ignorant morons

Summary of this shoe discourse for those who don't know wtf is happening

-JK (Shiro’s VA) posted a pic on IG of two pairs of shoes; one red one black

-Bex (Pidge’s VA) commented ‘Sh/eith confirmed’ as a joke and liked a few other comments from fans saying shit like “Keith is a powerbottom #confirmed” and other golden shit like that

-Antis are flipping shit about it bc they enjoy being extra and get aggressive when the VA’s remind us that they in fact support shaladin because they’re not ignorant morons

-Also they’ve just found out that Tyler (Hunk’s VA) likes H/idge ??? Even tho that’s been common knowledge since like last year ???? So idk why that’s only just appearing ???

-Some antis are threatening to leave the fandom over it (one can only dream)

don’t breathe

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in which you seem to always hold your breath around him.

genre: fluff 

word count: 2227

― vampire!yoongi x reader

a/n: word vomits with bora at 1am

     FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU WISHED YOU WERE ON DRUGS. It would make trying to make sense of what was happening before your eyes way easier. You stood in horror, watching the infamous-for-so-many-wrong-reasons Min Yoongi feed off of a classmate of yours. You couldn’t quite remember her name, something like Sooyeon. What was more revolting was the fact that her face showed pure euphoria, as if he weren’t sucking the life out of her. 

Placing a hand over your mouth, you slowly took one step back from the classroom. The almost inaudible sound of your shoe hitting the tiled floor made Yoongi glance up sharply. You blanched, feeling your stomach lurch. His eyes were glowing a deep scarlet, the blood dripping down his chin was almost the same color. 

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How about writing a Different Flame!Tsuna AU?

Tsuna is introduced to Vongola’s particular brand of fairness at the age of thirteen. It’s a long while to wait, but Iemitsu is determined to push Tsuna into the Family somehow, and Timoteo has two other sons waiting for the right sacrificial lambs to make themselves available.

Tsuna is a Cloud, which means according to the Skies in the Vongola that he should make himself useful to somebody. Especially because he’s the Young Lion’s son, and it would be good to have a powerful Cloud in the Family. And Tsuna is powerful; he’s been tested repeatedly over the years, and has grown into learning to muffle his abilities and Flames as a result. Among the top 100 fighters in the mafia, Tsuna is always bouncing around somewhere between the top ten or top twenty. He falls right below the Varia, and the upper echelons of the Vongola and CEDEF.

A promising youth, if only he would bond with a Sky. 

Tsuna doesn’t want to. Every Sky he’s met has been the same as the last, always trying to lure him in and become something important to him. But he’s able to look past the haze of Harmonization, and every Sky he’s met is lacking. He doesn’t want any of them. 

He especially doesn’t want Massimo or Federico Vongola.

Massimo is decent enough. Quiet and rather unassuming at first, until he speaks. And then he’s all swaggering attitude and bold declarations that make Tsuna want to spit acid into his eyes. 

Federico, on the other hand, is slimy from the get-go, and a flirt with anything that has legs. If rumors are to be believed, he’s fond of wrapping women around his finger, impregnating them, and then forcing them to get abortions and throwing them aside with absolutely nothing.

Both these men disgust Tsuna on a level that is so profound he hasn’t found a word for it yet. Yet Vongola keeps hoping if they push Tsuna enough, he might eventually get the hint and choose one. They think he’s stupid. Partially because he’s selectively mute, and partially because he’s refusing two of the supposedly most powerful men in the world. Men that, if they wanted to (and they do, Tsuna can see it in their eyes) could easily tear his life apart and leave him in the gutters somewhere.

Federico and Massimo are taking his Rejection of them to heart and they’re fully prepared to either push until Tsuna is coerced into accepting them, or break him and everything he loves and make him regret his decisions.

