iggy asap



Embry: your mum is so nice, ruby. i like her better than my own. she sucks.

Ruby: mums can’t suck, embry!!! i’m sure your mum is really nice as well.

Embry: you’ve never met my mum. >:(

Ruby: i love my daddy, too. he always helps me!!! he taught me how to skip stones by the lake!

Iggy: my dad makes the best food! especially pancakes. every breakfast he makes them for me.

Ruby: that’s so true, iggy. why are you still wearing the mud mask??

Iggy: embry said boys need to keep it on longer than girls. my face itches.

Embry: lmao


it’s been a minute since we kicked it…don’t think I haven’t noticed…this is that sorta playlist

  1. From Time- Drake ft. Jhene Aiko
  2. 3005- Childish Gambino
  3. Do I Wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys
  4. The Last Song- Iggy Azalea
  5. Phoenix- A$AP Rocky
  6. Crooked Smile- J. Cole
  7. Come Over- Aaliyah
  8. Surprise- Gnarls Barkley
  9. Power Trip- J. Cole
  10. Hate Sleeping Alone- Drake