((Making tea and then I'm heeere :3333))

Hope you all had good days! :D

Also  ( say that too much)

but anyways

On the way home this bus/coach drove by and it had “Travel With Happy Al’s” written on the side.

And then all I could think of was how in this alternate universe Al and Alfie, run a cute little coach company that does guide trips around London, stopping at all the awesome places and then there’s a quiet young man going by the name Iggy who despite knowing London like the back of his hand, goes on the tours often, because he loves his city, and maybe, just maybe, because the driver downstairs gives him this huge grin every time he steps onboard and also because Al does the most amazing tours of London and they spend hours talking about it’s history (and David Tennant)

What they don’t know is that there’s a scary girl in the corner who comes on every tour not so much for the view (although she’s pretty hyped about it too, and screams hysterically if they pass any place related to any of England;s monarchy), but because she is waiting patiently for Alfie and Iggy to hurry up and date and for the day Al shows them Tennant’s house. That girl is probably called Katie.

So yeah, that was my day :D

((I have been listening to Payphone (Maroon 5) waaaay too much

and it gave itself a USUK backstory…. XD

I think of it as they had a huge bust up, Iggy storming out into the rain to get drunk and Alfie thinking  "God, he’s so stupid!“ and running out to follow him -  by this time Iggy’s coming to his senses and finds he forgot to pick his mobile up and and Alfie comes out without keys either so both end up in pay phones; Alfie thinking Iggy might have gone him and Iggy thinking Alfie;s still there…. but yeah… PLus phone booths of their home country, or as close as. Although now I think about it, if they’re a couple, they’d both be in either America or England. But oh well. IT WAS TO SHOW OFF BRITISHNES AND AMERICANISM!))


((Ohmygod PERFECTION XD especially the ending XD))

((A hello and important-ish notice :3))

Firstly, hi! I will be on in a while, just gotta do some homework and revision, but then you have me :3

Secondly, the notice; on the 30th of July, I am off on a school trip to Paris! Iggy is not best pleased I am making his climb the Eiffel Tower, but mwhaa haa haa :D I am evil.

So me and Iggy will be away for a while, until we get back just in time for Alfred’s birthday evening! We get back to the drop-off at half seven I think, so I should get in around eight, have food and then be here all evening! 

Of course, if either hotels have free wi-fi, I am going to be here when I can because I love you guys and will miss you terribly! 

Phew - such seriousness in one post…. XD So, I’m off to revise a bit and then I shall see you later! Muchoas love!