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a car ran a red light today so i waited a few seconds after my light turned green so i wouldnt get hit by it. the bitch behind me honked like 8 times because i didn’t just drive into the intersection and get t-boned. i hate driving


GANGSTA. rant, some minor spoilers ahead.

Aaah I just remembered how this scene change annoyed me so much. Here’s a background: Kohske, the mangaka of GANGSTA., knows how to use subtlety in her story-telling. The anime team however, DOES NOT. They will expand a scene or add unnecessary scenes to spell out the obvious to viewers. Sometimes the expansion is welcome, but most often it is not. And for an anime adaptation that tries to stick closely to the imagery and panel compositions that are iconic in the manga, it strangely cuts out scenes that bring a sort of playful vibe to the series???

Anyway, just look at this change THAT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH. In the manga, Alex finds the sign language book that Nick and Worick use. It is implied she uses/will use it to practice sign language so she could communicate with Nick. We already know she’s scared of him. But she’s drawn enough to him that she wants to communicate with him and understand him. She hides the book behind her back when Nick turns towards her because she probably thinks he’ll push her away if he sees her make an effort. In the anime, they change the book with a box of mints. A BOX OF MINTS??? What the fuck is its relevance??? The only explanation would be that the mints belong to Worick, who is the only smoker. WHAT. That scene should be about expressing Alex’s interest in communicating with Nick, not another scene where she bonds with Worick. FURTHERMORE THAT BOOK HAS HISTORY (more on that later).

Look here, anime, let’s talk about Alex’s interactions with the Benriya. The Worick/Alex dynamic is more casual and very obvious. Worick flirts with anything that walks, and so he’s super friendly with Alex. When he does pervy things, Alex just slaps him. But they’re friends and they chat, and when Rick gets hurt, Alex calls him up to check on him. He also likes listening to her hum/sing. Why do you need them to interact over a box of mints??? The Alex/Nick dynamic is more complicated. She’s afraid of him, but she’s making an effort to befriend him despite him being very distant. She clings to the handkerchief he “gave” her because she somehow feels it’s linked with her connection to them. Also, the book is important because it’s also important to Nick and Worick. They bonded over learning sign language while Worick taught Nick how to read and write. Nick even gets injured saving that book. Alex using that book means she’s integrating into their family, in a way.

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