ignore daichi's arm problem in the last one i was rushing

Anger and Fear

Title: Anger and Fear

Pairing: Asanoya

Warning: Omegaverse, blood, uncomfortable sexual situations

Notes: For this anon —> [X] who wanted me to write a fic where Noya gets jumped on while he is on his heat. Sorry this took so long, and I hope we both have the same definition for the word ‘jumped’. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and this is what you wanted!!! 

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the faster we're falling (kurodai)

summary: sawamura daichi is really hot.

but also so much more.

and it’s a huge fucking problem.

notes: the final leap over the hurdle that has been my writer’s block. please excuse the ridiculous amount of banter. it’s actually my favorite thing.

as a side note: i promise i really like pacific rim.

(words: 3,421~)

[ao3 link]

“You’re a pretty chill guy, man.” Bokuto says, hanging backwards off the edge of Kuroo’s futon, words slurred as the result of intoxication and general sleep deprivation. Kuroo contemplates pulling on the hem of Bokuto’s shirt to reel him back into a proper sitting position as the other begins to slowly slide backwards towards the hard floor of his dorm, but only until he realizes it’ll be more amusing not to. 

“Of course I am.” Kuroo replies, taking another swig from his beer can, previously smug lips curling into an annoyed frown as he tries to remember when he had opened it, and why it’s already empty.

“But like. You’re also kind of a loser.”


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