The Experts by Sophie Franz @sophiefranz (nominated by outstanding minicomic) @bigplanetcomics

A horror story with tons of atmosphere and touches of sardonic humor about 3 “experts” in a remote scientific facility, gradually losing touch with their mission and, perhaps, with reality.

For fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing, Olivier Schrauwen, Sweet Tooth

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Wow, Maps to the Suns, my basketball minicomic from last year got nominated for an Ignatz Award in the Outstanding Minicomic category!

This is the first comic award I’ve been nominated for and its so exciting to be up there with the rest of the nominees, especially my amazing friend @octopuspiecomic​!

I only printed a small run of this comic so its now online to download (free/pay what you want) and read!

PS: Maps to the Suns, while a standalone comic, is also a prologue to a longer graphic novel currently in the works ;-)

As English language readers await Michael DeForge’s A Body Beneath, which collects issues 2-5 of his multi-award winning one-person anthology series Lose, French language readers also have a Lose collection to look forward to! Featuring a stunning new cover, Lose is set to be published by the wonderful Swiss-based publisher Les Éditions Atrabile. Look for both collections in 2014!

Read all about the French edition at Les Éditions Atrabile’s site here!



Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam by Simon Hanselmann (nominated for outstanding story and outstanding series) @girlmountain @fantagraphics

Simon Hanselmann’s Megg and Mogg is a low-key stoner comedy, frequently hilarious, often tragic and always poignantly insightful about the inertia and malaise of its self-destructive principals.  When Megg and Mogg travel to Amsterdam (followed by the uptight and unwelcome Owl), their relationship starts to deteriorate in this New York Times bestselling collection of brilliant stories (originally serialized on Vice).

For fans of Boy’s Club, Ernie Pook’s Comeek, Blobby Boys, Octopus Pie, Girls, Broad City, Trailer Park Boys

Check out our interview with Simon Hanselmann

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How about THAT! I’m very excited about this! The Ignatz awards are maybe the most significant in independent or small-press comics, and I am in really excellent company. I will be at SPX in Bethesda this year (table W33!) where the winners will be announced!

Some other work that’s been nominated that I love:

Sam Bosma’s Fantasy Basketball! The Qu33r anthology! This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki! A story from Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran! Cathy G. Johnson’s entire ouevre! House of Women by Sophie Goldstein! aaaaaa!!!!

Thank you to the jury for making such excellent choices and including my work among them.



Congratulations to all the Fantagraphics artists nominated for this year’s Ignatz Awards at SPX!

Outstanding Artist
Ed Luce, “Wuvable Oaf”
Noah Van Sciver, “Saint Cole”

Outstanding Anthology or Collection
“How To Be Happy,” by Eleanor Davis

Outstanding Graphic Novel
“Saint Cole,” by Noah Van Sciver

Outstanding Story
“Doctors,” by Dash Shaw
“Nature Lessons,” by Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger (from The Late Child and Other Animals)

My debut novella (In A Sense) Lost & Found will soon be published in Italian by Bao, so here’s a new cover I designed for them. It will have frenchflap wardrobes, and a dog!

Which gives me an opportunity to remind you that it’s been nominated for Ignatz Award. I won’t be at SPX myself, but I will be there as an entry in the Outstanding Artist category, an entry that you should tick.

To further whore it out, my publisher suggested sharing the translation notes I’d put together, as they provide reference for most of the puns and allusions in the book. Read them HERE!

And if that’s not enough, here are three things I swear to do if I get the award:

  1. Liberate all your inhibitions.
  1. Put you in charge of this country.
  1. Turn empathy into bitcoins.

Spoiler alert: None of this will happen and everything will be forever terrible because of you and what you did on that fateful weekend. Good night.


If you’re going to be at SPX this year and want to catch up on your Ignatz reading, you can read the whole dang comic for free right here!  It’s a story about queer/trans teens, Christian youth camp, and trekking up a whooooole lotta mountains.  If that’s your kinda thing, you can vote for it in the “Outstanding Comic” category!

