Mothers Day

-Sirius is sat drinking alone, Grimmauld place is as dark an grim as ever. The curtain covering Walburga’s painting must have fallen because he can hear her screaming again.- - 

Sirius: I get it *Laughs bitterly* 

Walburga: Look at what you’ve become… you betrayed me, and then what? got your little friends killed too, didn’t you? 

Walburga: What will you do? Cover me with a curtain? 

Sirius: *takes the curtain from the floor but freezes as Walburga starts speaking*

Sirius: *through his teeth* 

Walburga: Regulus chose to join the death eaters because he was a black. 

Sirius: Me? *laughs rather maniacally* 

((OOC: Since its mothers day in the UK have some post- Azkaban black family angst… 

Walbluga played by @sirussly (so beautifully terrifying on such short notice) 

and thanks to @jilylicious for helping me develop a super rough idea, you’re amazing)) 

15 reasons why Gaston is kinda awesome...

1. He doesn’t make fun of Belle for reading, like the other villagers do.

2. He’s polite. “Pardon.” “Excuse me.” “Please let me through!”

3. He’s strong and can handle himself in a fight.

4. He has amazing hair! (So grabbable)

5. He’s not afraid to admit when he doesn’t know something.

6. His self-confidence is through the roof!

7. He’ll bring you flowers!

8. He knows how to have a good time!

9. He has great aim; with a knife, with a quiver and with a gun!

10. He’s not afraid of public speaking.

11. He’s gorgeous! (Can’t ignore the obvious)

12. He’s a nice dresser and has very well-tailored pants (very important IMHO).

13. He just wants a quiet family life where he can stay home with his wife and adorable children! Awwwww

14. He can SING!

15. He’s played by Luke Evans! ;)

Okay but what if the reason Natsu was so attached to Lucy so quickly is because she smells familiar? Anna made his scarf, so it probably smelled like her for a time, if only just a little bit. We know that Dragon Slayers have super noses and we also know that children smell at least a little bit like their parents.

What if he brought her to the guild and stuck by her side this entire time because, for some reason he can’t understand, this strange girl he met in Hargreon smells a little bit like “home?”

You Never Walk Alone, BTS

(on recent twitter drama)

This comeback has been one of the roughest yet. I didn’t think it was possible to have so much drama in such a short time span. It’s been barely five days since the drama with the Run! episode, and now we’ve got twitter exploding with drama again, notably the anti-BTS account S*elja and other death threats against Jimin and Bangtan as a whole. 

I’ve taken a brief look at some of ^^that person’s tweets and the other ones that I’ve seen, and while it’s not unusual or even unexpected for other fandom fans to hate on BTS/ARMY, this person takes it too far. It’s never acceptable to talk about hurting other people, to wish them pain or harm or death, and the blasé attitude they’ve taken to these subjects is deplorable. The primary goal of these accounts, including the death threats, is to gain attention–it’s immature attention-seeking behavior. But given the seriousness of the posts, I think we should still work against them, with a grain of salt in mind. (also please don’t blame exo-l as a fandom for the actions of one person, the same way we hope not to be judged by one bad or immature ARMY)

I’ve reported them as best I can (^^that person is on her third account already) but the best way to counter these actions is to send their account info to BigHit Entertainment to add to their defamation/harrassment lawsuit and to report them on twitter for targeted harassment. Don’t send them messages insulting them or asking wtf is wrong with them or asking them to stop, don’t @/ them in tweets or posts– attention is what they want, don’t give it to them, it validates their behavior. 

The important thing is to bring awareness to their hateful actions--not themselves, don’t give them attention/fame by @/ themand to make sure that the proper authorities are in the position to handle them.

It’s also very important during this time to support BTS, to send them good messages and make sure they have positive support to balance out the negativity!!! Trending hashtags like #WeLoveYouJimin is really good, sending them cute messages on twitter. 

The best way that we can help protect BTS is by ensuring that the right people have the information they need to give them the best security while on tour and at home!!! 

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a thought: Ford finds himself in Jack’s dimension during his travels in the portal. Jack and Ford end up meeting and helping each other out while Jack tries to help Ford get to a rift/portal to travel to another dimension (and help him in his mission to destroy Bill). And during that time they become a big fighting duo and beat up Aku’s bots and bounty hunters.

I feel like they would bond over being wanted men and trying to defeat an evil being that keeps trying to track them down and torment/kill them. Also, they’re both away from home (Jack being in another time and Ford being in another dimension far from his home one).

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ngl i wasn't sure about the mon-el hate but like??? not only does he abandon his lover to die, he consistently disrespects his CURRENT gf (kara) and lies??? why is she the bad guy? didn't he literally own slaves??? how are people okay with this man???

i’ll give u three guesses, tho i’m sure u’ll only need one

Spring break is almost over and I’ll have to go back and finish the second half of my semester at uni 😴 but on the bright side, the boyfriend took me to the local zoo the other day and we had so much fun! I can’t wait to work at a zoo. Tis me sitting on a tortoise statue that was the size of my entire self.