered why he was so happy, since you two were almost killed by James. He wiggled his eyes at you, and you shook your head, a small smile on your face forming. His happiness was contagious. “Why are you smiling, Hamilton? We almost died back there.”

He shrugged his shoulders, walking backwards in front of you. “Maybe it’s because you like me.”

“I do not-“

“Yes you do.”



“No, I don’t.”

“Mhm, you do.”

You stopped walking, folding your arms across your chest. “Alexander, if you keep on saying that I like you, I’ll punch you in the face.” His smiled almost broke his face, and you were even more confused than before. “Really? I just threatened you, and you still have that stupid smile on your face.”

“You never called me Alexander before. Now I know we are on a first name basis.” Oh hell, you did call him by his first name. You knew you were beginning to like him, and you hated that he suspected you already.

“I really hate, you, you know that right?” He shook his head, his face moving closer to yours. He was inches apart, and you felt your skin turn a bright red. He laughed, backing away.

“You’re blushing.”  

“It’s dark, you cannot see if I’m blushing or not. And I’m not, by the way.”

“You could see those red cheeks houses away from here.”

“You’re going to make me quit my job.” He shook his head at you.

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would.”




“I’m not starting this again.”

You had to admit, Hamilton grew on you. Every day after that, he would stay at your desk longer, and you didn’t mind. He was charming and smart. Whenever another congressman walked up to you, he would glare, saying vulgar things behind their back and making obscene gestures. You scowled him for it constantly, but he always shrugged his shoulders. Whenever Madison or Jefferson would appear during one of these incidents, they would wink at you. You frowned always, ignoring their teases.

You didn’t know that Hamilton wanted you to only look at him, to keep you to himself. Any one that was a danger of taking you away from him, would have had to deal with his arguing and insults. After you noticed that barely anyone would come up to talk to you, you confronted Hamilton about it.

“Alex, I need to talk with you.” He quickly put down his papers, walking over to you. You sighed, holding your forehead.

“No one is talking to me anymore because they’re afraid you might end their career.” He looked at you innocently, glancing around.

“I would never do such a thing.”

“Alexander, stop threatening people. Let them talk to me. If someone talks to me, I better not see you in the background insulting them. I will hit you. I’m not going to fall in love with any of these men around here.”

For the first time, you saw Hamilton stutter, and it amused you. You knew that he was driving the men away for a reason, and it made you laugh. You knew you liked him (you did not admit it to him yet) and it was funny to see him so flustered. You walked back to your desk, sitting down.

“Y/N, I, I was not doing this. I just…”

“I like you, Alex, I do. But let me get my work done, let people talk to me, okay?” You grumbled, organizing your papers. Hamilton stood there, frozen. You raised an eyebrow, puzzled.


“You said it, you said that you liked me. You like me?” He blurted out quickly, you barely heard what he was saying. After a few seconds of staring at him, you blinked.


You just confessed to him, without even meaning to. You gazed into his eyes, and he was elated, the warmth coming from them. You blushed, putting your face into your hands. You felt his touch yours, pulling them away from your face.

“You can’t just confess your undying love for me and not allow me to react.” Hamilton chuckled, tilting your face up to his. “I’ve been waiting for this for a while, Y/N. Let me look at you.” His eyes went to your lips, and he moved his face closer. You closed your eyes, and before his lips touched yours, he whispered softly. “I love you, and I’m never going to let anyone else have you.”

JB Imagine - College AU (Part 2)

A/N - Here’s part two! Apologies for the later upload, just had no time to write these past two days but I hope you enjoy regardless~ Let me know what you think of the series so far too. Also, for any of you reading this that live in the London area of the UK, I hope you’re okay and that neither you nor friends & family were injured in the attack. My heart goes out to you all - stay safe!

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Hours later and here you were getting ready to go out with Jackson, JB and their friends. You hadn’t expected to be doing any of the social stuff so early on in university. But it’d be fun to hang out with Jackson again and meet some of his friends. In fact, you were rather excited to see JB again. The two of you had barely talked yet you were so extremely intrigued by him. He just radiated mystery and exuded such a cool but interesting personality. His apparent flirting also had you interested in him. Tonight would help you figure things out with him and might even earn you a few new friends. It’d be nice to get closer to Jackson again and maybe even crash his friendship circle. Although you weren’t overly excited with the idea of Jackson getting completely wasted. Knowing him, the night would probably end in him throwing it all up somewhere in a gutter while he staggered home. Lovely.

Your phone buzzed as Jackson rang and you picked it up, greeting him cheerfully.
“Hello, miss (Y/N). Ready for me to come pick you up?”
“Yep, all ready, Jackson. You know where my flat is, right?”
“Pretty sure I do. Near the Maths building?”
“That’s the one. I’ll wait for you just outside the block so you don’t have to try and navigate the building.”
“Okay, great. We should be there in about 10 minutes so I’ll see you soon, yeah?”
“See you in a bit, Jackson.” Hanging up the phone, you grabbed some heels to go with your outfit. You hadn’t wanted to dress up too much just in case it was more of a casual outing but you still wanted to look good. Finding a purse to match your clothes, you shouted a goodbye to your flatmates and walked down the stairs towards the front of the building. A car pulled up and Jackson rolled the window down to say hi.
“Look at you! Showing us all up here, (Y/N).”
“Well someone’s got to look good so I took it upon myself to be that someone.”
“I can tell. Now get in and meet everyone.”

Climbing into the car, you were saw Jackson sitting in the passenger seat next to JB, who was driving. In the backseats were two boys you hadn’t seen before. They were all smiles as you sat down and said hi.
“I’m Jinyoung, business student.”
“And I’m Bambam, a photography student.”
“Nice to meet you boys. I’m (Y/N) and an English student.”
“Oh we know all about that, JB couldn’t stop talking about you.”
“You trying to ruin my reputation or something, Bambam? Anyway I only mentioned we had a seminar together earlier.”
“You also said that you were sat next to her and thought she was cute,” Jackson teased, laughing at JB. You giggled and pulled your phone out, getting everyone’s numbers so you could all talk again. By the time you had arrived at the club, excitement filled you and your previous apprehension was gone. Tonight was going to be a fun night.

