In case you guys are all wondering where Tom’s T-Shirt is from:

It Gets Better Collaborative T-Shirt

“Rudy’s Barbershop and the It Gets Better Project (IGB) have teamed up again to reissue this limited edition tee, which celebrates the organization’s mission to reach LGBT youth with messages of hope and support. Our first collaboration in 2012 sold out quickly and has been in high demand ever since. Proceeds from each shirt will be donated to IGB.”

Gillovny videos: a starter guide

I’m glad you like my blog, and welcome to the fandom, @fooforevermore! I’ve had a few asks from new fans recently, so let’s kick things off with a little Gillovny newbie’s video starter guide. 

IBG, SDCC 2013 (20th Anniversary), Paley, and NYCC 2013 are where ‘Modern-day Gillovny’ was born, and are compulsory fan viewing. You can watch as their relationship evolves intensifies and solidifies right in front of us over a period of a few years - and it is glorious. 

^She’s referring to his meditation practice. Honestly.

IBG, July 2011: if you’re able, I would urge you to buy the whole thing here as all proceeds go to Gillian’s charity. But the first 30 minutes are available here - (better quality video than the clips on youtube) 

SDCC 2013/AKA the X Files 20th Anniversary: There’s this one [57 mins], this other version [58 mins] & I would recommend watching this shorter version of the same event, at least the end part, because it captured Gillian rubbing David’s back during the charity auction (either that, or she was super into stroking his chair) There’s so much sexual chemistry between David & Gillian at this event, I’m surprised they (& everyone around them) didn’t spontaneously combust. 

Paley, Oct 2013: There’s some interesting red carpet footage & interviews, which show how touchy-feely they were that night, and also an official DVD available of the event. But it cuts out the XF clips & many sweet moments between David & Gillian, so watch the full youtube version instead.

NYCC, Oct 2013: Many have suggested David & Gillian were high the day after Paley, at their NYCC 2013 appearance. Or at the very least - drunk in love ♥ There’s gum-sharing, keeping her warm with his jacket(!) and all-round adorable couple behaviour, even including holding hands under the table. Watch the cuteness here

Don’t stop there - graduate to more recent Gillovny appearances, EDIT: Actually forgot to add the Cutting Room links! Here’s David & Gillian 'singing’ helpless together & here’s the encore 'Thankyou’ you might want to watch with the volume down - they’re so cute on stage together - & 2 kisses! - that their singing abilities don’t really matter.

There’s also Kimmel, the TCA’s [thank you @justholdinghandsok for compiling those clips!] browse my XF Season 10: Behind the Scenes tag for video clip links & watch all the outtakes here.

^ And they would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for evil Old Man Carter!

Enjoy, and bear in mind that once you’ve booked your seat to fly Air Gillovny, there’s no such thing as a return trip…