i have a lot of fun drawing the Walking Dead characters and feel I can be a little more loose with my style drawing them and the background. Of course, @igloinor’s colors just make everything look 20 times better. Negan was interesting to draw because I really despise him and found it tougher to like drawing him than the others, lol!

© Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore

My last panel art! Here is the bratty Robin, Damian Wayne.
I had a blast doing these and I have some original character commissions to do in this style, but for now, this is the end of them. I’m back to focusing on my own characters and stories. Thanks to all for the continually likes and support and especially Ihor Loboda igloinor for coloring this one so perfectly and all the many others he’s done for me. Bravo, Ihor. Ukrainian Power Activate!

Robin © DC Comics

The Queen Mother of the Zombie Apocalypse and my favorite character from the TV version of Walking Dead - Carol! I really love how developed and empowered they made this character and Melissa McBride brings so much to the role. She’s amazing. Of course, I’m worried for her in the season 6 finale. Female characters on Walking Dead don’t fair very well once their character’s personalities do a 180, which Carol’s has recently. She’s also the only remaining female character who has been there since season 1.
I tried to incorporate a lot of elements on this picture (cookies, gun, Lizzie’s flowers, lol) and @igloinor kicked butt on the amazing colors here (like I had any doubt he’d do anything differently, lol).

Carol Peletier and walking Dead ©  Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard