5 sec hc: When they have a song stuck in their head

Sing it aloud to get it out of their system: Prompto

Obsessively listen to another song to push the first one out: Noctis

Want to sing out loud but it would ruin their Image™️: Gladio

Hum it under their breath and suffer: Ignis

The First Time They Got Drunk
  • Gladio: stumbled home, fell asleep in an empty bathtub, fully clothed. Woke up the next day when Iris turned the shower head on.
  • Ignis: pretty average drunk story. Giggly. Said some embarrassing things. Apologized a lot for no reason. Woke up with the worst hangover and almost threw up in the shower.
  • Noctis: puked his guts out
  • Prompto: saw Noct puking and started sympathy puking
  • Ravus: Got PISSED OFF really fast. Started an argument with his drinking buddy, but was too drunk to actually do anything about it. Fell asleep sitting up. Embarrassing.
  • Luna: Even gigglier than Ignis. Flirty. Laid down on the middle of the floor. Ravus had to pick her up and carry her and she kept laughing at him the whole time. EXTREMELY cranky the next morning. ESPECIALLY towards Ravus.

Figured it was about time I made a post with all my shit in one place :)

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no I won’t be afraid

just as long as you stand

stand by me 



After almost a year without any doodles for my FFXV x KH crossover AU… here is some Grade A Stupid…

…(Part 1 of 2!)


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guess who started. ffxiv

in case ure confused. the regalia is a mount in FFXIV