A couple of hours and a few shots later, the fun really began to start. The 5 of you were all dancing together and laughing over the sound of the music. Jackson was already drunk and going crazy while everyone else was just buzzed. You found yourself chatting with Jinyoung the most, already sensing that you’d made a good friend out of him. He had similar interests to you and the both of you had just clicked right from the minute you got into the car. As you both sang together while dancing to the song in the background, you caught eyes with JB who was stood at the bar getting himself another drink. He was staring at you intently, a look of annoyance on his face. ‘Does he not like me or something?’ You thought to yourself, looking away and focusing on dancing. His expression stayed with you though and you couldn’t forget how angry he had looked. His jaw was tight and his eyes were burning holes. It made you a little uncomfortable but also made you really want to walk over to him and just let everything go. Opting to stay put, you carried on dancing with Jinyoung, Bambam lost in the crowd with some girls who thought he was cute. Tonight you were letting your hair down and having fun with no worries or cares about how much you might regret it in the morning. You didn’t have a lecture until the afternoon so who cares, right?

As the night passed and morning came, you woke up feeling a lot better than expected. The predicted headache was nothing more than a slight throbbing in the back of your head but apart from that, you felt great. Because of how late it was, you had ended up crashing at Jackson and Jinyoung’s flat that they shared with one other guy, Mark who you had met briefly the night before. He’d had dark circles under his eyes and a large mug of coffee in hand when the three of you arrived home, Jackson relying on you and Jinyoung to carry him. Mark had been kind enough to lend you some clothes so you wouldn’t be stuck in your outfit all night. Jackson had apparently told him about you and the two of you had stayed up a bit chatting before he went back to his essay that desperately needed writing. Now it was morning and the flat was silent. Getting up, you crept in the direction of Jackson’s room and softly knocked on the door. The sounds of groaning came from inside and you took that as your cue to go in.
“How are you feeling?”
“Awful. I don’t even want to acknowledge that it’s morning.”
“Wow, that bad? Want me to get you some water and pills?”
“More than anything in this world.”
“Coming right up. I can even nip out and grab you the perfect hangover breakfast too, a huge meal from McDonalds.”
“That sounds good. Get whatever as long as it distracts me from the guilt of drinking so much.”
“Sure thing, Jackson,” you said, leaving his room to see Mark now awake.
“Morning, I’m getting Jackson some hangover food from McDonalds, want anything?”
“Just get me the strongest coffee they sell. I’ll need it if I want to stay awake the whole day.”
“Manage to finish the essay?”
“Yeah, it might have been 3am when I finally typed the last word but it’s done and ready to be printed off for my professor today.”
“Good to hear. Although I will admit you don’t look your best.”
“I don’t feel it either. I won’t feel alive until I’ve got coffee running through my veins.”
“Then I better get going. Could you get Jackson some water and pills? I said I’d do it but since I’m popping out, would you mind?”
“Not a problem. Even though I have no sympathy for his hungover ass.”
“Nice to see you care.”
“I’m a very caring person, as you can tell.”
“I can. Back later.”
“See you,” Mark said as you walked out to get the food.

While you were driving, it gave you time to contemplate JB and his actions the previous night. Ever since you had noticed him staring at you when you were dancing with Jinyoung, you had felt like he hated you. He seemed to be ignoring you and doing everything he could to not talk to you which didn’t bode well considering he was in at least one of your seminars. Possibly more since there wasn’t a huge amount of new English students this year. Sighing to yourself, you decided to just let it be. There was no forcing him to like you. There was just hoping he didn’t hate you THAT much.

Listen here boy!

As the suns rays peaked through your blinds you groaned loudly. Your over tired mind forming a headache right behind your eyes.
“Fuck this shit and fuck this day!” You grumbled, roughly kicking your blankets off and stumbling towards the bathroom.
Your younger brother darted past you and tried to reach the bathroom 1st , laughing mockingly at you as he did. You quickly grabbed his arm and wrenched him back viciously causing him to fall to the floor, he looked up at you in surprise.

“Fuck off y/b/n!! I’m not in the mood for your fucking shit today got it! Wait your turn!” You spat at him slamming the door behind you. You heard him mumble something alone the lines of “well excuuuuussseee me!” As he plodded off away down the hallway. You sighed deeply and quickly showered. As you dried yourself, you looked into the mirror. Large black bags lurked under your eyes. You groaned loudly and applied your makeup, trying the best you could to hide how tired you were and how black your mood was.

It was all his fucking fault why you were so tired. Eric and you had a huge argument that previous night, all over his stupid stupid fucking game. All you’d asked was a night away from his computer and he’d refused. You closed your eyes and remembered his words down the phone.
“If you think your number one in my scheme of things y/n your fucking wrong! Don’t try and tell me what I can and can’t do. got it?!”

You’d hung up on him after that and cried for most of the night afterwards. Well Eric you’d better be prepared. You thought as you left home, clambered into your car and turned up the stereo. Chi screaming at you was strangely soothing. ‘Sick of the same old thing! So I dig a hole and bury the pain!’ Johnathan Davis screamed at you.
“How fitting” you laughed to yourself as you drove to school. Well no more digging for you, that’s for damn sure.
As you pulled into your spot you spied your good friend Devon. She waved to you as you headed towards her.
“Doesn’t that music hurt your ears when it’s so loud y/n? Jesus you look like shit!” Devon exclaimed as you reached her.
“No it doesn’t and thanks bitch” you laughed back at her. You knew that today you were going to try to avoid Eric at all costs. A small blessing being that you shared no classes today so USUALLY he’d meet you in the commons at lunch and you’d hang out as much as you could. But not today, that boy needed to learn where his priorities where and how to fucking speak properly to his girlfriend.

