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As of late i’ve really been having a mental debate with myself on rather or not i should bust out with a very old OC i’ve been so hesitant to bring on here, aside from my other blogs, i’ve been thinking about her for so long now. But the fact that she is a  Negan daughter i fear will cause others to avoid her given there are so many already amazing bb’s out there for Negan. I haven’t fully touched her since 2015 after some drama with some ho i use to talk to so she is a touchy subject for me. 

I’m like really scared to try her on here even though i really want to, idk what do y’all think?? This is her fc btw;

I don’t know, should i? I have enough blogs as it is but i’ve been motivated for her for a while now given she is a bit different from my other muses. Or should i just try her out on this blog before i do anything big?? I don’t know, i could use some opinions if you guys care help a sister out? 

BTS Reaction To You Moving On

Summary-You liked him for a long time but he was always busy and never around so you decided it wasn’t worth and moved in. You began dating someone but little did you know he liked you back the whole time.

(Y/B/N)= your boyfriend’s name


His day was going just fine.  He went out with the rest of the boys to celebrate his graduation.  They were at the restaurant eating when you walked in…Jin’s face lit up he has liked you for awhile but being so busy with the boys and school he has kinda ignored you.  He got up to go say hi to you when your date walked in. (Y/B/N) wrapped his arms around you waist and gave you a quick kiss.  Just as quickly as he got happy his whole world crashed.  Jin knew he lost you.  

“I hope she is happy and he treats her well.  If she is happy I will try to be happy too.” 

“What did you say jin hyung”

“Oh nothing…nothing”

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You were a fellow idol and leader of your girl group.  You meet Namjoon at an award show and formed a friendship fter since you had so much in common.  Even before you meet him Namjoon had been you bias and you had a crush on him for a while, he felt the same way about you.   Both your schedules got pretty busy and you both went on tour in opposite directions.  You both lost contact for awhile and you started to date Taeyang from Big bang(this might be a little bit of a stretch but bare with me) because your group went on tour with them.  

You and Taeyang made your relationship public by posting something on twitter and Namjoon saw it. Namjoon was upset with himself for not putting in more effort on your relationship and not confessing to you sooner.  

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In his head he had a good reason to not come forward with his feelings. He knew he was always busy and would not be ablt to give you what you deserved in the relationship.   Plus how could he tell Namjoon that he was in love with sister?  You and Namjoon were extremely close siblings so whenever you weren’t busy you were hanging out with him and the boys. Spending so much time together you and Suga started to like each other, without the other one knowing.  Like Yoongi, you knew confessing your feelings to him would not be good for the both of you or Namjoon, especially Namjoon.  You thought it would be best to just push aside the feelings and move on, so you did.  

What you didn’t realize was Yoongi had it.  He hated being with you but not being with you.  He decided that he would tell you of his feelings today.  Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jhope were sitting around when you walked in.  

“Hey Namjoon I just wanted to let you know that Jackson asked me on a date and I’m going…like right now.” 

Both Yoongi and Namjoon were taken a back by what you said, “Jackson as in Jackson Wang?  My friend!!?” Namjoon looked pissed.  Yoongi was happy thinking that he did not want you with anyone else but then Namjoon’s face eased.  “(Y/N) I’m not thrilled that its Jackson but I know he is a good guy so go have fun.” 

As you walked out Yoongi was furious that he didn’t tell you both sooner.  He knew he could make you happy.

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You meant Jhope in a dance class and instantly became good friends.  You however, started to develop stronger feelings for him.  Even though you did hang out a lot it always revolved somewhat around practice.  You would go get food before or after practice, or you would go over to the dorms to help him teach the other members choreo.  After months of not feeling that he likes you back, you decided to slowly start to me on.  You were asked on a date by another guy in you dance class and you said yes.  

“Hey (Y/N) do you wanna grab a bite to eat.”

“Oh sorry Hobi but (Y/B/N) asked me out and I said yes so we are gonna go grab something.  Maybe another time?”

“Oh um ya….ya sound good have fun.” 

H e watches you as the two of you walk away hand in hand.  

