ignore all the technical problems there are a lot

So a while ago I wrote a sort of review talking about my thoughts in the film, forest gump. And I sort of wanted to write an updated version of that.

So the movie is well made, the special effects work is great, so is the acting and all the other technical things that make a movie.

My problems with this film have nothing to do with those things. My problems have to do with the themes of the movie and what it has to say. Mostly about the character of Jenny.

The film is a celebration of the 40s to 80s. It celebrates the pop culture, the politics and general opinions of the time. Which is great a lot of amazing things happened in this time.

But the film also ignores so much. The film has a conservative view of the world and clearly wants us to believe that the hippies were terrible people, that the army and people in it were great, that politicians aren’t bad only politics are bad. That women should accept a guys love and have then take care of them rather than try to make it on their own.

The film ultimately shows two stories, forest who just goes and does what ever he is told, and Jenny, who has a free will and does what she wants. Forest while he has problems is never effected by them. He becomes richer and makes money off of the sacrifices of others. While he is a good person he is so because of others suffering, and the film does nothing of those people, it argues that these people would be better off if they were just like forest and went with the flow, and ultimately were and upper class white man. Then there is Jenny, a parental rape victim. She gets kicked out of college when trying to please forest. Gets made fun of though out high school for being friends with him. Gets pregnant trying to please him. Becomes suicidal because she has nothing because she losses everything from pleasing forest. Whenever she is with another man it is shown as if she is cheating on forest and thus being a bad person. Rather than showing the positives of the anti war movement or hippie movement they are shown as angry and violent and bad. And that Jenny was bad for choosing them, and should just go and be with forest.

So this is my main problem, the film tries and argues that people should just accept that upper class white people are the only people who can be successful and thus everyone should submit to them. That if a guy likes a girl she should automatically jist be with them, of you don’t you will get aids live a terrible life and die.

Then let’s get into forest’s mental condition. I have seen so many people make jokes about it. He is treated as a joke and not really treated as a person which is terrible.