igneous text

Ok, I’ve got to toot my own metaphorical horn:

Today I finally submitted my fully complete and approved PhD thesis (geology - VGP)!  I am the orogeny!  I am the hot-rock doctor!  I am the lava that scorches the Earth!  Hail to my esoteric skillset!!

I’m particularly extra-chuffed about this bc:
> This was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.
> I’m notably younger than all my peers.
> It took 1 semester less than my adviser planned for.
> Since my undergrad wasn’t in geo or enviro I was considered a total gamble and likely risk for failure when I was first accepted (and the faculty who voted against my acceptance made sure I knew).
> I’m the first in my family to pursue graduate education!
> My field area was obscenely remote, so I got to fucking name a volcano!!!
> Nearly dropped out ~ 3,790 times (mostly due to S.A.D. and/or burnout)
> After 4.5 years, finally get to move the hell out of the midwest and back to my beloved mountains of the western US!
> I’ve contributed brand-spanking-new knowledge to the human race and if that isn’t top-tits, then I don’t know what is.

This may be the first time in my life where I’m 100% sure my 5-year-old self would think I’m cool.  It’s an amazing experience.


i had some free time this weekend so i decided to re-design my gemsonas cause there previous designs were TERRIBLE. Have sum info abt my kids 


Previously a pink diamond gem, Igneous was made on earth after the discovery of volcanoes as near perfect for gem making. Volcanoes were used to mass produce Igneous, large warrior gems that are very brutish, having little capacity for emotion that isnt anger or the need for victory. (Smal side note: all igneous have large hands w long fingers) Igneous was the result of a Volcano that was over-used and therefore she came out weaker and smaller than the other Igneous, focusing more on the strategy and art of combat instead of the fighting itself. This made her the target for cruelty and malice from the other Igneous, and as soon as the gem war started, she took it as an opportunity to defect and join the rebel cause.  


Seraphinite are rare, weak, and obedient, preferring to run (or fly) from violent encounters. They are similar to pearls in that they are made to stand around and look pretty, although their most prominent feature is their ability to create illusions. They are master manipulators and are used to handle negotiations and in war times, interrogation. She was under yellow diamond, high in ranking and very proud of her abilities. Although there were those that were jealous, and falsely accused her of passing on information to the rebels, and was arrested for treason. After this, she was moved to a diamond outpost on earth where she was tortured for information about the rebels in a soundproof room that disabled her abilities and rendered her in a state of constant pain. Although being in this room is what saved her from corruption, and she spent months in the room until she was found by a rebel scouting mission led by Igneous. After being saved by the rebels, she was extremely volatile and unstable; becoming so dangerous that the rebels wished to bubble her and leave her be. Igneous refused to let Seraphinite be abandoned, and compromised to leave the rebels together in search of another home.