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hermione granger-weasley, better known as her pen name, h.j. granger, is an acclaimed writer in the world of young adult literature. she is best known for writing ephemeral, a fantasy novel revolving around a group of troubled teenagers in the fictional land of astra. today, she lives in london with her husband, ron weasley and their cat, crookshanks.

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ginny weasley is a singer and songwriter based in london. known for her empowering but melodious songs, she became viral when she uploaded a cover of herself singing barcelona by ed sheeran. soon after, she was scouted by a well-known producer, and the rest is history.

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NRS is trying to replace Grayson’s Nightwing with Damian’s Robin.

By combining the right gear with the right shaders, you can pretty much have Robin look like Nightwing.

That’s not good enough for me though. I don’t like Damian. I don’t like Robin. And he plays nothing like Nightwing at all. Not to mention his personality in the Injustice games is nothing but that of an angsty emo kid who is angry at everything. He is not a character for me.

So to see NRS killing off Grayson’s Nightwing in the IGAU comics and have Damian pick up his mantle was just heartbreaking and vomit-inducing to me. At least we had Grayson’s Nightwing as the main playable character in the first game, but in Injustice 2 he is nowhere to be seen, other than through Robin’s gear.

I can’t help but be a little pissed at NRS for having done this to my favourite DCU character. And the thing is, they did the exact same thing with my favourite MK character, Jade. She died in MK9, became a revenant along with a lot of other characters, but then in MKX she’s suddenly disappeared entirely from the story and they gave Kitana her moves.

Me being disappointed in NRS is pretty justified. Doesn’t mean I hate them though or the games, but I am really unhappy with how they handled my favourite characters in their games.

Enjoying Injustice 2 so far.

Being an European, I’ve only gotten the game for a few days now. So I’ve played through Story Mode, did the Battle Simulation with all the characters to unlock their endings (seriously, what’s wrong with calling it “Arcade Mode” now? It’s always something else…), and just tried out different characters to get a feel of them.

I love this game. And the fact Nightwing isn’t in this (and don’t come at me with that Damian bullshit) just makes me sad, because it would have been so good to play as him in this game. I felt exactly the same with Jade and MKX.

Ah well, anyways, this game is good. I can’t decide on a main though. I do like Catwoman who was my secondary in IGAU, but can’t stand playing as Poison Ivy though which is a shame because she’s awesome, and Harley is alright fun… Atrocitus and Blue Beetle are potential mains too. Aquadaddy, as hot as he is, isn’t my playstyle… And as much I hate Damian’s attitude and the whole him being the new Nightwing in this universe, reminding me why we can’t have Grayson in the game, he is actually kinda fun to play as well.

I think Atrocitus appeals to me the most, however, Blue Beetle in his blade mode is so fun as well!

Cukup Aku Saja

Banyak hal tak ingin kubagi denganmu
Bukan karena aku adalah seorang pelit
Namun karena aku tak ingin kau merasakan pahit

Cukup aku saja,
Yang tahu bagaimana rasanya rindu yang terlalu
Rindu.. tanpa temu
Karena sebenarnya, kau pun tidak pernah tahu

Cukup aku saja
Yang memendam rasa sampai sesak dalam dada
Cinta diam-diam ternyata memang butuh lebih banyak perjuangan

Cukup aku saja
Yang bersusah payah berlaku biasa
Saat kita bertatap muka
Aku tak ingin kau merasakannya
Karena sungguh ini kacau
Semalaman kemudian, kau mampu hidup dalam segala igau.

Cukup aku saja
Yang yakin bahwa cintaku telah bertepuk sebelah tangan
Tidak, tak perlu kuutarakan
Karena kau selalu saja bersama yang lain
Yang bahkan tak berani kutandingi hadirnya

Cukup aku saja
Yang berbohong pada diri sendiri
Bahwa aku bahagia melihatmu bahagia
Meski bagimu, aku hanya sekadarnya saja
Bukan, bukan aku alasanmu untuk berbahagia

Cukup aku saja
Yang berkata ‘cukup aku saja’
Karena kau tak perlu tahu
Bagaimana rasa sesak dalam dada.

Bukittinggi, 23 Februari 2015

- @TiaSetiawati