{ She’d arrived a bit
early. Then again,
everywhere she went
she arrived a bit early. }

     { Besides, she’d figured
      that early was good.
      It showed attentiveness,
      eagerness, willingness,
      and interest. At least,
      that was her take on it. }

{ But her thoughts
were suddenly interrupted
by a soft tap on
her window. She smiled,
and reached toward the
passenger seat to
open the door for him. }

        “I hope you remembered
        to bring your books.”

wolves & sheep (chapter 5) / a werewolf!au

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chapter 4 

don’t turn your backs to the monsters of the night 

“What the fuck are we going to do?”
 “Oh, so now you acknowledge me as an alpha? When you don’t want responsibility?”
“Yes, Calum. I would make a bomb ass alpha, but let’s be real here, who would want my lazy ass as their alpha?”
“Okay, so what the fuck are we gonna do with Little Red Riding Hood now that’s she passed out on our couch?” 

 After Valerie had collapsed, Luke gingerly carried her back to Mali’s place, the rest of the pack conversing quietly behind him.
 What did she mean?
 What lamb?
 Is it a prophecy?
 What the fuck is this chick?

 The lamb who is slain by the wolf will be worthy. Calum had been mulling over those words for hours now, staring at Valerie, who was trembling in her sleep, even after Calum had placed a thick blanket over her small form.
 She looked young in sleep, the glow in her eyes during her waking hours often made Calum forget that she was only a girl his age. Calum had untied her red cape from her neck when Luke laid her down on the couch, exposing smooth, golden shoulders, the red of her cape making his stomach queasy.

 “I don’t think Little Red understands what’s going on,” Ashton supplies, Calum’s eyes narrowing at the nickname.
 “Why do you think so?” Mali asks, sipping at her coffee as the pack is gathered around the dining table. Ashton shrugs and begins to speak, the rest of the group listening intently.
 “Well, she wasn’t aware her eyes glowed for a bit, and Luke said she didn’t seem aware of the fact she was drawing something whilst talking to Michael.” Ashton shrugged, Calum mulling over his subordinate’s words. “And in the clearing, she was muttering shit about wolves and sheep like some lunatic. Her eyes were glowing when she said that weird phrase. I don’t think she understands what’s happening to her.”
 “What is happening to her, though?” Luke asks, all eyes shooting to the broad boy at the end of the table. “If she was like us, something like that run-in with the kid wolf would have triggered her first shift. We’re the only supernatural creatures we’ve encountered, so far.” Luke’s words sent chills down Calum’s spine. “Do you think there could be more out there?”

 Luke’s words were carefully selected as they came out of his mouth, and they were obviously effective as a silence had fallen over the puzzled pack.  
 He was right. Werewolves.  They had never run into anything that would resemble vampires, or witches, or ghosts. Up until the appearance of this girl, they thought they were alone.

 Ashton and Mali had immediately taken to patrolling their home boundaries, pacing in the forest that surrounded their houses and schools in the night, fearful of what other creatures could be lurking about in the darkness. After months of patrolling, and only scaring off cougars and bears, the two had figured they were alone, easing up on patrols until Calum shifted.  

 Luke’s constant open-mindedness was an asset to situations like this, and reminded Calum that each member of the pack had their place.
 “There are only a few other shifters out there,” Mali says. “And we know all of them by name. They only appeared after me and Ashton, and when we have our meetings there are never reports of other creatures that seem too strange to be supernatural.”

 Shifters was the word Mali and Ashton often used. They refused to call themselves werewolves, protesting that their existence would not be dumbed down to some stupid, horny teenage fantasy.

 Mali’s words were also correct. There was only one other small pack besides Calum’s. They lived in Seattle, which wasn’t a far run from Vancouver on paws. The two packs would meet once in awhile and hang out, talking about what they learned, or simply about nothing. The two packs were similar in size and age, Calum’s pack housing four, the other housing three. Their existences were learning curves, and once they had learned of each other’s existence, they immediately took to meeting up, exchanging observations and assuring one another that they would be okay.

 It was nice to remember that other people shared your burden, as much as they didn’t want to.  

