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I want them to be friends pls

cita-citaku: ingin membeli dagangan teman-temanku yang sliwar-sliwer di whatsapp, tumblr, ig, facebook dsb.

soalnya, menurut aku ga ada yang lebih membahagiakan ketika seorang pedagang yang gencar promosi dan kemudian dagangannya laku :)

🎥New Video🎥 I will be adding more Fashion related videos on to my YouTube Channel ! Because it doesn’t make sense to have to do it on IG, Facebook, and tumblr but not on YouTube. I styled my dress from @prettylittlething in 5 different ways! Full video is on my YouTube channel : Miss. Cameroon😏😏

IG: Miss.Cameroon

HAIR | @bobbiboss_hair “YARA BANG” from @ebonyline

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I doubt we ever see anything about Zo cheating on BITF. They want to show the boys in a positive light which is why the Denise/Zo thing always looks so one sided. I still think she’s a little crazy but it’s obvious that he does stuff too. The show has so many holes that you wouldn’t know about unless you were on tumblr.

Yeah out of all the millions of fans they have on IG, and Facebook tumblr has maybe a few thousand