Lunch rolled around and you’d asked your friend Helen to join you for lunch out of school. She happily agreed and you surprisingly had a great time. True you smugly thought of Eric waiting for you. Confused at why you didn’t show up. It was petty as hell you knew but you’d honestly had enough of his fucking Jeckl and Hyde mood swings, and it was time for your bad bitch self to shine through like a supernova.

After lunch you arrived back and scurried off to your advanced English literature class. You loved this subject and Dylan was in this class to which made it 100% more fun. Dylan was an old poetic soul and could disassemble a Shakespeare sonnet within 15 minute. Analysing the complex stanzas and writing a modern day interpretation that would make a college professor cream in their pants.
“Hey dyl! How’s it going?” You asked his as you plonked into the desk next to him.
“Hey y/n! There you are! I’m good just same ol same ol really? Where were you at lunch? Eric went crazy coz he couldn’t find you.” Dylan replied as he stretched his lanky frame out in his seat.
“Oh I went for lunch with Helen, it was awesome” you added, a wicked smile etched on your face knowing how pissed Eric was and would be. You KNEW he’d be waiting for you today by your car at the end of the school day. You couldn’t wait. You turned and concentrated on the lesson but that smile never left your face.

As you predicted you saw Eric slouched against your car as you exited school. His head shot towards you and he. Looked. Pissed!
Good you thought as you slowly ambled over.
“Y/n!! Where the fuck have you been today!” He snarled as you reached your car. Clearly he hadn’t even reflected on how much of an asshole he’d been. You rolled your eyes and unlocked your car. Dumping your stuff in the back seat.
“Y/n! I’m fucking talking to you!” He raged
“Yea? So what Eric"you replied flatly
"Where the fuck were you today?!” You could feel the anger rolling off him.
“I had lunch with Helen, so what? Deal with it dick” you replied and opened your driver door. Eric slammed the door back shut again making you jump. Oh shit. You felt your own rage building now. Eric’s hand firmly held your door shut as he continued to cuss you out for ditching him and ignoring him all day. He finally looked you in the eyes and paused. The fire in your eyes burned brightly.
“Y/n? What the fuck is the matter with you?! Don’t you even care about me?” He growled at you.

Before you realised it you’d pushed him back off your car and slapped him as hard as you could in his face. He held his cheek and looked confused at you.

“Me me Me! That’s all you fucking care about Eric! I stayed away from you today for my own fucking good and for you to realise you can’t keep treating me like a piece of shit!” You screamed at him.
“Keep your voice down!” He begged you but you were only just getting started.

“No fuck you eric! I’ve put up with your bullshit for waaaay too long and it’s no more mrs nice understanding girlfriend! In fact, you can go fuck yourself from now on coz we are done! You don’t know how to treat me right and as you clearly said last night, I’m not number one in your scheme of shit so why should I waste my breath on a fuck up like you!” Your breath was ragged but damn you felt good. His face contorted into a expression of guilt and horror.

“No baby please! Don’t say that! I’m sorry! You are number one to me I swear!! But it’s just..” he stammered before you cut him off.

“Yea well if if and buts where coconuts we’d all be drinking fucking Margaritas Eric!! You brought this on all yourself asshole!” You raged on. You wrenched your door open and turned towards him one last time.

“Listen here boy! Learn some fucking respect towards women! Fuck this, fuck you, fuck off and fuck everything! Especially this!” Your clawed at your neck and ripped your necklace away. It was one Eric made for you. A bullet with yours and his name on it with love forever more carved into it. You threw it at him locked the doors and reversed out and drove away. As you left you saw him reach down and pick the necklace up off the ground and watch your car leave. Wiping at his eyes as you rounded the corner and left.

As much as you felt vindicated and good for standing up for yourself finally! Your heart began to crack all over. The hot salty tears streaming down your face proving just how much you’d fucking loved the guy but even love can’t fix what’s been broken for a long time

its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

You said you wanted to write more Alistair/Toby/Jasper, so how about a time where all three of them get food poisoning? And maybe poor Jasper has it coming out of both ends because he has a sensitive stomach anyway and he can't help but cry. And Alistair has terrible, terrible cramps bc like you said he has trouble with tummy aches. You could do this as a scenario list if you wanted? (cos I'm thirsty for your content but this is a long ass prompt)

I really loved this prompt, thank you for sending it! I really hope I did it justice… I’m hardly ever properly happy with what I write. I hope this is okay for you. As a warning, there’s a scat mentioning, but it’s very very mild, I basically just used euphemisms.

Warning: graphic descriptions of vomit below, and very mild description of scat.

“Jasper?” Alistair knocked on the bathroom door timidly, leaning weakly against the rough wood. “You’ve been in there ages. Are you okay?”

Alistair had been listening outside the loo for a while - from the violent retches and broken sobs coming from inside, Jasper was anything but okay.

Alistair, Toby and Jasper had all made the long trip down to see Jasper’s aunt and cousins - Toby because he actually wanted to meet them, Alistair because he knew Jasper’s cat had just had a new litter of kittens, and he was eager to see them. They had been going to take the long journey back in two halves, driving to spend the night at a hotel and continuing on the next day. But they’d all clearly eaten something dodgy at one of the seedy roadside cafés, and they’d had to prolong their stay, none of them up to travelling.

Jasper had succumbed first, scrabbling out of bed before midnight and dashing madly to the toilet. Alistair and Toby were soon vomiting too, having to share a metal waste bin as Jasper was stuck in the toilet.

Poor Jasper would have liked to hide out in the bathroom forever rather than face Alistair and Toby now. After a while they’d both come whining and scratching at the door, demanding that Jasper come out and let someone else have a turn puking in an actual toilet. Jasper had been forced to tell them why he really couldn’t come out - as always with his sensitive stomach, Jasper was purging from both ends. He’d sobbed this out to Alistair and Toby, his face crimson, and the pair had left him alone guiltily, silently praying that they wouldn’t be affected in a similar way.

