ignore all the shit on the floor i have a midterm in two days and i'm just all over the place


The pr-a-thon finally pushed me into making a ppdc shirt! PPDC on the front, logo on the back. Wear it feel like a badass shatterdome technician/engineer. WHICH I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I WERE IN PACRIM ‘VERSE. haha lol actually since it was a mostly military operation i probably wouldn’t be i would be some corporate person helping to build the jeager tech but HEY

Made the logo in Illustrator, printed, cut it out on freezer paper, ironed and painted. It’s unfortunately still to wet to wear and the picture quality is shitty because my roommie is alseep and i had to use flash, but. :D I am looking forward to wearing this. Maybe I need something below the logo though. Not sure what, maybe a slogan.