 Since then, there was only one other pesky shifter in British Columbia, the gray wolf that ran Valerie onto Calum’s boundaries the first time Calum had encountered her. As annoying as he was, Calum and the pack knew he was harmless. He was some kid, no older than thirteen from a few cities over who liked to trot from place to place, Calum’s boundaries being one of his popular spots. Mali had offered to let him join the pack, who was only made up of Calum and Ashton at the time. Her only reply was a scoff, the young boy stating that he didn’t need anyone to help him. The pack had figured that the kid had some issues at home, Mali shrugging at letting the kid be, so long as he didn’t harm humans.
 However, with his repeated appearances, he was fast becoming an annoyance, the pack smelling his scent and mistaking it for a new shifter, bounding away to the forests, only to the find the small, gray wolf prancing about the meadow again.
 The day he had chased Valerie onto the pack’s territory was his first time interacting with a human in his animal-form. Calum had sent Ashton and Luke after the boy, his concerns rising as he began to involve humans. The pack hadn’t seen the boy since, and Calum could only watch the news in hopes that the kid wouldn’t keep baiting humans. Who knows what the world would do when they discovered werewolves.

 "Werewolves,“ Calum muttered. "What the fuck else could possibly be out there.”

 The pack was silent, digesting Calum’s words, before a single, breathy word, startled the group sitting around the table.


 Calum whirled around, the rest of the pack stiffening as they heard the smallest whisper escape the girl laying on their couch, the sound impossible to have heard through human ears.
 Calum stalks quietly to the couch, the pack watching with wide eyes.

 As Calum steps over to the couch, he can see Valerie’s eyes shut gently, feigning sleep, her rapid heartbeat betraying her otherwise convincing impression of sleep. Calum pulls away the blanket gruffly, Valerie sitting up with a gasp, her eyes immediately shifting to the ground, avoiding Calum’s gaze pointedly.
 With an annoyed sigh, Calum crouches down to Valerie’s eye level. her head moving to avoid Calum’s eyes again.

 “Look at me,” Calum rolls his eyes when Valerie’s jaw clenches, a miniscule shake of her head the only response he receives.
 “I’m not gonna hurt you, so can you just look at me?” Calum sighs, attempting to play nice. Valerie shakes her head again, strands of thick, black hair falling in front of her face like a shield.
 “Okay,” Calum was done trying to play nice, his annoyance bubbling over as he grabs Valerie’s chin firmly enough to direct his face towards her, but not rough enough to bruise her skin.
 Valerie struggled out of his grasp, clawing Calum’s fingers away with a yelp, panicking when she realizes that there’s no way out.
 “Don’t look at me,” she settles for pleading, her bottom lip trembling as her eyes shoot downwards, Calum seeing them shine with the threat of tears.
 “There’s nothing wrong with you,” Ashton says softly, crouching down next to Calum, eyes pleading with him to release her chin. Calum eventually does, realizing that force would be useless if she ended up crying and becoming too upset.
 Valerie scoffs, her fingers nimbly pulling up the blanket over her shoulders.
 “I’m a freak,” she mutters, her eyes downcast and hands clenched tightly in fists.
 “No you’re not,” Ashton argues quietly, hand coming to rest on Valerie’s knee comfortingly, her form instantly shying away from him. “You’re not a freak.”

 “Then what am I?” she challenges, her eyes finally lifting up past the floor to stare at Ashton in defiance, eyes glowing without the need of Calum’s gaze. “Do you know what I am?” she asks, her eyes almost desperate, searching for an answer, and Calum can remember when he didn’t understand what he was too.

 The feeling of not knowing what the fuck he was turning into still haunted him, and the doubt in his mind, the not knowing of what would become of him the next day, was a burden the whole pack shared.
 “Am I like you?” Valerie asks, eyes shifting between Calum and Ashton, eyes wide, waiting for an answer.
 Ashton and Calum exchange a glance, both unsure of what exactly to tell the strange girl sat on their couch.
 “We don’t know what you are.” Calum says carefully, Valerie’s eyes falling in disappointment.
 “Then what the fuck am I?” she whispers, hands beginning to tremble as more tears streamed down her cheeks.

