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Aren't you afraid that you may be slapped with a lawsuit for continuing to putting out lies about Cait? Such lies are no different than some published by National Enquirer that has often been sued and paid a lot of cash in restitution. You post this on YT and SM. You don't limit yourself to a closed Tumblr blog but spread those lies for many to see. You are liable for your lies, because that what they are. You have no proof of anything to back all this up with if a lawsuit is filed against you.

We found your question very interesting so we will answer it!

Theories are not a crime, and surely not lies, therefore they are only theories. 

If tomorrow we and all the other shippers who have blogs, twitter, IG, Facebook, Tumblr, YT, Pinterest or any SM who have been making shipper posts about them turn out to be wrong, then we are just wrong. Not criminals. None of us have fabricated any information, we just analyze what’s out there. By now, all shippers involved in this drama can and does that. 

On the other hand, if we are right and SC are in fact a couple and all our theories are true, then what will happen to the people who have fabricated photos of Cait and Tony to sell as a couple?

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Howdy, Hows the tumblr world?
This is my first post on tumblr if it wasn’t too obvious. 

A Commission of Angry Vex for Amanda.

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C: I am not sure if it’s just me but, I love supporting black owned businesses it’s exciting to be apart of something that’s growing. But I must say, It irritates me when some submit their businesses on a black supporting page such as IG, tumblr, Facebook etc. then when you go to their business page they use white models and very few black ones. Almost makes me think they’re more interested in our dollars rather then rebuilding black economics/communities or even uplifting our people (image is everything). Or even some, hate to say it but are IRRESPONSIBLE. they will ignore you when you ask a question or when you want a refund or take forever to ship out an order. Some of these black businesses need to do better. Don’t submit your business if you’re not about your people and are irresponsible.

Separate Jets Again/Short Stay

TS was in the Bahamas Sunday evening through Wednesday morning. So she was there for 2.5 days. 

His length of time there is unknown but he was in LA Wednesday night.

They spent some hours of that 2.5 day ‘vacation’ on social media doing their publicity rollout (Tumblr, IG, Facebook, and Twitter) on Tuesday night. His Facebook page was also being filled with the ‘pics’ at 5:45 am on Wednesday. 

Whether that is their social media work or their publicists is revealing either way.

Once again they traveled on separate jets. 

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