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The Upside of Falling Down

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Warnings: Language

Pairing: University!Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 4.3k

A/N: Hey guys!!! I’m so excited to finally be able to post my next series!!! Skyline received so much positive response and I really really hope you guys like this next story as much. It’s going to be pretty different, but I hope you enjoy it.  Also, while I have you, let’s just cover some housekeeping stuff: I do not have a tags list, so please please please stop spamming me with requests to tag!!! I appreciate how much you like my writing, but I have it in my bio and put it on almost every update.  I try my best to respond to every message I get, and sorting through all those messages just makes it harder!! Secondly, I don’t think I am going to be opening up requests.  I’m going back to school in a week, and I have eight classes as well as three jobs.  I’m going to do my best to update once a week, but I really just want to focus on the longer stories that I love, so I can give you guys the quality you deserve.  I’ll make a longer post about this all later.  Let me know what you think about this story!!! I would love to hear some feedback.


You never expected university to be easy.

When you walked up the steps of Columbia University for the first time freshman year, you had known that the path ahead of you would be hard.  Extremely difficult, even.  But nothing had prepared you for the hurricane that would be your life for the next ten months.  Between the all night cram sessions, endless term papers, lab studies, and regular class hours, you were emotionally, mentally, and even physically drained by the time you finished your final exams.  As you packed up your freshman dorm, you remembered how excited you had been while decorating it for the first time, and shook your head at how naïve you had been.  Freshman year left you beaten, bruised, and with permanent bags under your eyes, but at least it was done.

Now, walking into your sophomore year, you knew what to expect.  You knew what had to be done to manage your time and your life.  You knew what study methods worked for you, and what didn’t.  You knew when it was wise to go to a party and when to stay in to finish your English literature essay.  You knew which friends to avoid during exam week so they wouldn’t whisk you off to a frat kegger, and which friends would hold up flashcards to help you study. You knew what profs gave retests, where the best snack places were on campus, the best study corrals in the library. You knew the name of the librarian that would spend his time helping you find all the resources you needed for your chemistry write up, and the emails of every TA for every one of your classes. Unlike last year, you were prepared. You were ready.

But you weren’t ready, however, for the biology fieldtrip to Thatcher State Park, the fall you were about to have, and the unexpected consequences that would follow. There was no way to study up on how to keep a secret.  There were no flashcards on what to do if one of your classmates entrusts you with their life.  There was no way to prepare for Peter Parker.

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Yes I’m quite sure that Andrew Jackson, owner of hundreds of slaves, killer of Native Americans, ignorer of executive limitations, would’ve been the ideal president to stop the Civil War from happening.

When can this ride be over? I desperately want to get off.

So when you say things like “Native Americans have a responsibility to teach [non Natives] their myths and legends and culture!!!” so you can shift the responsibility of being racist on the people you’re targeting, this is what you’re really saying:

In order for you to “understand why we’re so upset with you,” we are expected to talk about, in detail, every single aspect of our struggle for survival, again.

We are expected to talk about ethnic cleansing, genocide, war, colonialism, sexual violence, residential schools, forced assimilation,  the kidnapping of our children, skyrocketing suicide rates, cultural appropriation, racist stereotypes, our women going missing and being found murdered, again.

We are expected to talk about our personal experiences with racism from our partners, our friends, our friends’ family members, our teachers, our employers, our co-workers, acquaintances, online communities, fandoms, entire industries, pop culture icons, government officials, and even the lateral violence within our own communities, again.

We are expected to spell out, in detail, as to what our family members of the previous generation survived in order for us to be here, again.

We are expected to relive our trauma, again.

With all of the information already available for you on the internet that’s a mere Google search away, you expect us to start from square one all over again with no regard for the toll it takes on our hearts, just so you can ignore it AGAIN.

Excuse me, but fuck you.

Hi today I am making a call out post for all the non-native women making “native inspired makeup” videos on YouTube.

And these are just some of the ones I found. The last one is one of the worst as well…her running commentary is awful the highlight was “you know native Americans were all in the jungle and this park is like the closest I have to a jungle haha.”

Yeah, so cultural appropriation is something that transcends into all forms of activity apparently. I was inspired to make this after watching Sailorj’s “thanksgiving makeup tutorial” video. So shout out to her and I hope this makes YouTube beauty “gurus” think a bit more.


“Who are these Asians at the BBMAs?”

I’ve seen comments like “who are these Asians at the BBMAs?” and “this award doesn’t mean anything, it’s fan-voted” and “their music isn’t in English.” 

Let’s ignore the fact that they aren’t American or native English-speakers for a moment and focus on something that’s so basic we should all be able to relate to it: they’re human beings with feelings, who’ve experienced hardships, and they’ve achieved something that’s been a dream for them. As a human being, how can you be so blind and say such hurtful things?