Jasper groaned now as Alistair knocked again, still sitting on the toilet, a bucket at his feet. His face was white and he was drenched in sweat.

“I’m f-fine. Don’t worry,” he managed to choke out between sobs. He’d been crying so hard and for so long that there were piles of balled up tissues dotted all over the bathroom. Alistair dithered, not entirely convinced.

“Think you can come out yet?” Alistair asked hopefully. As awful as he was feeling himself, he was uneasy about leaving Jasper alone when he was so ill. Jasper seemed so fragile - even Alistair found he wanted to wrap him in cotton wool.

“No… I don’t t-think I’m done yet,” Jasper called miserably. Alistair raised his eyebrows, looking almost impressed.

“Fucking hell, Jaz! How do you even have this much in you? You’re barely 120 pounds!” he said incredulously. Jasper winced and groaned in humiliation.  


“Okay okay, I’m sorry. Just yell if you need anything, okay?” Alistair said, reluctantly going back to the double bed. Toby was huddled there waiting, looking very pale and queasy under the duvet, his blond hair tied in a messy topknot.

“Is Jaz alright?” Toby mumbled, as Alistair climbed into bed too, curling into a ball like a threatened hedgehog.

“Doesn’t sound like it. I don’t think we’ll be getting to use the toilet anytime soon. How’re you feeling?”

Toby only gave a queasy burp in response, suddenly grabbing the waste bin and heaving very loudly into it. Alistair sighed irritably at the noise.

“Toby, I have a headache.”

Toby shakily held up his middle finger, his head deep in the waste bin. His shoulders and back seemed to roll with every heave.

“Heuugghhhkkk! HEEUUGGGHHHKKK!”

Alistair leaned over and put a hand on Toby’s back, patting him ineffectually. He felt far too tired and sick to comfort Toby properly - he’d had very little sleep, and he was having particularly bad stomach cramps, so painful he had to catch his breath. With all this to deal with, Alistair’s already limited caretaking skills diminished to almost zero.

When Toby finally finished, he was shaking and sweaty, his throat scratched raw. He gave Alistair a sarcastic look.

“T-thanks, Alistair. You were a huge help there,” Toby said. Alistair glared at him.

“What was I supposed to do? I don’t feel well myself, you know.” He winced, tensing, as another cramp gripped his stomach, the pain bringing tears to his eyes. “Oooh… My fucking stomach…”

Toby propped himself up on one elbow, almost looking amused, though he rubbed Alistair’s lower back all the same.

“You and Jaz aren’t used to this, are you? I get food poisoning all the time.”

Alistair just ignored him, breathing hard through the cramps, his hands gripping the duvet tightly.

“Oh God… Ooohhh… Haahhhh…”

Toby suddenly snickered. “You sound like you’re in labour, Alistair,” he laughed. Alistair grumbled and kicked him hard under the covers.

“Fuck off! This is your fault anyway. You were the one who insisted we eat at that gross place on the highway,” he snapped. Mentioning food was a mistake. The thought of eating made Alistair’s stomach lurch queasily. Alistair scrabbled to sit up, tapping Toby frantically.

“B-bucket,” he choked out, and Toby shoved it into his arms quickly.


Alistair took a lot longer throwing up than Toby. Toby tended to projectile vomit, puke spurting from his nose and mouth in a torrent. It was violent and unpleasant (and had the tendency to splatter over anyone stood nearby) but at least it was fast.  

Alistair always threw up much more slowly, dry heaving and groaning a lot, the whole process exhausting. When he finally felt like it was safe to pull his head out of the bucket, he was shaking weakly. He flopped back on the bed, breathing heavily - but he couldn’t help smirking at Toby.

“I hope you paid attention. I just demonstrated how a normal person pukes. At a normal volume. Not shaking the fucking building like you do,” he quipped tiredly. Toby pulled a face at him.

“Remind me why I’m friends with you?” Toby joked. Alistair shrugged.

“How the hell should I know? Poor decision making on your part. I wouldn’t want to be friends with me.”

Toby couldn’t help grinning, but the smile soon slipped off his face. He put a hand over his bloated stomach, burping miserably.

“Well, this is shit.”

“Spoken like a true intellectual,” Alistair murmured, but he looked forlorn too. “I wish Jules was here…”

Toby rolled his eyes. “Hey, maybe when we get home, you can have Julius surgically attached to your hip. Then you won’t have to go anywhere without him,” Toby mocked. Alistair scowled deeply.

Fuck. Off.”

Both boys stopped their light hearted bickering when they heard the lock on the bathroom door slide open. Alistair winced in sympathy.

“At least he feels like he can come out now. Poor Jaz…” he muttered. Toby looked at him sideways.

“Why are you always nicer to Jasper?” he asked, grinning impishly. Alistair frowned at him.

“You can’t be mean to Jasper,” he said, shrugging. “He goes all teary and makes you feel guilty.”

“Is it that? Or do you just have a thing for small sweet boys with curls?” Toby teased, chuckling. Alistair thumped his arm.

“Piss me off one more time today and I’ll smother you with a fucking pillow.”

Jasper came back into the bedroom, his white face making his golden hair look a bright, garish yellow. He walked like a baby deer, his legs shaky and weak, holding onto the wall to stay upright.

Jasper crawled into bed without a word, exhausted and sniffling. He snuggled right up to Alistair miserably, clutching onto the red-head like a baby monkey. Alistair grumbled irritably, but he couldn’t bring himself to shove Jasper away. Toby was squashed rather close to Alistair too - there wasn’t really room for three in the double bed.

“Get off me, you two. I don’t like this,” Alistair moaned. Jasper didn’t answer, already half asleep, his head on Alistair’s shoulder. Alistair shoved at Toby instead.

“Toby, move! You two are suffocating me.”

