*✧·˚. ☪ ・° And daddy made a soldier out of me
Larson and Floyd.
“Daddy made me dance And daddy held my hand Oh, oh, oh And daddy liked his whisky with his tea And we rode motorcycles Blackjack, classic vinyl Tough girl is what I had to be With his gun, with his head held high He told me not to cry Oh, my daddy said shoot Oh, my daddy said shoot With his right hand on his rifle He swore it on the Bible My daddy said shoot Oh, my daddy said shoot He held me in his arms And he taught me to be strong He told me when he’s gone Here’s what you do When trouble comes to town And men like me come around Oh, my daddy said shoot Oh, my daddy said shoot 


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Top 10 Arc V Characters

List your top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V characters (those being 100% from Arc-V & and not cameo characters), and an explanation why for each one! Then tag 10 of your friends to do the same at the bottom of your post!

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10.) Isao Kachidoki/ Iggy Arlo 

To be honest I liked this guy ever since his first appearance and I was really happy to see him come back in episode 113! Despite his rough nature (aka beating up all of his opponents) he was the one that pretty much awakened Yuya’s Berserk Mode. (IDK if that’s a good thing but it was still awesome to me) And his design in general is cool, I’m happy he was reformed and hopefully he’ll come back in the later episodes! Plus I think he and Yuya would be good friends after all of this.
Bonus: I LOVE his English name! Iggy. IGGY. It’s so adorable that I prefer to call him that now lol.

9.) Reira/ Riley Akaba 

Ah yes, the precious child that must be protected at all costs. At first I didn’t think much of Reira since we didn’t know much about him from season 1 but my opinion soon changed after season 2. Obviously there’s a lot to him especially when he has those traumatizing flashbacks (poor child) and I’m really curious about where he came from and what Reiji’s mom has in store for him. Plus Reira is a pretty sick duelist from what I’ve seen so far, he’s very capable but at the same time he needs reassurance. All in all I can’t wait for him to return. :)

8.) Rin 

I’ve liked Rin ever since Yugo first introduced her. Her design was lovely in itself and from what evidence we have so far, she’s kinda like that naggy but caring friend. Her relationship with Yugo is probably what I find most endearing and I’m sure she’s a great duelist too. Since she’ll be returning very soon, I’m quite hyped up since I really want to know more about her.

7.) Dennis Macfield 

I miss him already :’(
We all knew Dennis was a bad guy from the start and that’s what pretty much got me interested in him in the first place. I loved his happy-go-lucky attitude but at the same time I loved it when he went all evil too. His interactions with other characters like Gongenzaka, Shun, and Yuya fit so nicely. I glad he was reformed (even if it was not okay) since I really think he’s a likable character. Rest well Macfield.

6.) Yuzu Hiragi/ Zuzu Boyle 

A lot of people say that Yuzu is pretty much the best female lead we’ve had in years and well, I totally agree. Her design and strong will are both appealing and she’s very capable on her own. The only thing that I didn’t like was when she became a damsel in distress. How many times has she been separated from Yuya now??? Despite that nitpick she’s still a great character, and her involvement in the whole story is great.

5.) Yugo 

Yessss the precious banana haired duelist we all love. He’s such a dork and the fact that he gets mad when you get his name wrong is adorable and hilarious. I like seeing him interact with other characters too since it either ends up entertaining, interesting, or both. He’s not my favorite of the Yu’s sadly, but I still love him very much! ♡

4.) Serena/ Celina and Ruri Kurosaki/ Lulu Obsidian 

I couldn’t choose between them so they’re both tied for this spot. They’re both badass characters (at least I’m assuming Ruri is badass since she’s related to Shun haha). I like Serena’s tough, determined yet understanding attitude. Yeah she can be bad tempered (and sometimes arrogant???) but that’s why she reminds me of me! Lol. And Ruri’s kind, yet brave personality is also likeable and I’m happy that she may be returning soon. :)

3.) Shun Kurosaki/ Shay Obsidian 

One of the most badass characters in the series in my opinion. When he first showed up, I had an immediate interest in him and I absolutely loved his duel monsters. Raid Raptors ftw. Some people complained that he was too serious with no character development or something, but I didn’t see it that way. I actually like his serious nature and after his duel with Crow in the Friendship Cup, we now know he’s secretly a softie haha. He’s come a long way (making Nakama speeches and all) and I’m so proud of him. X’D I can’t wait until he reunites with his little sister after all this time.

2.) Yuya Sakaki and Yuto

Well not only is Yuya the MAIN CHARACTER but I grew attached to him very quickly. XD I love how he always keeps his head up and smiles even though he’s been through some shit, and now he’s spreading smiles just like he always wanted to. :D He’s a wonderful entertainment duelist and I honestly just want to see him happy with all of his friends again.
Now Yuto, wow where do I start? If Yuri wasn’t introduced then Yuto would be my favorite Arc V character. Like Shun, I love Yuto’s serious personality and that his goal is the same as Yuya’s. His deck is sick and his character design is on point. And now that I think about it, he was like the main reason people started wondering about the whole counterpart thing. He and Yuya have both been through crap but they’re slowly working together and making everyone egao. They’re two of my favorites and they make an awesome team. ^_^

1.) Yuri 

How many of you saw this coming? Lol. Not only is Yuri one of the more mysterious characters in the show but HE’S EVIL OKAY. I really do have a thing for evil characters wth. His entire deck is probably OP as heck and he can be a pretty entertaining character. (Usually when he interacts with Yugo) I love his sarcastic and sadistic sounding voice (Which is even more hilarious because Yuya has his same voice actor) and that he’s pretty much the opposite of Yuya. There’s so many questions I have about him which I hope are answered soon and I’m praying he gets more screen time.

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