#100Days100Women Day 94: Omu Okwei
Born Felicia Ifeoma Ekejiuba, Omu Okwei was the most powerful and well-respected merchant in Nigeria during English colonization. She was voted Omu “Queen” in a dual sex (but not related) system where she took care of the needs of women and her co-ruler took care of men’s issues. She made an incredible amount of money through her wise business dealings and was one of the first people in the country to own an automobile. After she died the British did away with the old system.


My love for Phyno is partially because he’s one of the only prominent Nigerian rappers who raps in Igbo. I’m an Igbo girl, so I obviously don’t know what Davido and Wizkid are saying in their songs, but I still love their music. In short, shout out to Phyno for staying true to his mother tongue.