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Light Me Up | Chapter 1 |

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Pairing: Vernon x OFC featuring S.Coups & Jeonghan

Genre: Fluff, angst, suggestive smut

Word Count: 2842

[ Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 ] + Moodboard

Summary:  Just as the moon had her scars and imperfections, so did she. And he loved every bit of it. To him, she was the moon that shone brightest in these rare moments. The moon who’s light had been dimmed. To her, he was the sun that would eventually, light her up in every way. Only she hadn’t accepted it yet. She hadn’t yet accepted the light slowly growing inside her chest, but it wouldn’t be long until she did.

“If you can love the wrong one so much, just imagine how much you can love the right one.”

A/N: ALRIGHT! It’s finally here! I have been working on this for weeks, maybe even a month lol. I think I got a little too many people excited for this. This is a little different from what I’ve previously written. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, I can promise you that. A huge thank you to @tookorean. Thank you for editing! You’re the best. Here’s a little present on my birthday to you all <3 Enjoy!

The colorful lights bounced around while the music swallowed the place whole, beating against her eardrums. This wasn’t anything new. She was more than used to this atmosphere.

Her uncle owned the club and about a year ago, he left her in charge as he took care of his other businesses. He trusted her enough, as she was of age and more responsible than any other twenty-one-year-old he’d met. She, respected him in return, treating him like her own father.

Besides, there wasn’t anything particular she planned to do with her life anytime soon. Any plans were washed away with her past relationship. She had lost her motivation and enthusiasm, burying both deeply within herself.

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Mystic Messenger Headcanon

MC Dressing up as a cat! I made this one up myself. Remember requests are still open! P.S. They usually aren’t this short.


  • “Aww!”
  • Thinks you’re adorable!
  • Trying to not look at boobs 
  • *Awkwardly pats your head*
  • Lowkey wants to be your pet ((even though your the pet))
  • Asks to be your pet FOR THE 50TH TIME
  • Ends up embarrassing himself
  • poor bby


  • *Allergy magically disappears*
  • He loves your boobs face?
  • “Nya!” “… Don’t make me sneeze.”
  • “Look at my tail!” *looks at ass*
  • Obviously doesn’t care for the suit, like the assets it shows of more lolol
  • Takes a selfie with you while you’re wearing it
  • 90% of the photo is him


  • Somebody help this man
  • Hhhhhhhhh
  • Super fucking into it, what did you expect?
  • High key wants needs to bang you in it
  • “Nyah~” “Go to the bedroom.”
  • Uh oh


  • “Haha! That’s adorable!”
  • Thinks you look so cute!
  • Ignores cleavage
  • “Uhm.. The costume doesn’t shed, right?”
  • Good change of mood for her after a long day
  • Like, a REALLY long day
  • Full of cat projects


  • *dies*
  • Pulls the same exact cat suit out of his ass (With the exposed chest)
  • Why did he already have it
  • “Nyah~” “Mew!
  • His nipples are showing u////u
  • You are now a cat couple >:3


  • Can’t handle the chest tho
  • “Uhh…” 
  • Can’t… handle… BOOBS
  • You caught him looking once
  • You started giggling then his face went red poor bab
  • “Nya!” *Nose bleeed*


  • *eyes go straight to boobs*
  • You notice him staring… and smiling
  • “Nyah~” “…”
  • Earth to Saeran? “Uhm… NYA!”
  • “i hate cats” “But you like boobs?” DUH
  • “Shut the fuck up”

anonymous asked:

Imayoshi fluff please xD

Hello~! Thank you for requesting this ^w^ Also, I should probably warn you that this piece of fluff isn’t COMPLETELY innocent but there’s nothing explicit. C: ♥ I hope you enjoy~

Your cheeks were flushed, and it wasn’t just due to the heat.

You knew Imayoshi was staring at you, and that made it all the worse for you to handle the situation. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen you naked before but somehow sitting stark nude in a hot spring all alone with him made it a lot more intense than the everyday bedroom situation.

Or perhaps the heat was just getting to your head.

You had your arms crossed over your exposed chest as you sank lower and lower into the springs. When the murky, bubbling water reached up to your chin, you finally dared to give him a glance.

Imayoshi was smiling down at you amusedly, as if your flustered reaction was far better than he even expected it to be. A vein popped on your forehead and you hurriedly looked away, trying to ignore the butterflies swarming around in your belly.

Why had you two ended up going to the hot springs? You didn’t know. He had simply stated that you and he were going to go and that was the end of that. It wasn’t as if you had protested; in fact, the previous month had been a boatload of stress for you and you had been very relieved at the chance to loosen up at an onsen. You had obviously known that he and you were going to end up naked together, but you didn’t realize it would be so profound just because the atmosphere was different.

You sank slightly lower, trying to hide the obvious blush springing onto your cheeks.

Imayoshi chuckled, and you hesitantly raised your eyes to his face. “Hmm, are we feeling uncomfortable?” He asked slyly, and you resisted scowling. “I thought you wanted some relaxation, hmm? Well, here we are, and correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t seem relaxed at all.”