 Against his better judgement, and triggered by an urge he just couldn’t explain, Calum’s hands reached out to cover Valerie’s trembling fingers, his thumb dragging across her knuckles soothingly. Valerie’s erratic heartbeat slowed to a steady rhythm, the beats of her heart in time with the movements of Calum’s thumb.

 “What’s happening to me?” Valerie whispers, her eyes shifting up, still glowing that piercing shade, the tears escaping her eyes tracking down her cheeks like molten gold.
 “We don’t know,” Ashton starts. “But you’re not alone.” he says firmly, offering Valerie a sympathetic smile, Ashton seeing a little bit of himself in the young, confused, innocent little girl who was roped into their world by who knows what.
 “How did it start?” Calum asks, eyes dark, the rest of the pack filing into the living room, filling in the empty seats and effectively raising the room’s temperature with their high body heat.
 “I don’t know,” Valerie shrugs. “I just remember my older brother visiting my apartment, and,” Valerie pauses, her eyebrows scrunching together, searching for the right way to piece together her words. “I just remember him saying something, I don’t remember what he said anymore, but I just remember being so angry.” Valerie shudders, Calum watching every tremor hit her body, his eyes able to see every hair on her shoulder raise. “I just got so mad, and I stormed to the bathroom and I looked up, and my eyes were glowing.” Valerie finishes, picking at her cuticles with her nails.

 The pack exchanged glances.

 They didn’t know much, but they knew that the shift was triggered by high emotions. The pack didn’t know if some sort of gene was passed down through the shifters, the other pack just as unknowledgable as themselves.
 The pack didn’t know much, but they knew that Valerie was not a shifter like them. Valerie’s existence opened the door to the possible existence of other supernatural creatures, and Calum wasn’t sure if he was ready to face vampires, or zombies, or God forbid, elves. Calum was content with just his pack; Luke and Michael, who had to sneak out of their homes at the earliest hours of the morning just to patrol, Ashton, who may as well move into their own home, and Mali and himself, who had stuck together through their parents’ death, through their shifts, through everything.
 His ragtag team of fucking weird as hell shapeshifting boys and a sister who would explode into a horse-sized wolf at the smallest jab at her hair, was the biggest thing that Calum had gained from the shift.
 He would never make it to college, not with the need for fresh air that would loom over his head in the middle of a three-hour lecture. He would never be able to even try to reach his dream of being a soccer player, or a musician, not with the burden of such a secret weighing his shoulders down, dragging his feet with every painful step.

 Calum thought it was tragic, unfair, really. None of his friends’ dreams would make it off his backyard. Luke’s ambition of becoming a teacher was only a what if now, Michael’s burning dream of being the guitarist of the biggest rock band in the world would never be touched. Ashton’s own dream, a mixture of Luke and Michael’s, of being a music teacher, would remain in his dreams. Mali’s excruciating effort in school was all but a waste now, the “A’s” she’d once worked so hard for, meaningless in this life that she was thrust into without permission.

 The pack was here to stay, whether they liked it or not. The burden of a secret would always be a bigger drag than the lost dreams their younger selves had.

 The pack’s dreams would remain dreams, and their lives would be forever haunted by thoughts of “what-if?” and “where would I be now?”.

 “We don’t know what you are, Valerie,” Luke’s soothing and sympathetic voice jolted Calum out of his cryptic thoughts. “But we just want you to know that you’re not alone in this.”
 The pack nodded in agreement, Mali watching with narrowed eyes, seemingly still unsure of what to make of the situation.

 None of this is her fault, Mali. Calum thinks, Mali’s eyes shooting to her brother immediately.
 We don’t know for sure, Cal. Mali’s voice is serious, concerned, and Calum immediately knows that her behaviour is out of concern for the pack. She could be dangerous. She could bring shit into the pack that she doesn’t even know of. I’m not saying I’m thinking of abandoning her, but I’m saying that I’m playing best friends with her yet. If we don’t know what she is, how are we supposed to help her? Or even know what to expect?

 “You guys don’t have to help me,” Valerie pipes up quietly, as if she could hear Calum and Mali’s conversation as clearly as they did. “You guys may be,” Valerie pauses. “Werewolves,” the word is forced out of Valerie’s chapped, bitten raw lips, as if uttering the word aloud would convince her that they truly existed. “But you’re not obligated to help me.”