Today, things begin much the same. Introductions, and then Timoteo pushes Tsuna into spending one on one quality time with his sons. There’s chaperones, of course, because nobody needs anything improper happening, but Tsuna might as well be by himself. Nobody’s going to help a Cloud resist a Sky - they’ve been too brainwashed into accepting a Sky wanting an Element as normal. 

As usual, Tsuna walks the grounds and the brothers badger him and try to push and yank at his walls. As usual, Tsuna ignores them.

And then he rounds the corner, and he runs into someone that is quite literally impossible to ignore.

“Trash,” the man sneers. “Get the fuck out of my way.”

Tsuna steps back and to the side immediately. His brain’s feeling a little foggy. This Sky feels right, and that’s the first time in his life that’s happened. Unfortunately, he can already tell any attempts to Harmonize with this Sky won’t be accepted. The brothers are looking at him like he’s gunk on the bottom of their shoes.

“Xanxus,” Federico smiles, fake and plastic and not even trying to hide it. “How nice to see you’re back home.”

There’s talk of this and that, and Tsuna let’s his gaze roam. This Xanxus has Guardians, or the beginnings of them. There’s a Rain that’s watching Tsuna with a predator’s gaze, a young Storm that’s playing with some very sharp knives and not paying attention to anyone, a cloaked Mist that feels as powerful as the Sky, and a Sun that feels as warm and cheerful as he looks. 

Something in Tsuna’s breastbone aches sharply as he realizes there’s no Cloud there among them. 

They won’t accept it, his intuition murmurs. The Sky might, but the old Sky won’t. He wants you with one of his sons. 

“Who are you?”

Tsuna looks up. The unknown Rain is looming over him. There’s no hostility in his eyes, just some very sharp curiousity.

“Tsunayoshi. Unfortunate son of the Young Lion.” He smiles. “You?”

“Superbi Squalo.”

Oh, Tsuna knows him. Well, knows of him. “You recently beat the Sword Emperor Tyr, correct? Congrats on your win.”

Squalo grins. “And you’re that stubborn fucking Cloud that refuses to submit to anyone. They said you were a retard ‘cause you wouldn’t talk.”

Tsuna snorts. “No. I just choose not to waste my time speaking to the help.” He glances at the brothers, who have chosen now to notice he’s speaking.

“Hey! You can talk!”

Tsuna points to himself, and widens his eyes and tilts his head as if to ask who? Me?

That gets the Sky to laughing. Tsuna wants to preen a little at the sight. “You’re both so fucking stupid it hurts. But whatever. It’s good to see at least someone around here’s not going to put up with your bullshit.” He glances at Squalo, who returns to his side, and they leave. 

“Hey, I heard you talk! So say something!”

Tsuna flips Massimo off, and decides to spend the rest of the day up in the library. If he can’t bond with the Sky that just left, he might as well spend the rest of the day ignoring the stupid morons behind him. 

If I Believe | three

Summary: Following the events of Song of Themyscira, will Diana, Y/N, and James be able to work together to do what is right for humanity? || sequel series

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 878

Warnings: Language

A/N: I am so sorry it’s short, but you’re all gonna hate me after this chapter - angry asks will be accepted || masterlist

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I don't know if you're still taking prompts, but if so number 1 please? "Do you want me to leave?"

1. “Do you want me to leave?”

John’s hand was clenching the arm of his chair tightly, his fingers creating creases in the thick material.


Again. It bloody happened again.

Sherlock, lazily slumped in his chair, long legs stretched out and feet nearly touching John’s, unlocked the touchscreen of his phone. John saw his eyes scan the text message, and he typed out an answer with his thumb.

It was hypocritical of him, John knew, because he was the one who berated Sherlock for not texting Irene back, but god damn it, that didn’t make any of this easy. He wanted Sherlock to be happy, he really did, but the jealousy which burned a hole in his stomach was just as strong and painful now as it was in 2012. But he was being selfish. He didn’t want Sherlock to miss his chance out on love, and if he loved that woman, then fucking hell, John would just have to deal with it.


For suck’s sake.