Look at how excited they are to be in America, meeting artists that they admire and listen to. Look at how excited they are to win a Billboard award in front of those same artists. Artists that you might admire and listen to as well. How dare you try to taint that experience for them.

Music is music. You enjoy it because of how it makes you feel. Not because of what language it’s in. You listen to Lil’ Wayne? So do they. You listen to John Legend? So do they. The Chainsmokers, Coldplay, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Celine-freaking-Dion.

Am I saying you need to become a K-Pop fan? Absolutely not. If you’re not into it, you’re not into it. But don’t disrespect BTS because they speak a different language, or because they’re Korean. Have the sense to realize that music is global and is for everyone to enjoy. Coldplay was just in South Korea for a concert. Gallant, Timbaland and Wiz Khalifa performed at the MAMA awards in Hong Kong in 2016. American and English-speaking artists tour the entire world, despite language differences. It’s a two-way street.

Let’s come back to them not being American or native English-speakers. It’s 2017 and we still cannot look past someone’s race or nationality or language? Namjoon must have felt the weight of the world having to do the interviews for the BBMAs and to give the acceptance speech. This is a man who taught himself a language that is very difficult and so different from his own. For those of you saying “that was English? I couldn’t understand a word of it,” if you didn’t like seeing them on your TV, you should have changed the channel and spared Twitter feeds from your simple-minded, petty, racist comments.

To touch on the fact that it’s “just a fan-voted award” – First, yes. It is a fan-voted award, and I hope that BTS felt every ounce of love and respect and appreciation from their fans that they deserve. Second, if you think this award has so little value, then you shouldn’t care who wins it, American or not. English-speaking or not.  

Lastly, to those within the K-Pop fandom who are being disrespectful: You know how much these artists go through just to debut, if they ever do debut. Even if you’re not a BTS fan, you should be able to sympathize with what they went through. Because chances are, your faves went through it too.

Dear White People

Stop having pride in Columbus Day. It’s just inappropriate honestly and disrespectful. Christopher Columbus came over and took advantage of the Native Americans; slaughtered countless, brought diseases, raped and took from them. Ironically Columbus called them savages because how they acted and hunted. Remember people you can’t discover something that wasn’t hidden. Also people who dress up as Native Americans are ignorant and idiotic.


🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Tumblr can we please go educate these poor children. I wonder if they’d still be smiling if they were sprayed by a water canon for 6+ hrs in 28 degree weather? 🤔 or bit by dogs or pepper sprayed just for practicing their“freedom” of religion/speech… Everyone wants to be “Indian” until they see how it really is. #NODAPL #IDLENOMORE this is not “cute court hill”

. UPDATE: She has all her friends making up excuses for her and their school. They say they didn’t really want to do it but did it anyways. ALSO, Courtney has not said a word. A boy from her school apologized for her and everyone else though. I just hope she chooses to no longer be ignorant and that these 15 yr olds change for the better. We’re supposed to be taking a step forward people. Not do the same ignorant, racist ass shit every HOCO or Halloween. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

Sorry for the horrible screencap, hopefully replies will be fixed soon.

He did indeed outright say they represented Native Americans; I’d have to google for the quote but I believe he explicitly mentioned Apaches. 

Plus it is very evidently implicit in the episodes and film if you watch knowing that’s what he wanted to do, or with a knowledge of old Western film tropes. The Reavers are mysterious Others who attack isolated ships, leaving behind wreckage and vanishing like ghosts; additionally, the Serenity crew have to disguise themselves to pass through “Reaver Country”. (Reaver Country is actually the point at which I went from “Did he really…?” to “Oh shit he fucking did”.)

Maybe people aren’t aware, but “we gotta pass through Indian Country” was a big thing in old Westerns, and the way the Reavers are portrayed otherwise is heavily similar to the way Native Americans were portrayed, as invisible menacing monsters who struck brutally without warning and vanished, leaving behind only slaughter. 

I mean. Technically bears attack people and I’m sure there is “bear country” out there but you generally don’t have to dress up like a bear to pass through bear country. While bears were an issue, people didn’t live in the same kind of mortal terror of bears as they did of Native Americans, and they don’t have the overwhelming presence in westerns that Native Americans did. 

I mean, it’s a space western. It’s explicitly a space western. Every other aspect of the western, from chipper frontier bordellos to Great Train Robberies to Useless Dudes to Exotic Foreign Concubines to town dances to the aftermath of a massive civil war is represented. And there’s an “Injun” shaped hole in there, which the Reavers fill pretty much perfectly. 

So either Joss Whedon did ignore the Native Americans completely, which is not great, or the Reavers, who are virtually identical to caricatures of Native Americans from 200 years of white media about them which Whedon explicitly based the entire show on, are the Native Americans. It’s not exactly rocket science. 

When Akira is adapted in the US

Watch the fanboys come out of the woodworks to say Akira is a universal story. That it doesn’t have to take place in Japan. That the characters are never explicitly stated to be Japanese and then when you point to the fact that they are, they’ll say, well it’s an American adaptation, it’s fine to have the main characters be white, as if Japanese-Americans don’t exist.

