Has anyone else who lives in/ near-ish Bristol (UK) heard of igfest?

It’s this awesome live game festival held around the year (next is 5th-8th of September), and the stuff they do is amazing.

The past few years they’ve held this game called 2.8 hours later (http://igfest.org/28-hours-later), where old, abandoned buildings, empty car parks, and basically the entirety of the city centre are opened up to you at night as you try and get from base to base to try and escape the “infection”, all whilst being chased by zombies. I’ve never done it (you had to be 18), but my parents have and it seems absolutely terrifying, but incredibly fun.

This year, they’re also holding two other main games- CARGO (http://igfest.org/node/184) and Incitement ( http://igfest.org/node/185), but these are during the day so are better for if people want to just visit for the festival then go home.

Personally, I like the idea of Incitement the most because you have to sneak around the city and blend in with the crowd like an assassin, trying not to be caught by the other players. CARGO sounds great too though- you have to work as a team to try and deliver your cargo and “escape the city” by making collections and tricking corrupt policemen, etc.

I know this will probably get 0 notes, but I just thought I’d put this out there for people to see in case they liked the idea- it would be a really cool meetup! Whilst the latter two games are going on, there’s also the main festival with loads of smaller games happening all day, and pretty much all of them are free (the three main games are only £15)! The festival is on for three days, whilst the main games are only on the 8th (I think xD).

The Igfest Bristol Zombie Apocalypse this evening was absolutely amazing! I got caught a meter from the safe base though :( but then you go through UV scanning in an old abandoned church and they divide the survivors from the infected, the infected then get facepaint and gore chucked at you :P Definitely going again next year!