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(Warning: Don’t read this is if you are a Hakuryu fan. I did not like him in this chapter. Also, reaction gifs under the cut.)

Huh, turns out Hakuryu using Belial annoys me just as much on the hypocrite scale as Aladdin using Mogamett’s staff.

Especially when it is to stop Sinbad from using his divine powers to enslave people into separating from their mortal bodies and becoming rukh (so… What did Hakuryu and Judar do to Belial, again? Oh right, enslaved him with Judar’s divine powers to be used by Hakuryu to reduce people into rukh! How nice… Also, Sinbad did not know Belial’s powers, really? When it started a war he won? Wat? And if this is Valefor? Who lived for thousands and thousands of years with only 73 other people, including Belial, around? Also, no one else in the history of Magi’s world ever used Belial? Remember, no matter how many times the manga says that 30ish-years-old Sinbad was the first conqueror, the extinct since a couple of centuries ago Koga Empire, and the centuries old Rem Empire, were all built on metal vessels! Jeezus Hugobert Christiansenson the continuity breaks and retconning in this manga!).

I mean, there’s nothing to convince me that Hakuryu actually went and properly conquered Dungeon Belial and then that Belial forgave and pledged loyalty to him, because that would be incredibly stupid of Belial to do since Hakuryu has, by his actions, proven what a bad king vessel he is (also, Sinbad’s djinni are all there by their own, free will, while at least one of the “heroes”’ djinni is enslaved and forced to be there, how nice).

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I honestly don’t get people who decided to drop SH because they didn’t like ep 207. I mean, it was my least favorite episode of the season - as I said in my ep reaction, it’s 203 > 204 > 202 > 201 > 205 > 206 > 207 for me - but why would I ignore everything the show’s done well up to this point and all the love the cast has for the series and walk away just because they botched one ep, however important? Every show is flawed, every show disappoints its fans at one point or another. But unless my annoyance outweighs my pleasure longterm, I don’t simply give up on something that people I like and support put so much effort into. But that’s just me, an old-school gal.

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Hi @strategist-rose, I’m your date for Fatesona Valentine’s hosted by @karu-ck! (Which is pretty cool cause you drew my fatesona & Mary for secret santa) I wanted to give Mary a cute hairstyle and outfit for their friend-date. I hope you like it!

Mary had invited Kaeley out to a cute cafe she had walked past several times while running errands in the castle town. Having heard rumours from other maids that Kaeley always seemed down this time of year, Mary wanted to invite her out of the castle to help brighten her mood. They had become pretty good friends from Mary bringing down tea and snacks for Kaeley every few days, who has a tendency to ignore everything in favour of her work, and spending time to chat and learn from Kaeley.

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Ooooh! Can I get shipped w/ someone pls!! I'm really smol at five 5'2" but very feisty. I'm sassy and pretty laid back around friends, tho I will (lovingly) tease them mercilessly. I'm not above picking a fight if I hear someone talking shit about them, tho I don't really care what the say about me. I enjoy taking walks by the lake near my house, taking care of my cats, ignoring everything while listening to music and I LOVE to draw. I stay indoors most days bc I easily get sick tho. Thx!

I ship you with Phillip!  He would totally back you up in defending your friends and lend you sweatshirts and other assorted clothing items and pretty much be at your place more than his

The Vagabond and the Golden Boy? Oh no, they’re more dangerous than you would think. See, they egg each other on; if there was even the slightest hint of restraint left in the Vagabond, it vanishes around the Golden Boy. And with an attack dog like the Vagabond at his heels, the Golden Boy becomes wilder, cockier, and crueler.
Those two together? You run.


Someone’s in love with our soft boy Yuuri, I wonder who it is…

Small attempt of a comic from a AU of mine. It contains chubby Yuuri and many love letters from a certain Russian exchange student who didn’t pay attention in English class back in Russia and now has to suffer through the consequences of being shit at writing love letters, or English in general.

Yuuri still loves them tho.

Edit: before you ask, yes I did forget to draw his glasses like the idiot that I am : )

victor and yuuri: *have obvious romantic feelings for eachother, kissed on tv in front of family and friends, have a healthy relationship, are flirty af, are so close, act like a married couple, (if they were a boy and a girl you wound’t be questioning their love), are so in love, look at eachother with love*    
y’all: when are they gonna acknowledge the kiss? if they don’t do it, then it didn’t happen and they’re not canon
me: *making gifs of these boyfriends, tries to respect other people’s opinions*