Here you did scowl and very pointedly straightened up, feeling conscious about your exposed cleavage. You ignored the intimate sensation and turned your face away to hide your embarrassment.

“I am too relaxed.” You said indignantly. “I’m very relaxed.”

"Hmm, definitely.” He agreed, his tone becoming even more sly. “That’s why you’ve been adamantly refusing me even when I offered to scrub your back for you.”

This was true, but you denied it anyway. You shut your eyes and turned your face as far away from him as possible, knowing that you must be as red as a beet. “T-That’s not true! I don’t mind you scrubbing my back for me!”

“Oh?” He sounded amused. “But you still don’t sound like you really want me to do it. Let’s just agree that you’re feeling uncomfortable, hmm?”

You gritted your teeth. You weren’t going to back down either. Feeling as if keeping your eyes shut might help, you took a deep breath and stood up. You quickly wrapped the small towel around your waist and covered your chest with your arm before you even opened your eyes.

You threw him a glance as you stepped out of the springs; he was looking up at you appreciatively, his amused grin stretching over his features.

"Let’s go, then.” You said determinedly, trying to look subtle about hiding your nudity. “Come wash my back for me.”

Imayoshi chuckled again. You averted your eyes as he rose out of the springs, feeling as if how the steam rolled off his glistening muscles was far too much for you to handle. You turned around as he began to tie his flimsy towel over his privates, and walked over to the nearest stool before promptly sitting down.

Here you brought your knees up to your chest and waited for him to come to you, heart thudding furiously in your ribcage. You knew things were going to get intimate, and you had to be prepared for it.

He poured some warm water over your back, and you winced lightly at the heat. Imayoshi must have noticed this, for his fingers were extra gentle when they began to massage and lather some soap onto the top of your back. You had to repress a shudder at the current that passed through your body when his fingers came into direct contact.

“Heh,” Imayoshi began again as he rubbed circles on your back, his voice sounding softer than usual, “you’re still not relaxed. Breathe a little, hmm?”

Instead of shooting him an annoyed glance or retorting, you listened to him and inhaled deeply. You closed your eyes and focused on the pleasant sensation of his fingers working their way down your back.

“Now breathe out.” You complied, and almost immediately felt your muscles loosen comfortably. You remained silent for a long time, albeit for some appreciative exhalations and murmurs, as his fingers gently pressed into your skin. He seemed to know what he was doing.

“Aah,” you couldn’t help but exhale in relief when his expert fingers began to knead a particularly sore spot on your back, “have you done this before, Shouichi?”

“Why?” He said teasingly as he kneaded, pressed and rubbed. “Am I really making you feel that good, hmm?”

You didn’t have enough strength to lie. It really did feel heavenly for your overworked back. “Yes, actually…” You allowed yourself to say softly. He remained silent at this, and began gently rinsing away the soap.

“Why did you suddenly decide to come here, Shou?” You asked quietly, relishing the soothing feeling spreading through your body. “It’s not a special occasion.”

“Hmm, are you implying that you think I was worried about how stressed you were?” He chuckled softly, and you raised your eyebrows. “I had planned this a long time ago.”

Actually, you hadn’t been thinking any such thing, but you grinned triumphantly at the valuable piece of information he had let himself slip to you.

“Ohhhh,” you grinned satisfactorily, and his fingers stopped their movements in surprise, “you wanted me to relax a bit, didn’t you? That’s why you brought me here!”

His fingers remained still for another second, but then began massaging again. His voice was sly once more.

"Huh?” He feigned obliviousness, and he was quite good at it too, but you knew better. You had to grin at how hard he was trying to hide his obvious worry. “Aren’t we a bit self-conceited?”

“Well,” you justified cheekily, “it also explains why you haven’t made a single move on me today. You want me to relax, Shouichi, just admit it.”

“Huh?” He asked, sounding even more sly. His hands left your back, and you immediately looked back at him, wondering what he was up to. You were surprised when his hands gently captured your chin and he tilted your face in order to give you a brief but intense kiss. Your senses, heightened by the heat and his massage, felt like they were about to catch fire. When he pulled away, he was smirking at the blush on your cheeks.

“What do you mean ‘haven’t made a move’?” His free hand reached around you intimately as he pressed his lips to yours again.

"I’m only just getting started.”

harlekine  asked:

uh hello are familiars actually a thing in wicca/paganism? because my cat and i are like super close and i identify really strongly with cats and um i don't really know what i am talking about but i hope you can help.

Let me show you a thing:

This is me. Please ignore the cleavage…or don’t…whatever. It isn’t the point but I’m okay with it.

You see that fuzzy adorable thing that’s taking up all of my lap and wrapping himself possessively around my arm? You see that utterly smug look on his little feline face? He knows what he is. He knows that he is a Witches Familiar.

A Familiar is an animal that is connected to you on a spiritual and emotional level. It is a synergistic relationship that offers something to both involved.

So yes, Familiars are a thing. They are awesome.