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Jimin: (Ok this one is weird but I ran out of ideas)

You meet Jimin at a fan signing.  You just instantly clicked and he gave you his phone number.  You talked for a long time and a great friendship formed.  You obviously liked Jimin but you didn’t see a way for Park Jimin to ever like you back.  You began to date a guy from your university and was very happy.  

Tour started back up for Bts and Jimin sent you tickets to come and see him.  Little did you know JImin was planning on confessing to you.  You and (Y/B/N) went to the concert and after went back stage to meet up with Jimin.  Jimin was upset that you started dating someone but he understood that since he did not tell you about his feeling, you had no idea about them.  He was happy for you though because he knew your boyfriend could make you happier because he was never around.

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Taehyung knows the importance of family and friends, and that's why he hasn't let you go.  You both tell people that you were best friends in the womb- you then explain that your mothers are best friends so you guys grew up together.  There was never a dull moment when the two of you were together.  You loved him a lot…a lot more than a friend for that matter.  You starting liking Tae as something more when you were 14.  After awhile you realized Tae was always busy and probably saw you more as a sister anyway so you moves on.  You started dating (Y/B/N) about 2 months ago, but you haven’t told Tae yet because he was away on tour.  Well today he came back and wanted to see you so he stopped by.  Today was the day he was gonna confess to you.  He knocked on the door to your apartment and (Y/B/N) answered the door and tae’s mood completely changed.

“Oh sorry I must have the wrong apartment.  I am looking for (Y/N).” 

“No you are in the right spot I am (Y/B/N) .  You must be Tae. (Y/N) talks about you a lot.” 

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Jungkook has been in love with you since the first day you two met.  Kookie being kookie though, got so shy around you that he feelings for you were never that easy to see. So you thought he say you no more than a good friend, which made you hide your true feelings about him. 

After jungkook’s graduation all his friends were invited back to the dorms for a party.  When you walked in his good day got even better.  He decided then that he would finally tell you how he feels. You walked over to him with a gift in his hands and wrapped your arms around his neck, giving him a big hug.

‘Kookie i am so proud of you.  Here this is for you,” handing him the gift “just a little something from me and (Y/B/N).” 

His eyes shot across the room and locked eyes with your boyfriend.  He looked back at you with tears in his eye knowing full well that he lost you. 

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hey guys. i love u all!!!

I've gone off the grid

Yesterday I sat down to do some writing and instead spent the night on Tumblr like the weak willed, yellow bellied…uh…idk how that’s suppose to end but it’s derogatory. Not today. Today I spent the day ignoring all of my notifications and then realized that this is going to be my Tomorrow (and next Tomorrow, and next next Tomorrow, etc) as well. I’m going to (continue to) get some fucking writing done. I’m feeling kind of guilty for ignoring everyone, but it has to be done. You’ll see me again when I either finish the next chapter of 2sb1sf or I crumble pathetically and sneak back on here. Don’t mind the posts in the mean time, I’ve got a queue that’s a little too long. If there’s an emergency (idfk what would be an emergency but ok) then Commissioner Lu knows how to contact me lol. (She has access to the red Batphone my email). This feels so serious ok wow this isn’t a big deal but it feels like one. You can also try offering tithes to the MadaKaka god—as his high priestess, he’ll be able to contact me (if he deigns to work as a go between). See you on the flip side!

i know that people being on their phones has become like a symbol of apathy and uncaring but so many people i know use social media to share love. like yesterday i got to watch a wedding livestreamed to everyone who couldn’t make it. i’ve seen my friend slowly learn how to cope with being a teen mom because of a massive outpouring of “mumblr” support + tips. i’ve seen my friends come out as gay, learn to cook, discover the flaws in their feminism, work for social change, make good life choices, go to amazing places, develop passions, form educated opinions, learn to love themselves. i’ve seen people post the bravest recovery posts and shy political posts and everything in between. 

and i don’t honestly care how edgy you think your art is. what you’re telling me when you draw grey people looking at a white screen is that you don’t care what happens to the other people in your life.

but i do. i care about the boy i’m in a long distance relationship with, but i also care about people i’ve never met. i’ve been following some people for three years and genuinely care about their experiences. i’m glad you’re still in touch with the people you love, even if you’re not paying attention directly to me! i get happy when you finally dump him! i’m sad when your cat gets sick! i give a shit.

i don’t think technology is taking empathy away from us. i think it’s changing it.

