Catsat for my neighbour, paid super well and got a recommendation to her friend. Her friend has HYENAS #onlyingotham #butitpaysso

Update: Hyenas are nice, but slobbery. Clown memorabilia creeping me out though. Not going to think too hard #ignoranceisbliss #onlyingotham

UPDATE: Nightwing and Robin swooped into interrogate me on Joker’s latest scheme. Spent 10min petting the hyenas with little Robin #idontknowanything #iambutasimplepetsittersir #onlyingotham

It’s like you’re eating alone and it’s all fine - you like being alone anyways, and then someone texts you. Like a close friend from back home or a sibling or your parents and you’re like haha I’m eating alone here I have no friends.

And then even though you didn’t give a shit about it before, suddenly you just burst out into tears, and you realize how miserable you actually felt. 

And oh, what a horrible feeling it is.