Some scene doodles from chapter ten of my Klance fic When You Say It; which you can read here if you’re catching up to the latest chapter, or here if you would like to read it from the beginning. ;)

also, I doodled the bracelet Lance got for Keith in this chap cause ya’ll all know I’m shit for explaining things in vivid detail lmao. Ps, ignore my shitty handwriting and messy and inconsistent art style..I’m lazy.


Windswept feat. filters, or: I spent the whole of wednesday in a lowkey sand storm??
Anyway it’s one hour left in bi visibility month so here is a last minute bi being almost late as always

  • Me:hey you should read Legend or The Young Elites by Marie Lu... their great
  • Friend:naaaah they seem boring, why would you want to read them?
  • *a couple of years later... the Legend and The Young Elites movies come out*
  • Friend:oh my god that movie was so good... I need to read the books now. Why didn't anyone recommend me these books before?!
  • Me:*stares at the camera like in the office*

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