Artist: theworldismyoysterrr (tumblr) ❘ pearljamz (LJ)
Author: mooselikejensen (tumblr)dizbil (LJ) 

Fic Title: Blame it on your boss
Pairing(s): Thor/Loki
Rating: NC-17
Universe: AU (not raised as brothers)
Word Count: 27k
Warnings: None.
Summary: There’s a reason Loki never takes the subway, and of course, the first time he does, something bad is bound to happen. But he can not be late for his big day at work, Tony and Steve are not that comprehensive, and this tall blond guy is more than attractive. What’s that smell in the air? Troubles? Definitely troubles and there is only one person Loki can blame: Thor. His boss.

Link to art masterpost: LJ
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