Sherlock’s light eyes suddenly snapped up. “Is there a problem?”

John had no idea what his facial expression looked like, but if it were as angry as he felt, then he must have looked like a loon. He cleared his throat. “No, no problem. Why do you say that?”

“You’re clawing into your chair.”

He forced his hand to loosen its grip. “Now I’m not.”

Sherlock narrowed his eyes. “You’ve been glaring at me for the past six minutes.”

Shit. “I wasn’t glaring at you.”

Another obnoxious moan came from Sherlock’s phone, and John’s eyelid twitched.

Of course, Sherlock saw it. “You were glaring at my phone.”

“What a genius you are,” John muttered.

Sherlock sat up in his chair. “I don’t understand. Why are you upset?”

“I’m not upset,” he lied blatantly. This wasn’t going well.

Another fucking moan came from Sherlock’s phone. Sherlock looked away from him and typed out a reply.

John couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, feeling as if the Woman somehow knew she was tormenting him. “Sorry, but, do you want me to leave?”

“Leave?” Sherlock’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“Yeah,” John got up form his chair. “Give you some privacy. Let you text your girlfriend in peace,” he spat, the words acid on his tongue. “She’s been texting you non-stop, and I see you’re actually answering her. Good on you. I’ll just go, then.”

Feeling sick from shame and jealousy, John turned to retreat to his room, but Sherlock grabbed his wrist. When John turned around, he was surprised to see Sherlock genuinely angry. 

“How many times must I tell you I don’t want her?” he asked sternly. “You make assumptions, and I’m sick of it.”

John felt like a deer in headlights. He didn’t expect Sherlock to act like this. Stunned, John roughly pulled his wrist from his grip. “I make assumptions? Then why are you texting her back?”

“You told me to!” he said sharply. “You called me a moron for ignoring her messages.”

Well, he was right. “Whatever, Sherlock. Do what you want with her. It’s none of my business.” He was feeling like a moron more and more by the second. Yeah, maybe he was getting in his head a bit, but what was he supposed to think? He saw the way Irene captivated Sherlock.

Sherlock’s lip curled. “I don’t know why you told me to try to be with her if you’re going to act like this.”

It felt like someone shot an arrow through John’s heart. “So you are flirting with her.”

Sherlock scoffed. “No! God, John, listen for once. You implied I should flirt with her. Why? Why tell me to pursue her if you clearly can’t stand the mere sound of her text alert?”

He felt utterly exposed. “You know what? I don’t want to have this conversation. I’m leaving.” He stomped out of the sitting room, and it wasn’t until his socked feet hit the cool pavement that he realized he left with no shoes and no jacket. God, he was a tool. He was too proud to go back inside and get his things, so he sat down on the front step, head in his hands. He may have missed his chance with Sherlock years ago, but damn it, he was too selfish to want Irene to be able to have the privilege of loving him. The privilege he wanted more than anything.

John didn’t know how long he sat there until his phone vibrated in his jeans pocket.

She could never compare.

John didn’t know what Sherlock meant, and he was tired of games.

To who?




John thought that not a single moment on the battlefield made him even close to as anxious as he felt now. He stood up on unsteady legs, and put his phone in his pocket with a trembling hand. He felt like someone was watching him, and looked up. Sherlock was leaning out the window, looking down at him.

They stared at each other, unaware of the people walking past John on the pavement. Even from this distance, John could see the blush dusted on Sherlock’s cheeks. John had the old feeling of fondness and awe in his chest, the same way he felt during their first case.

He swallowed. Well, Sherlock took the first step with that text message. Now, it was time for John to march in there and take the final step.

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What I tell myself every time before I have to deal with my co-workers.

May I Have This Dance? | JM

1386 words
Genre: Fluff, only fluff. Nothing else, just fluff about a fluff

You thought going to prom would be one of the most amazing nights of your life, until you were left ignored all evening.