  • They’ll change Tetsuo to Tommy (some T name) and Kaneda to Kevin or Kaden or some shit.
  • They’ll keep the name/title as Akira so they can still use the name and piggyback off the IP and Akira will be one of the few Japanese characters in the cast even though Akira has very few lines.
  • It’ll now be set in the US. They’ll also try to piggy back and probably say now all the cultures have melded so you’ll see a bunch of neon-Japanese signs all over the US, it’ll probably look like a live-action cyberpunk version of San Fransokyo.
  • Surprisingly, it’ll be San Fransokyo and you’ll see very few Japanese people populating the streets.
  • They might sprinkle in two more Japanese characters to the gang “for diversity’s sake” and then they’ll have maybe one line.
  • People defending the whitewashing will look to Japanese natives to justify it, ignoring the voices of Asian-Americans and Japanese-Americans.
  • They’ll somehow get a hold of Ken Watanabe (he’s awesome, but he’s also Hollywood’s resident Japanese person, maybe Miyavi too, he’s hip in Hollywood now. You probably didn’t even realize he was the silent Japanese dude in Kong: Skull Island, Gunpei)
  • They will strip all the cultural nuances of Akira.
  • Also, even though this movie will be called Akira, take place in their cyberpunk San Franksokyo, they’ll probably still cast a white dude because somehow the main character can’t be a JAPANESE PERSON NAMED TETSUO. EVEN THOUGH IT’LL TAKE PLACE IN CYPBERPUNK SAN FRANSOKYO.

Of course, if none of this happens in the movie and they do right by it. I’ll gladly eat my shoe…. but…. I won’t hold my breath.

**Akira IS a Japanese story. It is NOT universal. If you want to adapt the bare bones of it, like The Departed (Infernal Affairs) or the magnificent Seven (Seven Samurai), fine. But stripping it of what makes it inherently Japanese, no longer makes it Akira and it should be treated as such.

/end rant. Sorry I have a lot of thoughts.

Where to start with this?

The inaccurate portrayal of Native Americans?

The complete ignorance of what Columbus himself did? That line about enslaving people is the perfect opening.

The complete ignorance of what white people in general did?

Or how about this: Branco is laying out the case that immigration and open borders ultimately benefit everyone, and thus DACA should stand.

A good cartoon.

Legendary Creatures [D]

See the rest of the alphabet here.

one of my 2nd grade students had a homework sheet about christopher columbus and it literally said “columbus had a ship, traveled to a new land, and went home to tell everyone of his exciting discovery!” i explained what actually happened in 10 minutes:

me: pretend i’m columbus and pretend “the new land” is your room.
me: it’s your room so what do you wanna call it?
student: mmm…dragon island!
me: okay it’s dragon island! so you’re with your family and friends on dragon island. you’re just sitting here doing your homework. okay, now i’m columbus.
me: *walks next to student* wow, cool. this room is mine. i’m gonna go get mr. k (another coworker) and he’s gonna call it america.
student: wait but it’s called dragon island!
me: well i’m here now and we say it’s america. *points to his backpack* this is mine too.
student: wait but that’s mine!
me: not anymore! now you have to listen to what i tell you and stop listening to your parents.
student: what? why?
me: *in a playful manner because i can tell he’s starting to get distressed* you better stop asking questions and do what i say or else! *dances*
student: *laughs* i don’t like columbus.
me: yeah, me neither. he was a very bad man.

after that, he asked why the teacher wouldn’t tell him and i said because they don’t want him to know. he asked why they didn’t want him to know and i said, “because they don’t want you to learn things they don’t like.” after more questions, i briefly explained that native americans were “hurt and died” because of columbus and they’re still hurting. it took me a little aback when he said that his teacher explained a little bit about how white spanish people came and took the land. his understanding of it was incredible. we fill children with ignorance and that’s how they grow up to be bigots who think horrific things that occurred aren’t all that bad. i urge you to take 10 minutes to teach your children at home and undo what the school reinforces.

How i ended all my classes yesterday
  • Me: have a good day! have a good weekend! remember the american government has statistically ignored and brutalized native american populations!
  • Students: ...miss why
  • Me: dont say no one ever told yall

white people: stole land from the natives, had slavery, shoot innocent black people, deport children who grew up in the US, ban a whole religion, shoot up schools, mistreat native Americans, ignore poc issues, still to this day continue to discriminate and systematically oppress people of color.

poc: I hate white people

white people: UH racist??? What if I said I hated poc???? huh??? How would you like that!?! treat people how u want to be treated you

I’m going to… just ignore the part where the author refers to Native Americans as ‘red men.’ But if I give the book a proper review, I will absolutely mention the casual racism. Because… oh… honey- even if you use a racial epithet in a kind manner- that’s fuckin’ racist.