“I can’t, I’m right at the edge. Just shut up and get some sleep, Alistair,” Toby grumbled. Alistair swore and flopped back dramatically on the bed, his arm going numb under Jasper’s head.

“I’m never travelling with you two assholes again.”

Can You Please Kiss Me?

Original or requested: Requested by @justdreamstars  : Hiiiiiii! Finally I can write to you  I would like to request an imagine with Stiles x reader where she gets injured during a fight and when she wakes up in the hospital bed she finds him curled up next to her in the tiny bed and sleeping, please❤ 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word count: 700

You open your eyes and the first thing you feel is a terrible headache. Moving a bit, your left arm hits something. You push it but soon enough the pain on your muscles makes you stop.

“Shit.” You murmur when you realize you can’t remember how you came here. The hospital is silent, what probably means it’s late.

“Mhmm, Derek gotta save (Y/N) again.” The sleepy voice scares you and you finally look to your side.

A huge smile comes to your lips when you see Stiles curled up next to you. He’s almost falling from the bed, in order to give you all the space he could. You feel butterflies in your stomach, but you’re used to it. That’s what you feel when he’s around. Your feelings about him it’s been a secret for way too long.

“Stiles?” You whisper, trying not scare him.

But of course, you fail. Stiles wakes up with a scream, falling from the bad. He groans, standing up abruptly, making you laugh a bit. “Hey, Stiles.”

“(Y/N), how are you?”

“Good. I think.” It’s kinda weird how your voice sounds like you’ve been beaten halfway to death. “I can’t remember what happened.”

“You had a concussion. The doctor told me you won’t remember what happened minutes before you hit your head.” He helps you sit up, touching you like you’re a very fragile doll.

He’s wearing a light blue T-shirt and it’s cold here. You bet Stiles didn’t think about grabbing a coat before coming here. He’s no werewolf, but you’ve seen him dealing with the supernatural many times. The truth is that his bravery is what makes you fight too, even though you’re just a human.

“We got into a fight, right? Bad werewolves and of course I couldn’t let Scott and Derek deal with it alone.”

“Yes. We ran to different directions and I couldn’t help you, I…”

“Stiles.” With a weak voice, you patiently for him to sit by your side. Then you lay your head on his shoulder. “It’s not your fault. We know these things happen. Now tell me, please.”

“I went one way with Scott and you went the other with Derek. Everything happened too fast and it was dark. Derek saved you life. Pushed you out of the way or something.” He gets up quickly when someone opens the door, but it’s just Derek. Any doctor would kick him out because he slept on your bed.

“I’m happy you’re awake.” Derek smiles, his eyes moving from Stiles to you. “Want me to take your pain away?”

“No. I can handle it.” Saving you was enough, you don’t want Derek to think you’re weak. You don’t want anyone to think you’re weak. Stiles is the only person who sees you crying. The only one you run to when you’re about to break down.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Stiles looks down awkwardly, with sad eyes.

“No! Please, stay.”

“Don’t you want some time with Derek?”

“Why?” You ask suddenly, ignoring Derek’s amused smile. The wolf is aware of your crush, but it’s kind enough to keep it to himself. “Derek’s it’s like an older brother. The kind of brother who gets on your nerves ten times a day, but a good brother.”

“Oh. Does it mean you don’t love him?”

“I do. But as a brother.”

“Them, let me see if I get this right.” Stiles comes back to your side, with the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. “It means that you…”

“Stilinski, it means I love you.” You don’t think before saying it, you just want him to stop with all this bullshit. It’s time to admit your feelings for him. Nobody knows what can happen tomorrow, and today you just want to hold him close.  

“For real?”


“Wanna be my girlfriend?” His eyes have this special shine, the one you love more than anything. You’ve spent many nights dreaming about Stiles making you this question, and now that’s finally real, you couldn’t be happier.

“Yes. Can you please kiss me now?” You haven’t noticed that Derek left the room, but it’s better this way. Your first kiss doesn’t need an audience.

“Whenever you want.”

i’ve been writing so much spn stuff and finally i’m starting to post it, so be ready  because i am coming. 

in which he attempts to protect her, only to have her hurting / dean x fem!reader, sam x bestfriend!reader


The week just kept getting worse. In the begging the hunters found themselves in a life or death situation and Y/N snapped. Honestly, everyone would in her state at the time. She was literally about to be ripped to pieces by the wendigo, right in front of Dean. So it was like whatever I’m gonna die now might as well tell him. And she did, she cried out everything she felt for him. From the heart skips and rose cheeks to the electric touches and breathless looks. All of it, and when her death never came - her heart did break. Dean just untied her, Sam picking her up, because death didn’t come but she did get a good bite into her shoulder from the wendigo, and they left. The older Winchester didn’t utter a single word to her and she knew that she fucked up now.

So a few days later she laid in the motel room alone while the brothers wrapped up another case on their own. Truthfully, she would’ve went along, she felt like she could handle the missing flesh in her shoulder, but what she couldn’t handle was Dean. She avoided him as much as she could now, she didn’t want to get in his way since he made it clear that now since he knows her feelings it makes him uncomfortable. And it’s actually what Y/N expected because look at her, she’s pathetic and the older Winchester is in his right mind not to like her at all. But then she had to get up because she received a text from Sam. Apparently they had an argument, no surprise there, and now Dean left him alone to figure out what the hell were they after this time. But that wasn’t the problem, it was a few hours after the argument and Sam was heading home, but he still was quite far so now it was up to Y/N to go and fetch Dean who was most likely drunk of his ass.

So with a huff she got up, ignoring the ache in her shoulder as she grabbed her phone and keys, making sure to lock the door as she stepped down into the street, ready to stretch her legs for the walk to the nearest bar. And when she found the sketchy place she wasn’t shocked to find Dean there, but what did shock and even scare her was that he was so drunk that he could barely make out a sentence. The thing with Dean and alcohol was that they’re good friends and Dean rarely looked intoxicated even though he was, but when you could see that sobriety left him, that meant that the amount of alcohol he consumed was huge. She gave the waitress an apologetic smile, paying the bill as she stood Dean up, ignoring his protests as she faked hugged him to fish out baby’s keys out of his pocket. She then put his arm around her neck, completely forgetting about her bruises as she winced in response as Dean’s weight settled onto her.

