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while there are certainly some horrific things going on, all but one of these links leads to either al jazeera or maan news, both of which are repeatedly biased sites. the last link if you care to read the article is actually about a soldier being released *from the army* for shooting an attacker. he is on house arrest while awaiting a new sentence because his lawyers appealed his original conviction.

it is important to bring light to what is going on in the israel/palestine conflict but linking to twitter articles is not the way to do it.

LMAO a) i’ve linked to different news sources none of which you liked because they were apparently biased including a palestinian news agency.. like.?… b) i love how you completely ignore that the video has been everywhere and it shows israeli forces attacking worshippers and kicking a man while he prays……… like overlook everything and focus on it being… a twitter link?? ok c) then again you’re here justifying the murder of an unarmed palestinian man and the release of the murderer despite the fact it was filmed and the palestinian man was already injured and posing no threat but can you imagine what would happen if a palestinian so much as went out to protest? hmmm anyway lastly d) i feel like you like to hear yourself talk so next time save everyone the headache and make your own post or better yet shut the fuck up