“Mom, don’t freak out….when I wake up it’s blurry. I need glasses. I’ll just use yours til I get mine.” I almost do freak out thinking she’s using my ‘cheaters’ turn to her and see this. #igmama #igmom #dragontheeldest

Proud Mama moment. When Isla was about to start JK I was sooo nervous. She could sing her ABCs but to recognize them? Well that was another story. Halfway through JK and she writes like a mad man. She wrote this without any help at all. (If you can’t quite decipher it, it says “Do you like music.” ) she sounded it out, and only had one spelling mistake. Props to Mrs. Massey for being such a rock star. Buh, she needs to stop growing. #igmom #igmama #momof2

For anyone ever wondering why I don’t refer to them as Sprites anymore, but Dragons instead? Because of days like today. I swear they woke up with a blood lust for one another. A gentlemen in the grocery mart said something about them being “such girls” to which my mom replied “Oh don’t let them fool you, they act more like boys most of the time.” She is of course talking about the mornings when they wake up fighting over who farted on who, days like today where body slamming seems better to them than a hug, and lord….loads more. But then night falls and these little beasties need to be huddled in together. Usually they have their feet tangled and I’ve been catching them holding hands. Only to wake up to the next battle. #momlife #igmama

Soo my Internet was down for pqrt of the day and data didnt seem to want to connect either. So….I cleaned like a mad man, studied and watched “Incredibles” with one of my favourite little people and played “I Spy”. Sometimes with so much technology and especially because my job is so social media heavy….it’s nice tl be able to come up for fresh air. #igmama #igmom #sprites #disney #pixar #incredibles