“Oh no.” Dean then pushed back, shaking his head furiously at her. “I’ll walk by myself, I can’t hurt you, gorgeous.” She nearly laughed at nickname because gorgeous my ass, what other stupid shit is he going to say tonight.

So when they finally left the bar, longest 10 minutes of Y/N’s life as drunk Dean stumbled out of there, Y/N shoving him into the back seat as she took the driver’s seat all to herself. He was surprisingly quiet during the ride, but when they entered the motel room, that’s when it got bad.

“Dean, go to bed.” She said, taking of his jacket and boots, pushing him into his bed only for him to grab her by the waist and pull her down on top of him as they plopped on the mattress. “Dean, stop, you’re too fucking drunk.”

“I’m not drunk, you’re drunk.” He replied, snuggling his head into the crook of her neck, the non wounded side of her, as Y/N’s face burned red.

“You need to sleep, you’re gonna have a killer headache tomorrow.”

“Can you sleep with me? I don’t want to sleep alone.” Her eyes widened but he already seemed comfortable, hugging Y/N as if she was his own personal teddy bear. “I promise to sleep then.”

“Fine.” She answered after considering it for a few moments, she’ll just wait until he falls asleep so then she can move to her own bed and save the embarrassment of waking up with him in the morning.

But she didn’t, because as Dean fell asleep she was out like a light. And not only was the morning embarrassing it was also very painful.

She awoke to find herself wrapped around Dean, jerking herself away from him she felt her shoulder stitches rip at how fast she moved her body. She yelped in pain, falling out of bed, Dean following after her as he sat up looking down at her.

“Were you sleeping with me?” He asked, his voice dripping with disgust and she had to close her eyes to keep herself from crying because her shoulder hurt so much and his words only seemed to cut deeper.

“Last night you got really drunk and wouldn’t sleep if I didn’t get into bed with you, that’s not my fault!” She stood up, wincing at the ache, immediately looking around the room for Sam who’d redo her stitches. But he was no where in sight.

“Oh please, I know that you’re so in love with me, but that doesn’t give you the right to use me when I’m drunk!” He spat, tears escaping her eyes now as she limped to the door, giving him the middle finger before she shut the outside door and let herself cry. 

“Jesus Christ Y/N! You’re bleeding all over the place, what happened?” Sam rushed over to her, the girl completely drenched in rain and blood as she still sat by the door she left not so long ago after Dean basically called her a whore.

“I’m fine, but-” she tried to get up but was cut off by herself, her legs giving up as she fell forward, the “FBI agent” catching her as she broke into fits of coughing.

“How long have you been here? You’re gonna get a fever, c'mon.” The Winchester sighed, unlocking the door and taking Y/N with him. She started to protest, but only verbally because her body was giving up by the second and Sam was beyond lager and stronger than her. “Sit. I’ll get the supplies.” He said before he went to the bathroom, ignoring the fact that the shower was running and that’s probably where Dean was.

“So, what happened? I was back for a few hours and you guys were sleeping together?” He asked as he cleaned the bleeding gash in Y/N’s shoulder who already took of her shirt, not caring about the other male. When it came to Sam, he was way too protective of Y/N, she just seemed to fill his little sister void, and Dean or not he was ready kill anyone who hurt her.

“He wouldn’t go to sleep if I wasn’t in bed with him. So I agreed but I accidentally fell asleep too. And I woke up first but then I got scared because I totally forgot about last night and I jumped out of bed, fucking up my shoulder and waking Dean. And then he called me a whore because apparently I-” she made finger quotes. “- used his drunk state to get into bed with him because I’m so in love with him.” She explained, trying to get her mind off the ugliness of a thread going through her flesh, especially now that the moose’s hands started shaking. With anger.

“Oh shit, what happened to you?” Dean came into the room, noticing his brother’s bloody hands around the girl’s skin.

“I’m fine-”

“Yeah, Dean, she’s fine. Just peachy.” Sam stood up, towering over his brother who looked between him and Y/N. “You seriously need to get your shit together because let me remind you, last night you left me stranded and I had Y/N to pick your sorry drunk ass and what do you do? You fucking accuse her of random crap in which she fucks up her shoulder again because she’s terrified of even being in the same room as you! Just because you’re too much of a pussy who can’t admit his feelings because Sam no, I can’t put her in such danger.” He mocked Dean’s voice, the other two just looking shocked at Sam’s outburst. “Guess what Dean? She already got hurt because of you and me! She’s already in this with us, nothing’s going to change if you date or not. By pretending like you hate her you’re only hurting yourself. And when you actually get the balls to tell her how you feel I hope she punches in the fucking dick because you are one!” He shouted, Dean not saying a word back as he stood there dumbfounded. Sam then turned to Y/N, smiling a sorry as he helped her stand up and led her to bathroom where he left her to shower.

“You shouldn’t have done that-”

“I don’t care, the case you dropped for me to take care of? Same wendigo, here for us.” Sam spat to have Dean finally shut up. 

Lost and Found | ch 1|

Summary:  We could meet a thousand different ways in a thousand different times but I’ll always know I’ll find you. NaruHina AU drabbles.

Title: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Pairing: NaruHina
Prompt: “I live next door and I heard screaming so I came over thinking someone was getting murdered and now we’re both trying to get the spider out of your apartment” au
Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
AN: There are so many lovely AU prompts floating around. Been meaning to start something like this for a long time and finally got around to doing so! 
(Also on ff.net)

“I’ll see you later Ino,” Hinata called out tiredly as she left her friend’s apartment. Now she remembered why she rarely went out clubbing with her friends, particularly the vivacious blonde. Hinata’s head was spinning from the little alcohol she drank and the feet throbbing in her heels was telling her what a bad idea walking home at midnight was.

