Set #3!
Another mad collection [photo dump] of Con adventures in Prompto!!
Click on the photos for fun descriptions. Set 1 & 2 also have some fun stuff.
Noctis Lucis Caelum is @domjiji / @suanddomcos
Lunafreya Nox Fleuret is @the-madihatter
Ignis Scientia is @delusioncosplay
Ardyn Izunia is @dedlocke
Prompto Argentum is Myself [more posts can be seen on @suanddomcos ]

Roy: Heh! Are you all gettin’ tired of ol’ Roy already? Guess I can’t blame you guys. Seems like Lutz’s been gone forever, huh? Though this whole answering stuff ain’t cake, either. I don’t know how he and Iggster did this for so long! 

But if you guys want an update, Lutz did leave Vibe Island already. Though, he wanted to make a few stops along the way before comin’ home.

binditheskunk  asked:

does alfred bathe newborn iggy in the sink ? or does he take iggster in the shower with him ?

America:  “I didn’t know you can do that in the shower! I don’t think I would trust myself, I might drop him.  I just use the big kitchen sink”