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Can you recommend other hilarious, well written blogs like yourself (although not necessarily health/ running related? And preferably lesser Known) You brighten my day!!

You think I’m funny, so I automatically like you. And obviously I brighten your day because of my RADIANT personality. (But really: thanks!)

I actually follow a good number of non-fitness blogs, so I’m glad you asked. Here are some suggestions:

  • thenomadsland - Sarah is a witty, well-written South African school teacher living and working in Japan. She has an affinity for comestibles, so I naturally have an affinity for her. She goes on weekend adventures exploring the hidden treasures of Hokkaido, which always make me suuuper jealous. Lord only knows how she found me, though - I’m not nearly kawaii enough. Also: taker of LOVELY photographs.
  • igaveupjesusforwine - I have no idea how my dash existed without Jess and her babe. She’s gonna wife me soon, but please don’t be jealous. Follow her if you’re into highly comical life outtakes, sarcasm, Tom Hardy reblogs, and ZOMG CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
  • squigglesforbrains - When I started following Em, it was kind of like joining a bunch of diehard fans in the middle of watching their favorite TV show, which I’d never seen and happens to have a long story arch. I was lost, but I could tell that it would be totally worth it if I invested a wee bit of time. And now? All caught up, and hilarity ensues. I actually just spent 15 minutes lurking in her archives, reading posts I’ve read before and giggling, because: snarky spirit animal. Did things just get awkward? Only a little. Pinky promise I’m not a stalker, Em. Usually.
  • jessaetcetera - Jessa and I have very little in common, I’m pretty sure. Like, maybe two things? We both like cupcakes and lack any semblance of grace? Maybe? But she’s a quality human. She’s intelligent and honest, and I just like her a lot, okay? Our senses of humor don’t really align, but she still manages to make me laugh. She doesn’t take herself too seriously (except for when she should, and then she does), and that’s always endearing. She also reallyreallyreally loves Nate Ruess. He completes her. It’s a thing.
  • captainmudphud - He already has a PhD but is currently in med school, because he’s elitist and needs more letters after his name. I know, right? Douche. He can be a bit crude, but that’s honestly one of the reasons I follow him. Common post themes include: med school, sex, puppies, more med school, drugs, science, food, a bit more med school, general nerdery, more sex, more puppies, and even more med school. Mostly I just follow for Chuck.
  • learningthingsisfun - Laura is one of my very dearest college friends, and I love her to pieces. She posts lots of the baked goods she makes in her attempt to trick people into being friends with her (though I’m pretty sure I tricked HER into being friends with baked goods… sucker) and random-ass shit she learns as she learns it. She’s also way more adorable than you. Sorry.

I also follow a bunch of people who get lumped into the whole “fitness” crowd but that post a lot about life. Or that I just think are hilarious and offer more than generic workout recaps:

  • funnyrunner - You can call her Dakota. Or anything you like, really. She’s relearning how to run post-injury. When I imagine her on a treadmill, I think of a fawn freshly expelled from the womb. Such a clumsy mess. Poor thing. One of the most accurate names on Tumblr, though. If you like humor and you’re not following her, you’re doing it wrong. Also: I’m trying to win her over with my love of Chobani. I think it’s working.
  • kungfucaveman - Wayne is pure gold. One of the few blogs I’ll actually go to directly to make sure I’ve read all of his posts. They’re just too funny to miss. Great sense of humor, crude, awesome family, entertaining snippets from work, home, and his past. I just can’t even. If you’re having a bad day, just go to his archive and read about the shit his kids say or some absurd thing that happened at the hospital.
  • trivialbob - Favorite parenting style ever. He posts a hodgepodge of things relating to work, beer, techy stuff, cycling, family, and so forth. He also has proclivity for wearing the particular shade of red worn by Target employees. While shopping at Target. Weirdo. (Also a good friend of Tridad, who is quite entertaining in his own right.)

That should keep you busy for a wee bit.

Also: if anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to chime in.

Even I get confused.

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i feel like you are dating everyone and no one at the same time. thats just what you do.

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