Gym. Shopping. Eat. Shopping. Eat. Read Poems about love and misadventures by Lang Leav and discussed future plans, endeavors and travel destinations. Etc.. Thats how I spent my day with my bestfriend. hahaha! labyu bai!! #IgnoranceIsBliss @AMPalanas

Lmfao. Fuck you mean? … I guess y'all ain’t know the majority of the women celebs men worship are 5'10 or taller… But y'all would never get to be close to those queens :) #IgnoranceIsBliss #TallGirlsRock #AmazonGoddess #TallGirls #TallWomen #TeamTallGirls #TeamAmazon #TeamLegsForDays #Im6Ft #SixFootAndProud #MyNiggaDontMind


Sorry for the rant, but I can’t help but laugh at seeing legit fucks getting praise and love by ignorant, brainwashed people who follow them like lost puppies. I don’t pretend to be an amazing person, I’m far from, a good amount of people would probably consider me just as bad and hypocritical. But I’ll do my part to not support asshats or the brainwashed morons who support them. Unfollows are welcome, as I’m clearing my dash of equal bullshit.

It’s like you’re eating alone and it’s all fine - you like being alone anyways, and then someone texts you. Like a close friend from back home or a sibling or your parents and you’re like haha I’m eating alone here I have no friends.

And then even though you didn’t give a shit about it before, suddenly you just burst out into tears, and you realize how miserable you actually felt. 

And oh, what a horrible feeling it is.

Taking my selfie to the cradle of humanity, Ethiopia! I have no plans but will be slightly more prepared, in arriving at 6am, than I was that time I showed up as the only non-African on a 3am military-escorted bus to Burkina Faso without any local currency or accommodation or a phone… Now that required troubleshooting, especially after a surprise delay to avoid hijacking and rebels. This will be a breeze with deluxe coffee ahead . #lyfe #ignoranceisbliss #ethiopia (at Kampala, Uganda)

I can’t wait to marry her, to walk with her down the aisle after our kiss at the altar, out the door and into the limo to start the rest of our lives together, as one, forever and always. I’m never leaving her, no one has ever made me feel more loved and special than her and she bests herself every day. I wake up thinking of her, can’t stop thinking of her throughout my day and then at night she’s in my dreams and the cycle repeats. I don’t know what I did to deserve her, and whatever it was I still don’t think it made me worthy, but alas she’s here with me anyway and I can’t thank her enough. She, is Alexis Miranda, I’ve known this wonderfully amazing woman for almost 5 years and have been lucky enough to call her mine for almost 2, no one will ever be as caring, or smart, or as beautiful as her. I’ve found a goddess walking on earth and will never let her go. She is mine forever as I am hers, and no one will ever change that.