Winter blues or not, I’m still happy with my progress. For anyone new following me, I’ve been following the recommendations in my uncle’s book @thepowerofyourmetabolism to lose weight (it’s just a simple approach to eating healthy without having to sacrifice everything you love). First photo is 176 lbs, second is 130 lbs.. Or so. Not sure - I don’t weigh myself too frequently. I’m 5'3". I lost great part of my weight in about a year. TIPS: reduce your intake of refined carbs. Eat more lean meats (chicken, fish, etc) and green veggies (green beans, salad, broccoli, etc). Drink half of your body weight in ounces. And start taking organic coconut oil in the morning (with a low sugar whey protein shake or on its own). Exercise is important but almost pointless if your diet is crap… So start with that! #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossstory #transformation #motivation #inspiration #instafitness #igfitnesschicks #igfitness #fit4life #fitspo #dedication #patience #beforeandafter #beforeandduring

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