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There are a lot of big larrie blogs, who are usually big louis fans, who constantly critize harry and say how they do it cause they care for him and Im not saying people shouldnt say if something is bothering them about Harry but its completely different for them when it comes to louis. Youre not allowed to say you dont like something about him or his promo cause they will say that youre probably a houies or het harry. Also some of them are friends with some of the biggest harry haters on here.

I typed a way too long answer and it got too boring, but my point is, follow the right people and enjoy their content! Enjoy your time here! I don’t personally know any of those blogs and I’m very happy with the environment I created for myself with my mutuals ad friends here. The criticism I see on my dash, from all sides, is generally very on point and never directed to the boys themselves (who still don’t get to be treated like perfect idols but like great people who try their best), nor is everything accepted blindly. No one and no dash is perfect, but my personal advice is not to mind who makes you uncomfortable and to avoid unhealthy places :)

Dear people not from Australia or New Zealand

ANZAC Day is not a celebration of war. It does not glorify war and has never glorified war. I am so tired of select handful of ignorant morons who fail to understand that days of memorial are solemnn days of memory and not celebrations.

It commemorates the horrors and the sheer futility of war that veterans experience and emphasises that it’s to be avoided at all costs. “Commemorate” and “celebrate” do not mean the same thing either. There’s nothing joyful about the ceremonies run during ANZAC Day as it’s a solemn day of remembrance. Acknowleding that something happened is not the same as celebrating it. ANZAC Day is not a celebration of war, it’s a recognition of the horrors of war and what soldiers and their families experience due to it. It recognises all of the unfortunate people who were forced to go out and particpate in conflicts because other people with more authority them gave the order to fight for their country. It acknowledges and thanks these people for their contributions.

I repeat, ANZAC Day is not a celebration of war. Remembrance Day is also not a celebration of war. If you’re one of these people who thinks that remembrance and recognition of the fallen for their sacrifices somehow glorifies war then quite frankly you’re an arsehole and you should keep that ignorant bullshit to yourself. I don’t like wars or conflict, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to disrepect the soldiers and other people who participated in wars by pretending that it didn’t happen because I’m not an insensitive arsehole. The soldiers deserve better than some degenerate shitting all over their sacrifice so said degenerate can sit on the moral highground.

One Time Thing (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 1312

Genre: I have absolutely no idea.

Request/Summary: “35, 50 and 57 with Thomas jefferson pls? C:” -Anon

35: “I swear to god, I will stab you.”

50: “Fuck you.” “Yes please.”

57: “Oh dear, my innocent eyes.”

Prompt list | Ask box

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Hamiltime (Surprise motherfuckers. Weren’t expecting that were you?)

Warnings: Cussing (obviously), maybe kind of diet smut (it’s not very descriptive).

A/N- My standard TJeffs Warning: Yes, I do write Jefferson but keep in mind that I think historical Jefferson was an evil dick. I write for Jefferson from the play.

“Shit!” You exclaimed as you bumped into someone.

“You’ve got quite the dirty mouth for a young woman in this day and age.” He commented slyly, steadying you.

“Oh it’s you.” You groaned

“‘Oh it’s me’? What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, sounding offended.

“Oh, Thomas. My dear oblivious Thomas. It means simply… Fuck you.” You told him, your flowery tone disappearing as you blatantly insulted him.

Yes please.” He smirked. You rolled your eyes and walked off to find someone more… pleasant to speak to.

“Thank you all for coming!” Washington’s voice boomed over the ballroom, everyone crowded near him at the announcement that promised more words. You stood near your brother and took his arm.

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SasuSaku Month 2017 - Day 3 - Chemistry

SasuSaku Month 2017 – Day 3 – Chemistry

AU in which the Hyuuga were somehow infected / harmed by Kaguya and their Byakugan is weakened. Yuuno Hyuga is an OC. I think Bout this becoming a multi-chap story. If you would like it to become one, send me a request, PM or just simply reply to this post!! Feedback is love!!