 Valerie’s words hung in the air for a few tense moments, before Michael’s scoff interrupted the silence.
 “Of course we’re gonna help you.” Michael’s eyes were indignant, bordering on the line of offended, as if the very thought of leaving the girl sitting on the couch to fend for herself was sickening. “What do you think we are? We’re not heartless animals!” Michael’s voice began to rise, his pale green eyes darkening, hands clenched into fists at his side, shaking as he fought the beast inside of him whose claws were ripping at Michael’s skin on the inside, fighting to be released.

 Calm down, Calum thought, a deep growl from his beta his only response, Valerie’s heartbeat quickening in pace again.
 “Calm down!” Calum resorted to shouting, shooting up to his feet, pushing the shaking boy out the front door quickly. He could faintly hear Luke ushering Valerie into the kitchen, and Ashton’s footsteps pounding out the front door, followed by Mali’s own.
 Michael’s form was shaking violently, his eyes filled with fury, flashing from pale green to a dark, murky shade. The pale boy was fighting with the beast inside of him, his quick temper proving to be a disadvantage to scenarios such as these.
 “Mikey,” Calum grasped his friend’s shoulder, watching his eyes fight to regain control, shaking him slightly, as if it were going to aid the war raging inside of him. “Control yourself, it’s okay, there’s nothing to be angry over,” Calum started, his voice low, trying to soothe the animal inside of his friend.
 “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Michael’s body shook in tremors, his voice a deep, animalistic growl, and Calum knew it would only be a matter of seconds before he would explode.

 Growling in annoyance, Calum immediately shifted, Michael’s own body exploding into a mess of fur and claws.

 Michael’s muddy red body shook, claws digging into the forest floor, deep growls escaping his throat.

 Mikey. At the sound of his alpha’s voice, Michael whipped around, his pale eyes as murky as tainted lake water, hackles raised, lips pulled back in a snarl.
 Fucking calm down, there’s literally nothing to be angry about! Calum advanced towards his beta, growling lowly, eyes dark with dominance.
 Oh shut the fuck up, don’t try and get all big bad wolf on me! Michael’s bark was filled with heated annoyance, and Calum could practically see the irritated scowl on his beta’s face.
 Well maybe if you fucking listened to me, I wouldn’t have to get all big bad fucking wolf! Calum’s annoyance was growing quickly, and it showed in his behaviour. Calum’s claws were now dug into the floor, moss sticking to the sharp tips of them.
 Maybe if you didn’t get like this every time I say one fucking thing, I wouldn’t be like this, did you ever think of that, big bad alpha!? Michael’s threatening bark set Calum off immediately, his irritation soaring like the wings of an eagle.
 Calum immediately lunges for Michael’s ear, his teeth clamping down on empty air. Michael’s body dodged backwards and surged forwards rapidly, his teeth meeting the fur of Calum’s tail, biting down harshly, Calum emitting a yip of pain.
 Calum could practically feel the mirth flowing from Michael’s body, growing livid and shaking in anger.

 HEY FUCKER. Calum’s claws reached for Michael’s pelt, and once they met the hairs of his body, the sharp claws grazed his torso, drawing small beads of blood and a yelp of pain.
 THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR? The disbelief in Michael’s was evident, and Calum scoffed in his mind.
 Oh shut the fuck up, you know what that was for.

 Michael glowered at his alpha’s words, knowing he deserved the blood that stained his pelt.

 Calm’s haunches were still raised, eyes dark and watching his beta, waiting for another jab at his body, relaxing when Michael’s body slumped to the ground in a heap of fur, eyes filled with reluctant defeat.

 Geez, you need to get that temper of yours under control. Calum slumped down next to him, his large nose invaded by the metallic scent of blood.
 Yeah, I know. Michael sighed, the tense exchange already behind them, the two giant wolves panting on the floor.
 I’m really trying. Michael admitted, his white-tipped tail, a sign of the fast approaching winter, tucking itself beside his body. I’ve been getting better. It’s still the small things that piss me off the most.

