Robin stared at the bot, but still held that hard gaze. Kasei? Who the Fuck was that? And why did her cousin have weird ass robots all over the damn place!? She was about to ask the bot those questions when someone else came in. She looked over at pyro, actually happy it wasn’t another robot…

She totally didn’t get paid enough for this.

“Name’s Robin. And I don’t fucking know! This one won’t stop fucking cuddling with me and this one…Fuck this ones my fucking husband! Please tell me this is some crazy fucking nightmare…” The note from the shop was crumpled up in her hand, as she had torn it off in a hurry to read it.

Christmas Shopping with Ignis

The medic, now dressed in her civilian clothes, adjusted her hat and hair a final time in the mirror before heading out to find her pyro friend. With her, she carried a bag at her side with a list of people to shop for. Last year, she had gone about making music boxes for everyone so she only had to order kits from a catalog. This year, she’d try some variety.

She arrived at a bus stop situated on a long road away from her base and stood patiently for Ignis to meet her.


“I was on assignment with one of the supply trains. Thought I’d say my hello’s and be off. Don’t want to bother you if your busy with any upcoming missions.”

Jin gave her head a light shake before letting her own quiet voice leave her throat. Maybe if she spoke slowly and softly enough she wouldn’t cough.

“I don’t think I will be having any more missions much longer.”