Warnings: mild nsfw (Sasu’s thirsty ass is my thirsty ass ok)

“Sometimes you just gotta relax, yeah? And we have so many missions lately, so just being at the onsen with you, Sai and Sakura-chan would be ideal, watcha think?”

His favorite moron was waing four golden-lined cards at him, his Sharingan nearly wanting to shoot a few black flames at the annoying cards. Ah, destiny was so cruel. Naruto Uzumaki just told him that the Rokudaime has ordered Sasuke, and the rest of the Team 7, to go to hot springs and relax. Fucking impossible, Sasuke ponders, all the while staring at the jelly he was supposed to eat. “C'mooon, teme, it would be pretty good for us! We haven’t had a vacation since the war!”

Sasuke doesn’t say anything to the comment that jabs his heart. “Naruto, don’t be an idiot. We have a lot of work. And just because I healed Neji, and the main family does not mean we can lay back and relax!” Naruto’s cheerful expression visibly falls, but gets back up quick, not minding Sasuke’s stern demeanor. His strict, grayish eyes, color watered down by tiredness, stare at the blue, whose are nearly scared? Sasuke softens, recognizing the fear that Naruto’s orbs held – the aftermath of war was almost as terrifying as the war itself.

Kaguya cast a rather potent jutsu that manifested quickly – a month after the war. Only Byakugan users were in danger – and so it seemed only a Sharingan could heal them. Which made Sasuke get out of the prison pronto, since not even Tsunade could heal this one. Their discovery of his possibly life-saving kekkei genkai was made with a help of the most revolting person. Orochimaru edo-tenseied Madara Uchiha, the only Uchiha privy to all nooks and crannies of any doujutsu. The man had a few exausting, snarky and sarcastic sessions with Sasuke – having only heard of the issue in legends and myths of his clan. At last with much bitching (they just had to summon Hashirama so he’d calm the man down, he didn’t hear the end of it) Sasuke was explained with much emotional pain from Madara’s side how the only special ability he had ever seen to a Mangekyou Sharingan were the ones the user could develop aside the original three; ones like Kamui and his younger brother Izuna’s Healing eye, which could heal and nurture any kind of disability and disease. The only irony laying in the predicament of him not being able to heal himself. Madara said that on a whim, it could cause people to even lose memory, and since those abilities were all passed down to Sasuke by blood. Madara was very well acquainted with what Sasuke could do (he seen it in war and he had a peek at the family tree).

“Hmph.” The rowdy haired man would note, Sharingan passing over the scrolls. “What,” Sasuke became rather impatient as of now.

“It says here, that you are related to Obito Uchiha.”

“And?” Sasuke hides his annoyance by the fact. “That means you are related to me, too.” Dead serious, Madara waits for a reaction from the younger Uchiha. “His grandmother was my illegitimate daughter. I didn’t know she existed until I met Obito. And that, Sasuke, means,” he traces the line that intwines with other Uchiha, passes crossings and other details until it lands on Fugaku Uchiha, “that you are my great-great-great, many greats, grandchild. Did someone from the clan continue with a specific powerful Mangekyou Sharingan?” Sasuke answers quickly, leaving no room for any remark,“Father had a Mangekyou. He was hiding it, so the clan wouldn’t force him to use it to control the Kyuubi.”

“Only a weak leader would allow his followers to dictate him. That’s straight-out moronic.”

Ignoring Madara and his own clear bout of rage, Sasuke continues.

“There was also Shisui of the Teleportation, he had an amazing Body Flicker Tehnique, and only Ita- my brother could match him in genjutsu. He also had a particular tehnique which he had done with his Mangekyou, Kotoamatsukami, he could manipulate a person’s mind and make it seem as if the decisions he would implant in their brain were their own. My brother had a Mangekyou, and had extraordinary abilities even as a young boy. That’s all.”

