Gym. Shopping. Eat. Shopping. Eat. Read Poems about love and misadventures by Lang Leav and discussed future plans, endeavors and travel destinations. Etc.. Thats how I spent my day with my bestfriend. hahaha! labyu bai!! #IgnoranceIsBliss @AMPalanas


😕😕😕😕… First he says “black lives matter bullshit” THEN he says #BlackLivesMatter 😂😂😂😂😂 #Texas #ignoranceisbliss …☕

When you have some guy at the grocery store chasing you for 30 seconds saying “Miss!! MISS!!!!” They hand you this… I turned to him and said “Save your book for someone who needs it.” And attempted to hand it back to him… He said “I did.”
NIGGA… How are you going to insult me like that, and expect me to go to your church? #ignoranceisbliss #idontneedtouseyourcrutch #satansaves

Lmfao. Fuck you mean? … I guess y'all ain’t know the majority of the women celebs men worship are 5'10 or taller… But y'all would never get to be close to those queens :) #IgnoranceIsBliss #TallGirlsRock #AmazonGoddess #TallGirls #TallWomen #TeamTallGirls #TeamAmazon #TeamLegsForDays #Im6Ft #SixFootAndProud #MyNiggaDontMind

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter | The World of Special Olympics

Regardless of how you feel about President Obama, calling him (or anyone else for that matter) retarded is not only politically incorrect, it’s absolutely ignorant. The fact that this young man had enough class and courage to respond to Ann Coulter in such a kind way is commendable. Go John Franklin Stephens!


Sorry for the rant, but I can’t help but laugh at seeing legit fucks getting praise and love by ignorant, brainwashed people who follow them like lost puppies. I don’t pretend to be an amazing person, I’m far from, a good amount of people would probably consider me just as bad and hypocritical. But I’ll do my part to not support asshats or the brainwashed morons who support them. Unfollows are welcome, as I’m clearing my dash of equal bullshit.