 Michael’s progress was truly a feat to be witnessed. After his first shift, even the presence of a spoon in the sink after he’d just washed the dishes would send tremors of pure violence down his spine, his mind screaming for blood.

 It’s okay. Calum shooed off his attempts at apology. Think of it this way: you don’t shit your pants everytime there’s a raisin in your chocolate chip cookies now!
 Michael released a chuff of air, his eyes shining with laughter and nostalgia, the murky water clearing.
 Those were the days. Michael’s limbs stretched out, much like a kitten, despite the fact that he was the polar opposite of a harmless baby cat.

 The two best friends stared up the stars for a few moments, before the front door swung open with a slam, revealing a wide-eyed Valerie and a haggard looking Luke.

 What the hell, Luke? I thought you said you were gonna keep her inside! Calum thought, eyes confusedly shifting between Valerie and Luke.
 “I’m sorry!” Luke says, heavy breaths escaping his lungs. “She put up quite a fight.”

 Valerie could only stare at the two demon wolves that were now sitting back on their haunches, eyes immediately lighting up in recognition when her gaze fell to Calum.

 “You,” she breathed, letting go of her tight grasp on the doorknob and clumsily making her way down the dirt path.
 Michael and Calum watched with wary eyes as Valerie inched closer and closer, the glint of wonder in her eyes beaming brighter and brighter as she was just in arms reach.
 “It was you the whole time,” she breathed.

 Calum felt unnerved at Valerie’s staring, her eyes seeming to pierce through the animal and peeling back every layer of his whole person until his soul was bared out for the world to see.
 He could feel the whole pack’s stares on the two of them, and that only added to the tense atmosphere.
 As Valerie continued to stare, Calum found that he was right, all those days ago.
 Valerie, who stood at an average five-foot-five-inches, was only a few inches smaller than him in his wolf-form. Warily, he watched Valerie’s hand twitch, and reach out to his muzzle, wondering if the tantalizing feeling would return to his body with her touch.

 Valerie’s nimble fingers touched the fur of his muzzle, sparks shooting from the place her fingers rested, sending the addicting feeling of calm down his spine. His eyes shut involuntarily, his head nuzzling into her willing hands automatically, as if her touch was created for his body. He was still aware of the pack’s stares, but he couldn’t bring himself to care when he felt this way.
 Calum couldn’t bring himself to pull away from Valerie’s touch even if he tried. Perhaps the beast inside of him craved the touch of a companion when it showed itself, or maybe it was lonely, and it was finally receiving the feelings it wanted.
 Calum couldn’t see Valerie’s grin , his eyes shut with pleasure, but the rest of the pack could see the exchange, Mali still unsure of how to feel on it.

 You’re not a puppy, Cal. His sister’s voice floated into his mind, trying to remind him that was an alpha, not a pet that children received for their birthdays.

 Calum knew very well that he was no puppy, and with Mali’s words, combined with the soft touch of Valerie, he realized what was happening to him.

 Mali, I’m so tired. Calum’s honest words struck a chord in the whole pack’s minds, their alpha never admitting that he was tired, not in his wolf-form, at least. She makes me feel relaxed in this form. I don’t know why, or how, but can I just rest?
 The whole pack was surprised, never hearing Calum so honest in this form, Mali even more so. She so often forgot that Calum was still only that scrawny little boy who asked to climb into her bed when he had nightmares. Her kid brother, was still a kid. The poor boy was thrust into a leader role he didn’t even truly agree to, into a life he surely never asked for, and she figured that he deserved something calm in this form.

 Calum could feel Mali’s presence in his mind slither away, the rest of the pack following, their gazes and bodies filing into the house, leaving their alpha and the strange, golden-eyed girl in their moment, alone.

 Calum slumped down onto the forest floor, his snout nudging Valerie’s hip, as if asking her to sit down with him. The girl followed, sitting cross-legged, Calum plopping his large head into her lap, uncharacteristically needy for touch.
 Valerie smiled at the giant, teenage wolf-boy’s head in her lap, her fingers eagerly scratching at his ears and forehead gently. Calum let out a content grunt, burrowing farther into her lap.

