In honor of Black History month, I wanted to finish my panel print of Cyborg from DC Comics’ Justice League (and New Teen Titans) fame. Cyborg is one of the most recognizable characters in the DC universe and was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez when they relaunched Teen Titans in the 1980s. Almost immediately, he was loved by fans and it was great to see him brought to the mainstream public in the Super Friends cartoon in the 80s and then recently (to an even greater height!) in the Teen Titans cartoon. When DC Comics relaunched their entire comic line, they changed things a bit and made Cyborg a founding member of the Justice League (and negated his Teen Titans history). All of this built to the announcement that Cyborg would be featured in the Superman Vs Batman movie, as well as the Justice League movie to follow and then…his own film! Loving this character since he was first created, you can tell I’m happy to see him being spotlighted so much! (though I have to say, he is a tough character to DRAW!!! I hope I did Perez proud here!) Huge thanks to Ihor Loboda for the amazing colors!!! 

Lines by me.

Colors by Ihor Loboda

Cyborg (c) DC Comics

It’s almost the end of February, but it’s still Black History month and I wanted to honor it by doing some more diverse characters for my Panel Prints.  Black Panther is one of Marvel’s classic characters and has a unique background and history. I’m really excited to see him appear in the Captain America: Civil War movie! And I hope he’ll make an appearance in Avengers 2! I think it’s pretty likely he’ll show up in some form in there because of locations they mentioned for the film and some of the character setups they’ve been doing lean toward his appearance for Avengers 2. I also hope it really builds toward his own solo movie that they have planned and he becomes the next great character in the Marvel movie universe! Black Panther will really surprise movie goers if they do his story right! Is there a Marvel movie I’m not looking forward to? lol. I tried to draw him here with a different, yet strong type of pose that I haven’t given to other male characters. It was a bit tougher with him because his face is covered and you can’t really express his emotions. But I think the pose was really enhanced by the amazing colors by Ihor Loboda! Ihor really added a lot of depth to this piece. I love what he did with the sky and leaves!
Black Panther (c) Marvel Comics

I just finished inking this picture this morning and already, Ihor Loboda has colored it! The man is a machine and makes my lineart come to life with his colors. Thank you, Ihor!
I really wanted to give the new Ms. Marvel a unique look and not the typical superheroine face. It’s how she is portrayed in her comic and it’s an important part of what makes her such a great character.
For anyone who has not checked out the new Ms. Marvel book, it’s a terrific read and spotlights a Muslim character like I’ve never seen before.

Line art by me

Colors by Ihor Loboda

Ms. Marvel (c) Marvel Comics