Sweet raspberries

//anon’s request: where Jimins being touchy feely and everyone else walks in and he gets embarrassed

aka Jimin x reader fluffy FLUFF

(a/n): idk if I got it right and how you wanted but I hope you like it ! ^^
also thank you so much for the request I’m so happy:)

Sweet. That one word could describe your whole relationship with Jimin. You’ve been dating for almost 6 months and you already knew there will never be someone else who you would love more than Jimin. And you were sure he felt the same. The way he treated you, with such care and love, you knew this was real. The affection you both had towards each other.

Despite this fact you were together for that long, you both still had kept this relationship on a platonic level. Only gentle kisses, touches, cuddling, both of you being shy and careful, neither of you tried something more.

“Hi~” You smiled as Jimin opened the front door of his dorm. He was in his grey sweatpants with plain white t-shirt.

“Hello beautiful~” He hugged you and lifted you a bit up from the ground. You breathed out surprised laugh and clenched on his back. You were a bit in shock because it wasn’t his usual self as he was mostly too shy to show his emotions on public.

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