“Ooh. Would you look at that; Shisui was Kagami’s boy. I bet that he inherited the Amatsukami from him. Or a variation thereof. It doesn’t matter, even if the kid would be interesting to fight,” Madara muses, fingers languidly passing the scrolls, ignoring Sasuke’s questioning gaze. “Is your brother the one who slaughtered the entire clan with Obito’s help and joined Akatsuki?"asks without raising his head from the scroll. "Aa.” Sasuke’s dry remark doesn’t put Madara off, and Sasuke was prepared to talk about uncomfortable things. “Interesting.” It’s silent for a bit, and then he asks something very weird. “What about your mother? Mikoto Uchiha? Did she awaken her Mangekyou?”

“Hn. I have no knowledge of such a thing.”

“I suspect that she has.”

“And how did you come to such a conclusion?” Sasuke is sceptic, but Madara mentions nothing of it.

“This person, Naori Uchiha, is related to her through here, and she also has the blood of my mother’s sister. My mother had a great fighting power, and I even suspect she has awakened her Mangekyou before me. Your mother had a healing prowess or something?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Very well then. I am about to teach you a very taxing healing technique, assuming that Orochimaru has taken my eyes post-war.”

“How can you assume such a thing?”

“It’s too great of a power for him to possess, at this point. He has my Rinnegan, probably both. Since they have mutated and I am dead, I have no use for them. You will absorb them rather simply: like you do jutsu. Then come back here since we have no time to waste.”

“Sasuke. I am… grateful. You know I am. But…”

“Ugh, fine! I will come!”

“Yas! I knew you would admit defeat, ‘ttebayo!” Naruto shouts triumphantly, pumping his fist in the air, shoving Sasuke sideways in the process.


“Heh, heh, sorry, Sasuke…”

“You will be!”


It’s a lonely night, as always, in the small complex Sasuke lives in. He is plagued by thoughts – a thing far more terrifying than any jutsu. Breathes in. Out. In again. Numerous times just thinking about the action… and the house feels vastly big and lonely…

Somebody’s voice he wishes to hear, somebody’s heartbeat he wants to sleep on… he despises himself for it, but his dreams just aren’t safe when he doesn’t sense another person breathing, fighting, yielding, relaxing, dreaming, sighing, saying, 'Sasuke-kun, did you put away the food? The bread will go stale if you don’t…’, voice like a ring, small and everpresent, orbiting around him like a navigated fireball, the kind his mother liked to show him and Itachi when they were kids.

“Sasuke Uchiha-san.” From his sofa in the living room, he can hear them: two ex-ANBU, now Jounin, looking to take him to the Hokage’s. He doesn’t expect himself to be so fast as he readied his clothes and his headband, a wave of nostalgia shooting through him as his chakra flares.

They are there quickly – Kakashi’s silent and tired silhouette welcoming them wearily, Sasuke finding the literal sunshine emanating off the people awaiting annoying.

And, well, endearing.

Sakura’s pink, now slightly longer hair that is the lead role in his wildest dreams and nightmares is in a braid, the toned muscle she has covered by a thin summer dress, no trace of her headband. The summer dress was so light and tight, it made him want to sallivate.

“Here he is, all ready for a mission. Didn’t I tell you we might have some problems with him, Kakashi-sensei?”

“Well you must have mentioned,” the silver-haired Hatake smirks underneath the mask, favoring the presence of his former students plus Sai. Naruto’s comments are only natural to Sasuke, so he gives no reaction. “Naruto, this is a mission, after all. A mission of you four relaxing!” Good-naturedly putting his hands on his hips as he stands up from his chair, Kakashi looks over each of them. “Sai doesn’t even know what the word vacation means… Sasuke thinks it’s a tropical animal probably. God knows you need one, Sakura… and as for you, Naruto…” trailing off, as if not knowing whether he is finding a good word or not, he coughs up a bile,“we all know you deserve one.”