 Is this right? Calum thought. I don’t even really know this girl, and now I’m in her lap like some lap dog begging for a treat.
 His head began to swim with more and more thoughts, the beginnings of a headache starting, before Calum decided to think: Fuck it. I’ve literally never felt this good since I first shifted into a goddamn wolf. I deserve some peace and quiet.

 And so, with Calum’s last coherent thoughts, his eyes slipped shut, Valerie’s fingers still combing through his fur softly, he drifted off to a content, relaxed sleep.

 Calum awoke with a start, his body still resting on the forest floor, a thick blanket resting a feet away. He figured that he and Valerie fell asleep and someone placed a blanket over the two of them.
 Shooting up to his feet, shaking his pelt free of moss and dirt, his eyes searched for the small, bronze-skinned girl, eyes finding her standing figure near the tree-line.
 Calum’s jaws opened wide with a yawn, his paws carrying him towards Valerie quickly. As he approached her, he immediately noticed that she was still her dress, which provided her with no protection against the freezing night, yet she stood, staring at the tree-line with no evidence of feeling cold. As he bounded up next to her, realized that her eyes were shining gold again.

 But it was different this time.

 Her eyes looked so lifeless, as if a completely different person was inside of her body, no sign of the warm girl who offered her touch throughout the cold night. Calum’s nose reached out to her hand, nudging it over his snout, expecting the warm tingles to shoot through his body again, but only feeling icy fingers on his fur.

 Michael! He called out to his beta, the front door swinging open after a moment of silence to reveal a groggy Michael Clifford, when Valerie’s feet stepped forwards.
 Her body bumped straight into Calum’s nose, eyes still staring straight forward, shining the brightest gold he had ever seen on her. Calum watched as she brushed him aside, walking slowly, lifelessly into the forest.
 Michael galloped to Calum, his gaze shifting between his alpha, and the golden-eyed girl who ventured further and further into the forest.
 I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Calum says, eyes worriedly following the girl whose bare feet crunched through the forest.

 What happened? Michael asks, the rest of the pack’s presence returning to him as Luke swung open the front door, shifting into his tall, russet wolf as soon as he saw the two at the tree-line.
 I just woke up and she was standing and staring at the forest with a blank stare. Her eyes were glowing. Calum says, feeling the familiar brush of Mali’s fur next to him.
 Let’s follow this creepy chick then. Mali sighed, obviously annoyed that her sleep had been interrupted.

 The pack set off into the night, trotting to catch up with Valerie.

 Valerie’s small form was nowhere to be found, the pack following her scent to the clearing where they had found her just the previous night.
 The pack arrived at the clearing just in time to hear a blood-curdling scream escape Valerie, whose eyes had returned to the bright hazel they usually were. Her horrified eyes were trained on something in the tall grass, Calum immediately running into the tall grass, claws digging into the vegetation as his eyes found the horrific sight Valerie seemed to have found.

 Come see for yourselves. Calum whispered.

 A small, gray wolf, lying in the middle of the clearing. It’s throat ripped and bloody, eyes wide and tongue lolling out of its mouth. It’s blood stained the grass around it, the rest of the pack gasping as their eyes found the body of the only other shifter in their country.

 It was the young boy, the shifter who ran Valerie onto Calum’s territory. His body was mangled with deep claw marks, his throat hanging open and mauled viciously. The young boy, whose name had regretfully escaped the pack’s knowledge, was now dead.

 A bear? Michael asked quietly.

 The pack’s shocked silence seemed to haunt the clearing, birds flapping away to further trees, as if sensing the awful energy that surrounded the area.
 Valerie crouched down carefully, as to to not stain her knees with the young wolf’s blood. Her fingers grasped Calum’s paw and placed it over the long claw marks on the wolf’s torso.
 Calum’s claws extended, matching perfectly with the bloodied marks on the young wolf.

 The energy in the clearing seemed to trifold, the wind howling and jostling the tall, evergreen trees that surrounded the expanse of tall grass. Valerie pressed closer to Calum, whose body heat offered her some form of warmth against the wind.

 The pack was silent for another moment, digesting what their new discovery was, each of them afraid of what they knew was true. Valerie voiced out the thoughts that the pack was too shocked, (or perhaps scared) to admit.

 “There was another werewolf in your boundaries.” 


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