Biting the bullet, Hinata hailed a taxi down to take back to her own apartment. She would normally just walk- she did pack her extra strong pepper spray in her clutch for a reason- since everything was so darn expensive in Sydney but she was too tired and nauseous to even consider stumbling down the empty streets.

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I’ll Take Care of You


Word Count: 1,228

Warnings:Sick!Dean & Reader, Fluff.

Tagged: @plaidandwhiskeydean, @simplecat101 (cause you guys are awesome.)

A/N: So this is just a cute little one shot that I thought up during my couple days of sickness. But I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this!

You hadn’t known it was coming till it hit you like a freight train. You had no signs of being sick the previous day. You were totally fine, well until you woke up at three in the morning with the worst sinus headache that made you think your brain was going to explode and you were sure you were going to lose a lung from the horrible cough you had. 

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Drunk Antics

~Okay, so I finally got this edited and am going to post it. Thank you to @lokasennascribe to writing more of my little idea! It’s soooooo cute. Sorry again guys for the HUGE delay! I’ll try and do some writing maybe tomorrow but you never know with me. SEND SOME LOVE TO LOKA!!~

Mark and Jack giggle, incredibly drunk, as they both look down at their hands. Mark is putting on a pink, plastic ring they got out of a gumball machine for 25 cents on Jack’s left ring finger. Jack giggles harder as he puts a green one on Mark’s own finger. Other events happen, like them drunk tweeting out that septiplier is real and that they’re married in horribly spelled sentences and stupid selfies with their rings being shown.

“Hey me an jac r marrryed! Septipleir away!1!”

“i luv me husbando merkipler”

And then the next day they have to deal with all of the septiplier shit they stirred up and think, “What the fuck have we done?” and “Will we ever live this down?”

Alright, challenge accepted…. 

It had been pretty normal. Jack came to visit and Felix followed suit. Mark, Matt, and Ryan had to accommodate them with rooms and all that jazz, but the gaming and the parties where pay enough for the hassle. And that’s where this story starts!

Felix had been the first to pull out a bottle of Vodka. The group had pulled into the car and decided to hit every pizza joint and ice cream shop they could find in four hours. So obviously Felix had brought alcohol. They had struck out on the first two pizza places, the food tasting like cardboard, but the third one was heavenly (though it was more the Vodka speaking than their taste buds). Which is where things became very silly. Jack had noticed the little coin prizes and had immediately wanted one of the little plastic rings. They came in all different colors and designs. He had inserted his quarter, dumb US coin system, and turned the handle when Mark joined him. Jack opened up the flap and a little plastic bubble fell into his palm.  He quickly popped it open to see a green ring with a circle on it as decoration. 

“Hay I want one a does. Move green bean.” Mark shoved Jack playfully and the Irishman pushed him back, but moved aside altogether. Mark did the same as Jack had and got a pink ring with a little mustache.

“Ai kooky there. It’s us.” Jack laughed loudly. Felix came wobbling over and leaned himself against Jack, his mouth full of the God sent pizza. 

“Yeah, this ya two. Jus one thin more.” Felix slurred as he pulled out a blue marker. He sloppy drew a dot in the middle of the circle to make it a Septiceye Sam. Jack squealed in joy as Matt and Ryan pulled Felix away, the two other men having the wherewithal to be the designated baby sitters.

“Hay lemme dumb somethin Jack-a-boy.” Mark mumbled as he grabbed Jacks little plastic rings. Jack yelled and lunged for it only to have Mark and his mountain of muscles stop him short. Mark grabbed Jacks hand and put the pink ring on his ring finger and then slide the green on on his own. Jack blinked a few times before getting it.

“Awww Markimoo wuvs meh!! Yeah I’ll be yur husband.” Jack cooed drunkenly. Mark smiled in a giddy way and pulled out his phone.

“Les take a picture.” He suggested as he held up his phone, showing off the ring. Jack did the same and the picture was taken. Mark quickly posted it with the caption ’ just ggot marriaged to Jaack. Septicpliers awww!!‘ 

“I need one tooooo~” Jack whined as he fished his own phone from his pocket. He tried to get to his camera but his hands where not cooperating.

“Ah ta Freedy’s with it. Ok you two. Take oour pic!!” Jack yelled to Matt and Ryan. The two men ignored them but a young lady offered. They passed with the rings and immediately started laughing after the phone was given back. Jack couldn’t type anything so it was captioned ‘sepkirer awey! Lige id g yt.' 

“No one can read that!!” Mark yelled, slurring his th. Jack just hummed as it was posted. 

“Alright time fer ice cream!!!!!!!” Felix shouted as he barreled out the doors. The rest followed.


Jack woke up to a headache, not a really bad one, but bad enough. So he showered and headed downstairs, intent on drinking about five pots of coffee. However this was put on hold when he saw Mark at the table with Matt, Ryan, and Felix all crowed around, holding back snorts of laughter.

“Whats up?” Jack asked as he grabbed the biggest cup he could find. Mark looked up and raised an eyebrow.

“Did you drink yourself into forgetting last night?” The mixed man man asked. Jack paused for two seconds, he didn’t forget, just hadn’t thought about it yet. 

“Oohhh, how did that turn out?” Jack asked, bringing the black liquid to his lips. Felix answered before Mark could.

“Well considering you took over twelve selfies with you two either proclaiming your married or Jack being carried by Mark, well let’s just say most of your fans are probably experiencing mild strokes.” Felix smirked. Jack smiled and pulled out his own phone, finding Felix was right. The septiplier tag was filled with questions and fanfiction. He looked though his own selfies and found they did indeed take way to many. 

“Well now that everyone thinks we are married, you can have the guest room.” Mark joked. Jack looked up and glared at him.