Shame on me for having this in the drafts for like 5 months and never posting it

AGE: 30
CHARGE(S): Second Degree Criminal Trespass, 60-day sentence
ADD. NOTES: Worked at a dept. store; is married; suspicious lack of background info on him. Can apparently sew pretty well; Is always laced-up, which scares people; Best beat-boxer; Best source of pod information.

AGE: 23
CHARGE(S): Third Degree Assault, 1 year sentence
ADD. NOTES: Former combat medic; was studying law at Columbia University; has family in London, England; Gets himself into a LOT of unnecessary fights; Has a phenomenal R&B voice; Keeps a sketchbook on him, draws mostly turtles; Regularly complains about the fact that jails don’t provide drinks.

AGE: 19
CHARGE(S): Resisting Arrest, 60-day sentence
ADD. NOTES: Immigrated from Nevis at age 17; First LT in the US army (under Major General Washington**); has no known living relatives. Uses an extensive vocabulary; Talks too much; Has an amazing girlfriend; Spends most of his time reading/writing; Free-styles like nobody’s business.

CHARGE(S): Fourth Degree Criminal Mischief (Vandalism), 1 year sentence
ADD. NOTES: Immigrated from France last year; knows only basic English but learns quick; worked at a local bakery. Is a surprisingly fast rapper; Always goes out of his way to celebrate on July 4th; Shows impressive strategic skills; Seems pretty chill most of the time.

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who wants to fight against gravity?

To be ignored like I don’t even deserve an answer, well I get it I take your action as an answer. You made yourself loud and clear I’m nothing to you.

It’s been more than a day and I’m still laughing at how the Squire pact in TOZ-X is now just a friendship bracelet while Mikleo and Sorey apparently have each other on telepathic emergency speed dial LOL.

inb4 bro gaydar jokes

i was just going to bed but like…

an underwater au where sportacus is part of some ship’s crew but they make shipwreck in a big storm. sporty gets saved by merman robbie that brings him to his hometown, inhabited by merfolk.

here’s more drawings:

i’ve been thinking about sam and trying to figure out why she’s… not a good person and i realized that i isolated her behavior to how she acts towards her friends and didn’t really look at the influences on her.

when i was thinking about the relationship between danny and his parents, i realized that sam and her parents actually have a very dysfunctional and abusive relationship. her parents want her to be someone that she’s not and refuse to respect her or relent their opinions despite the distress it causes sam. they attempt to control her life by trying to force her into clothes they like versus the clothes she’s comfortable in; they will actually harass her to the point that she has to physically remove herself from her home; and they try to restrict and control who she associates with (see control freaks, reality trip, and reign storm). danny and tucker have never been to her home even though they’ve been friends for years and when they are invited over, sam’s parents aren’t around. sam knows her parents will disapprove of her friends, so she never let them meet tucker or danny. because of this, whenever sam is at home with her parents, she probably is under a great deal of stress and feels extremely isolated. she always has to be on the defensive because she is being emotionally attacked and manipulated by her parents.

which is a problem because sam cares a lot. she cares about the environment, she cares about animals, she cares about individual rights and autonomy, and she really cares about the people who care for her. but the problem is that she’s so used to being aggressive and defensive about her interests and who is she, that she naturally lashes out and gets embarrassed or worried when she lets her guard down. she’s fast to judge harshly because it’s how she protects herself. and she drinks in every time she gets a “win” because it means she actually has control of something. that’s why she is probably so active in so many charities, works out, and is at fentonworks all the time - she’s trying to stay in healthier environments. (and also why she’s not an a-lister - they so similar to her parents)

i just… really want to apologize to sam now. you’re not a horrible person, kid, you’re just trying to get by the only way you know how.