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After reading that, now I need ALL the headcanons regarding Boruto and the Yamanaka family. Babysitter Sai making tiny Boruto laugh by bringing his art to life, childhood friends Boruto and Inojin, Ino sometimes letting Boruto help out with flowers, cause you know Boruto picked up his dad's gardening habit.


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● To kick this off, I have the firm belief that during Ino’s pregnancy, the main people the Yamanakas went to were Naruto and Hinata. Seeing that it’s canon, Sakura was gone until she sometime after she gave birth to Sarada, this was the period that Ino became especially to Hinata and Sai coming to Naruto for advice– sometimes books aren’t enough, real advice coming from real experience is so much more helpful.

● Please picture the four of them discussing tips and secrets over breakfast, and at one point Hinata asks Sai if he wants to give baby Boruto his bottle.


“Shh, I trust you. Now angle your arm like this and take the bottle– you’re a natural!”

“….*whispers* Thank god this child is not as fussy as his father”


● SO MANY BABY PICTURES OF BORUTO AND INOJIN. Dressed in silly onesies ; 3 ; Lil’ Jin in a piglet onesie and Boruto dressed like a small lion.

● Sai, since I headcanon him as more of a stay at home father, would readily be available to be a babysitter for Boruto and would come over the Uzumaki residence for Inojin’s play dates.

● For the short while, the Uzumakis and Yamanakas have dinner together (happened every now and again)! Meals usually prepared by Sai and Hinata.


● Boruto and Inojin are forever the “Terrible Blond Duo” in my heart. Inojin is the deceiver and Boruto is the one who comes up with the plan. Also they’re the dork kids who’d probably think they could get away “Let’s both put on a coat and pretend we’re an adult, okay?” (But never get that far because they’d argue who should be the legs and who gets to wear the cool hat + mustache)

● Okay but hear me out– Ino gave the suggestion for the name “Himawari”! And you bet she’d teared up when she was told how Hima got her name.

● Sai makes the casual joke, after seeing noticing Hima curling up next to Inojin after her, Inojin and Boruto tuckered themselves out from playing so much, about how nice it would be in-laws with Naruto. Naruto chokes on his tea and Hinata & Ino giggled, playing along just to tease Naruto (who looks more and more distressed every second passed). “DONT JOKE ABOUT THAT KIND OF THING.”.

● While Naruto is the dad-est of dads, nobody can beat Sai’s stories. After all, he has a leg up with the fact he brings his drawings to life. Boruto and Hima are always begging for stories, and Inojin is always a little prideful over his papa.

● Also lemme mention Dad Wars between Sai and Naruto. Just imagine. Both having a cook out to see who can make the best food, since I bet Naruto is the type to host get together with friends and family. Who can make the best Igloos. ALL THE DAD JOKES.

● One time Sai clunk out during nap with the kids. Boruto and Inojin got up before him, and taking the markers they were using before to color some pictures, doodle all over his face. Hinata tries to hold her giggles in because when she comes by later, all the marker smeared and still kinda shows despite all the face washing he done. Bonus points if the kids got bored and started doodling on themselves as well. Boruto looking proud sporting blues and purples, and Inojin is just covered in red.

Now, if you’re a trans person or a Muslim or someone else who feels legitimately threatened by America’s shifting political climate, or if you’re terrified about the prospect of losing lifesaving health coverage, you’ll find that Canada is a welcoming country. Our government’s Twitter page even trolled America with a reminder of that on election night.

But for everyone else – and I really apologize for how harsh this is going to be – Canada is not your fucking safety school. If you drive across the border, there will not be a career magically waiting for you in the middle of an economic downturn. If you’re a middle-class white guy and your first instinct is to abandon your country when you experience a setback, I’m not sure how you expect to ace a job interview here. “I was sad about my country so I decided to fall back on yours” is not a good answer to “What attracted you to this position?”

I spent a lot of time on social media during election night, because it was a great excuse to not work, and two things stuck out to me. I saw lots of Americans asking themselves how they could have gotten so out of touch with the world, and then several of my American friends with a history of making exhaustingly cliched maple syrup and igloo jokes asked me how my government worked. Because up until then, they had no clue and no interest. That’s not an approach to life that helps you settle down in a new country – it’s the approach that got you into trouble in the country you’re in now.

What Canada Thinks Of You Threatening To Move There

Radio Host: Yo Iggy, gimme a freestyle



Iggy: Lets gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song. Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song. And if you don’t think that we can sing it faster then you’re wrong, but it’ll help if you just sing along