“Uh no, I get the king sized bed, no skimping out on me Fischbach!!!” Jack fake scolded. Mark smirked and leaned back in his seat.

“As you wish, Mrs. Fishbach.” Mark ducked under the spoon tossed his way.

Five Times Clint And Melinda Were The Bane Of Coulson’s Existence, And One Time Fury Finally Put His Foot Down

A/N: Because let’s face it, pre-Bahrain Melinda May and young Clint Barton would have been total prankster buddies. Inspired by this post (and its accompanying tags) by the wonderful regionsofkindness

Keeping Agents Clint Barton and Melinda May from separately pulling too many pranks was already enough of a headache for Coulson. Then they realised they had a kindred spirit in each other…

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Luke Imagine: Before and After

            Only two rounds in you had cut yourself off from anymore to drink. You felt good, warm. The alcohol allowed you to enjoy yourself, but you weren’t at bad hangover territory yet. You’re friend had pulled you to the club’s dance floor while some techno remix blasted through your ears. You two were dancing like there was no tomorrow, when a guy came up behind her asking her to dance with him. You winked at her and turned to go back towards the bar when a hand grabbed yours. You turned around to see a rather tall blonde kid holding onto you. Once your eyes traced to his face you realized he was Luke Hemmings. Though you weren’t a huge fan, you knew of them, and that face was of course recognizable anywhere. But after a few drinks you had lost the ability to make coherent sentences, and so when he asked to dance you could only nod.

            “What’s your name?” He whispered in your ear. Your hips were swaying in time with his and the music. A feeling hung in the sweaty air that was halfway between tension and attraction that was simple not ignorable.

            “(Y/N)” you answered him. You were lost in the moment. You watched your friend nod and wink at you signaling she was okay for the night and that you were free to do what you wanted without worrying about her.

            “Hmmm, (Y/N). I’m Luke. And if you don’t mind, I would like to invite you back to my hotel for the evening.” His hips stopped moving but his lips started to, as your neck became his territory. Instead of answering verbally, you abruptly turned and smashed you mouth to his.

            “Lead the way Luke.”


            You woke up sore all over. There was an arm draped across your waist and a hefty pile of clothes along the floor. You smelt a mix of sweat and cologne, smiling as you remember the fun of last night. A small headache began to set in as you looked at the clock that read 8:34. Something inside you wanted to avoid confrontation and so you decided to slip out of his grip. After grabbing your purse, taking some aspirin, you headed to the bathroom and started to wash the makeup off your face. You wrapped your body in a towel and pressed shuffle on your phone, turning the volume down as to not to wake Luke from his slumber.

            As you took a washcloth to your legs and arms, not wanting to shower, you reflected on the night. The vibrations of Angles and Airwaves’ song The Adventure played through the room, as you remembered his words of encouragement, his moans of ecstasy.  The whole night made you smile. You took some powder from your purse and started to cover the hickeys all along your neck.

            The thoughts were interrupted by the knock at the door. “(Y/N)?” You opened the door and raked your eyes up his legs to his boxers, unfortunately now back on his body, to his chest and to his eyes. Damn, I got really lucky last night. “Is that Angels and Airwaves?” You slowly nodded, and turned back to the mirror to get rid of the last of your hickeys. “Wait. Let me see them before you do that.”

            His hands started brushing over your neck and down to your shoulders. “There’s a couple more down there that’d I’d show you, but I should go.” You wrapped an arm around the towel as you walked out of the bathroom to gather your clothes.

            “Do you want to borrow a shirt or something? Do you want to go get coffee somewhere? Or… just sit and listen to some more good music? Do you have to leave?” After tossing on the crop top from last night, you turned to look at him. He looked somewhere in between vulnerable and domineering which drew you in. But you shook the idea off.

            “I’m sorry. Really. Last night was wonderful; trust me. But I just can’t right now. And as for your shirt, I kind of still like anonymity in my life, same reason for the make-up and clean photo stream on my phone. It’s like how people watch concerts through their camera nowadays. They never experience the original thing, but can see it second-hand forever. I hate that. It’s a better after effect using your memory. Once with the first edition means more. You were wonderful. But for me, at least at the moment, the memory will be enough.

            He kind of just stared at you for a moment and nodded. He slipped on a t-shirt and you finished putting on your clothes. He gave you one last kiss before you walked out the hotel room.


            At the end of your day you decided to check twitter and found yourself typing Luke’s name in the search box. As you clicked on the first result you wondered if he was tweeting about a new city or show but instead you saw he tweeted something else.

Luke5SOS: Met the most amazing girl. I was too caught up in her wit and beauty to remember to ask her number. At least I’ll have her memory.

            He had attached a link to a video of The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves. And you listened, and then smiled. 

You don’t look very well

Right, so some time ago when I got this ask I started considering actually starting to write - and finally I decided to go for it. So here is my first fic ever, based on this. It’s short and a bit fluffy at the end and I enjoyed writing it so I hope you will enjoy reading it, at least a bit. See this as a warm up fic. A huge THANK YOU to somewhatbyronically and thrandythefabulous for their help and for being amazing betas and amazing people, I’d never do this without you

Ao3 link here;

Prompt: can we talk about modern au thranduil getting sick, because this could go two ways: (…) 2. he ignores it ‘cause he has responsibilities, goes to work with a fever, predents he’s feeling absolutely fine and doesn’t need a doctor (he hates doctors), tells everyone that he’s just a bit tired even though nobody believes his bullshit, almost coughs out his lungs and finally passes out on his desk and bard has to get him home and put him to bed

Thranduil Oropherion was an important person. He had things to do and places to be. Which is why when he woke up Monday morning with a fever and a sore throat he chose to ignore it.

A few minutes before, he had silenced the buzzing alarm and slipped out of his boyfriend’s arms. He was now standing in the doorway to the bathroom, brushing his teeth and watching the love of his life waking up, yawning, and stretching.

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