And I was lucky in a way that I came into the game just when we’re moving from that stage one, caricature kind of thing, into stage two. So a lot of my early work kind of deals with the issues around the world on terror and Islamophobia, but I’m proud to say I think it deals with those and engages those issues in quite creative ways, and I hope in ways that kind of move us forward rather than doubling down on, you know, lazy stereotypes.

i don’t really use twitter but after reading @captain-erwinmerica‘s thread i now understand the sudden influx of durmstrang!victor content, also does anyone have any good harry potter AU’s to read my children are starving ;_;

Watch Scarlett Johansson Wants to Do a Musical Clip
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Bruce x Natasha is in Infinity War!!! 

“My character has this ongoing relationship with Mark Ruffalo’s character …”

It’s Ignorance rather than Sin that’ the Problem

’According to Buddhism, our fundamental problem is not sin or some moral failing. We suffer because of our ignorance; because we do not understand the actual nature of reality.

The medicine that heals this illness is insight or wisdom, which we can develop through the practice of meditation. Meditation means working with our mind, the source of all we experience and do. Through the practice of meditation we become familiar with all that goes on in our mind, both in its confusion and inherent wakefulness. We tame the upheavals, conflicting emotions, and mistaken views that cause so much suffering for ourselves and others, and come to know the mind’s true nature, which is enlightenment. While many religions practice some form of meditation or contemplation, what’s unique about Buddhist meditation is that it doesn’t involve doing, changing, or creating anything. It’s about stopping and resting - about relaxing at least for a moment  our endless struggles and cogitations. The basic Buddhist view is that we are fine - perfect even - just the way we really are. The practice is simply letting go - of all the ways we feel we have to improve or solidify ourselves. It’s so simple, yet so profound and so difficult.’

- Melvin McLeod, from the Introduction to The Best Buddhist Writing 2007.

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……. i honestly don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone who’s a genuinely tall person be implied to be short by so many people as much as magnus has. it’s so wild. matt’s a giant but harry’s not even that much shorter (and harry towers over a lot of other people in other shots too) so :/

exactly harmony exactly

this is why it’s so ridiculous. magnus is very tall, harry towers over plenty of people as seen here

but people just want to pretend and focus on one shot where he’s not standing perfectly straight and pretend he’s shorter than he is

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I got REALLY EXCITED after the episode and immediately drew her, but it’s been languishing half-colored for like a month and I haven’t had the motivation to go back to it. :( maybe I need to go watch the episode again.

this has kind of been a terrible past few months so I’ve been even worse than usual at getting back to stuff. ugggh. hopefully the summer will be better.

i rly miss having friends nearby. the kind tht can just come over to hang for a bit whenever. i’m dying for a hug or even just someone to be in close physical proximity. living so far from any friendly folx sucks.

tl;dr: don’t live in the suburbs unless you have a family.