Thanks for all your support everyone!  I’m incredibly honored to be included in this year’s all-around-excellent roster of nominees.

A Small Revolution nominated at the 2016 SPX Ignatz Awards (wowza)

In the Outstanding Online Comic category!

It’s an honour to be there with all those crazy talented comic artists and cartoonists! It’s the first time my comic work is recognized outside of Quebec/Canada, and it means a whole lot to me because it shows translating it from French to English was worth it, and finding a publisher for an eventual book version is worth it, too.

Congratulations to all the other nominees! Comics are awesome!

(You can read A Small Revolution right here, right now.)


The 2013 Ignatz Award nominees have been announced!

Michael DeForge has three nominations, with his work in Lose #4 (9780987963000 | September 2012 | $8.00 | Trade Paper) garnering him an Outstanding Artist nod. His second nomination goes to the Lose series itself, which is nominated for Outstanding Series. DeForge’s third nomination is for his superb smorgasbord of the strange Very Casual (9780987963079 | May 2013 | $15.00 | Trade Paper), which is nominated for Outstanding Anthology or Collection.

Nathan Bulmer, the comical cartoonist behind the hilarious Eat More Bikes (9780987963048 | November 2012 | $10.00 | saddle-stitched), has been nominated for Promising New Talent.

The Ignatz Award is named after the character in George Herriman’s classic Krazy Kat comic strip, and has been nominated each year at the Small Press Expo (SPX) since 1997.

Check out the rest of the well-deserved nominations here!



Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran (nominated for outstanding webcomic) @octopuspiecomic

Meredith Gran has published more than 900 strips of her ongoing webcomic about the acerbic Eve Ning and her slacker roommate Hanna Thompson, garnering a large, devoted following and critical acclaim.  Four volumes of Octopus pie have been collected so far by Image Comics.

For fans of Broad City, Girls, Louie, Peter Bagge’s Hate

The winners of the 2016 Ignatz Awards will be announced next month at @spx

Check out other Ignatz nominees on comiXology


Did you know… RAV 1ST COLLECTION by Mickey Zacchilli was nominated for an Ignatz Award in the category of “BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL” >>>!

The Ignatz Awards is the festival prize of the Small Press Expo, recognizing outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning. The ballots for the Ignatz Awards are cast in-person by the attendees of SPX, in two weeks on September 19-20th. 

In celebration of RAV’s nomination, we have two exciting announcements:

If you’ve been waiting… now is the time to check out RAV 1ST COLLECTION, and follow Juice, Sally, The Snake Prince, a mystery cat, and other bizarre friends as they navigate an esoteric whirlwind of dorks, punks, passive-aggression, kisses, weird basements, and bad breakfast spots.

“No book released in 2014 carried the same gut-punch mixture of adrenaline-fueled action and surreal comedy as Mickey Zacchilli’s RAV.
- Tim O'Neill, The AV Club’s Best Comics of 2014 list


A few pages of thesis project art from @centerforcartoonstudies @spx Double IGNATZ winner @tilliewalden

Tillie won IGNATZ awards for: Outstanding Artist" and “Promising Nee Talent” for I Love This Part Tillie graduated from @centerforcartoonstudies this past May! Congratulations Tillie and to all the IGNATZ nominees and winners! @spx @averyhillpublishing @firstsecondbooks


My Fifth Element print, bird print, and SEED poster are all now available in my online store! Free shipping worldwide through sunday!!

The Fifth Element artbook is now also available for ordering.

Many thanks to everyone who came by at SPX! I had a blast talking to you all and I’m sad that it’s over! It’s a truly inspiring show, and I’m so, so proud of Sam for winning an Ignatz award this year. I’ll be putting my remaining Anime Boyfriends zines up for sale online in the next few weeks, and I’m hopeful that I’ll have a ~new~ zine/comic for next year! ☆


Congratulations to all of this year’s Ignatz Award Nominees!  Check these titles out on comiXology:

The winners will be announced at SPX this year.  Hope to see you there!