“Hurrah!” Loud exclamating of the blonde moron positively burst Sasuke’s eardrums, he wonders what did he do to deserve this. But, in a second, he doesn’t like the answer to the question.

“Sakura-chan, Sai, Sasuke! Let’s go to the hot baths and have a vacation like never before!”


Somehow, Sasuke is content.

The futons they sleep on in the beautifully furnished inn are warm and comfortable, and he only remembers that the comfort of his own bed could rival it.

So why does he fucking avoid it like plague?

Because he is already plagued. Shit got real the night he finally realized that Sakura’s hair is the softest fucking thing, that she reads him like a book, knowing how he breathes, all the things he hates (there’s too many), how he doesn’t like to eat ramen if it isn’t with Dobe, or her. How he can’t tolerate his eyes being nearly boiled out of his skull while Hyuga fucking Yuuno is worried about her ponytail. The utmost respect and damn near adoration for her skill and passion for medical ninjutsu, loyalty to the quite annoying person who has taught it to her, and all the nights he would make his small patrols to find her under the light of a candle, reading yet another scroll on headaches and how to remedy those caused by Rinnegan of all things, and it’s their little secret.

There is the second type of plague.

When he can’t stop thinking about how warm her eyes are, and how aflame they would be if he just sucked on her most secret place, there, in the crook of her inner things, and he would sigh, because she’d be all warm and wet and-

Crap. He earned himself a hard-on.

He thought of her as a specific kind of medication one couldn’t take a little more than just prescribed, because if they did – he would be addicted. Like the heady scent of chemicals – so inviting, but capable of doom.

He would take not the prescribed amount – he would take so much his doctor would scream at him to stop.

And he would like to make her scream soon.

why do non vegans love to tell me
a vegan
that I don’t know anything about the nutritional value of the food I’m eating
on a vegan diet
as a vegan
that I don’t know anything about the effect my diet has on the economy
on the environment
on farmers
on plants
that I don’t actually know what happens to farm animals
I WISH I didn’t fucking know, alright pal
please, scoop my brain out and take this information away from me so I can go back to being an ignorant moron who never gave a fuck
boy is it exhausting hearing this mindless drivel from people who literally choose to eat dead animals every heckin day 😩

Shhh, I know the cover features a relatively small aspect of the show, but dang it, I needed to have fun drawing this cover. Trust me, every other alternative was super boring. :’D


Rainbow Dash is devastated by the news of A.K. Yearling’s sudden retirement. Worried that this could mean her hero is in serious danger, she and Pinkie Pie rush over to the author’s residence for answers. To Rainbow’s even greater shock, Yearling reveals that this is a decision she’s made due to the backlash received from some citizens. Convinced that there must be some sort of misunderstanding, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are determined to prove that Daring Do’s done more good than harm.

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skinny girls, you’re still beautiful, your thigh gap is okay to have!! ignore the idiots who tell you to eat more and gain weight. some people don’t gain weight, and that’s okay!!

big girls, you’re still beautiful, your thighs and tummy are still cute!! it’s okay to have your thighs touch. ignore the morons who tell you to eat less/exercise more. it’s okay to eat and enjoy yourself!!

skinny boys, you’re still beautiful, you don’t have to be super muscular!! ignore the assholes who tell you to gain weight and go the gym. your body is perfectly okay the way it is!!

big boys, you’re still beautiful, you don’t have to be skinnier and muscular!! ignore the shitheads who tell you to lose weight and work out. it’s okay to eat what you want and not look like an underwear model!!

you’re all beautiful, and I promise you that you will find someone who makes you feel that way. and if you feel beautiful on your own, you go!! you feel beautiful!! learn to ignore society and accept your body because it’s unique and super cool!!

if you’re bigger and want to lose weight, do it safely!! if you’re skinnier and want to gain weight, do it safely!! and please only do it because you want to! don’t do it to “fit in” or to “make someone happy”.

either way, you are loved and you are beautiful, and i hope the world can grow up and accept that <33