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The Universe is not punishing you. It is not blessing you. It is not controlling you. It is responding to your vibration. Think happy and happiness will come to you. Think negatively and negativity will come to you. What we put out into the Universe, we get back like an echo.
—  Unknown
You have got to learn to vibe alone. You can’t spend your life being dependent on other sources of energy. You have the ability to be self-sufficient, so tap into yourself once in a while.
—  Meggan Roxanne

宇宙 Universe

太陽系 (たいようけい) solar system
惑星  (わくせい) planet
(ひ) sun
(ほし) star
水星 (すいせい) Mercury
金星 (きんせい) Venus
地球 (ちきゅう) Earth
火星 (かせい) Mars
木星 (もくせい) Jupiter
土星 (どせい) Saturn
天王星 (てんのうせい) Uranus
海王星 (かいおうせい) Neptune
銀河系(ぎんがけい) Milky Way
天文学 (てんもんがく) astronomy
天体(てんたい) astronomical object
宇宙  (うちゅう) universe
小惑星 (しょうわくせい) asteroid
流星 (りゅうせい) meteor
望遠鏡 (ぼうえんきょう) telescope

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