ignacio ruiz

Gray x Juvia Underwear ?

Thanks to twitter user José Ignacio Ruiz for pointing this out. Gray is TOTALLY wearing boxer briefs with a “G x J” on the waistband in the new chapter. *0*

Closer view:

And here’s his boxers from the flashback during the Avatar arc:

No “GxJ” there.

Or here:

I’m usually really skeptical about stuff like this. But come on, look at it! It doesn’t look like buttons or string, or some other normal thing you’d find on underwear. Those are letters lol!

New headcanon: Juvia sewed her OTP into the waistband of Gray’s underwear. Gray x Juvia forever lol! But in reality, Mashima put it on there, because he’s a sneaky sneaky haha. ^-^