Behind the Scenes of COMMUNITY • Building the Set

Who needs Photoshop when you can build the set!  When you have a great production designer like Peter G and his amazing crew it’s no problem at all. How do we take the final concept from David Ikeda and Adam Fox at Ignition Creative and make their brilliant idea into a functional and safe reality?  Have a peek below and see how we did it!!

Peter G getting fired up!!!

Big thanks to Dahlhouse Scenery who engineered the rig: (clockwise from bottom) Max Bringas, Erik Alonzo, David Bringas, Robert Torres, Joaquin Torres.

Our crew from Peter G Design and our fantastic producer Brooke Ludi: (clockwise from bottom left): Scott Stone, Adrienne Burton, Coby Robinson, Brooke Ludi, Anthony Altomare and Sammy Primero,