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sometimes i think about how i heard f*g and aids used as an insult almost every day in high school, and how we were never told keith haring was gay when we studied him in art, and how all the straight girls would marry each other on facebook while years before they laughed at me for kissing a girl on the cheek.

i think about how even at the age of about 8 or 9 i knew that i couldn’t like girls because that was bad. all of my memories of school at that age are distorted and weird and dysmorphia makes me see myself as a literal monster in them because that’s what i thought i was.

i think about the years i spent calling myself other things because all i knew was that lesbian wasn’t the label i could be. i was straight or trans or asexual and i would never date a girl, i would never fancy a girl, i would never love a girl.

and i wonder how different i would be if this wasn’t how i grew up. i might not be this shy and scared and awkward and self-hating and terrified.

and all this makes me want to do is not be any of those things anyway. i can’t change what happened and i can’t forget it but what i will do is be proud every day of the fact that I’m a lesbian, and i love women, and no one can ever take that away from me again. 

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opinions on all the bmc characters?

jeremy: tallass bean son!!!! aka the light of my GAYASS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael: FUCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GAY SON!!! DESERVES SO MUCH???


rich: him!!!!!!!!! it he!!!!!!! my boy!!!! saucy bi boy!!!!!! fuckin!! love this guy

jake: literally i could not love a person more???? fuck dude

jenna: b l e s s in g to th e fuck in g wor ld 



the squip: 

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do trimberly for the ship meme please

which one sexts like a straight white boy?

kim, def but in her defense, she’s just real meme savvy and always texts trini w thngs lyk “what are you wearing rn (((;” or “my face died, can i bury it between yr legs??” n iss rlly cringey but trini still goes along w it bc iss p funny 

which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

trini, she’s very sensitive and she dsn’t rlly lyk to shw it but whn she’s arnd kim it jus melts rlly, and they were watchng inside out and th take her to th moon line happned and okay she’s jus chilling, w her tears out and kim thnks trini’s lyk crying ovr smthn else and she’s lyk shittshit but they jus chill n kim cuddles her for a little 

who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

trini, because sh jus dnt pay attention cos she’s prbly dissociated tm mosta the time :////// nd whn thts not th case,, kim’s beauty distracts her and she goofs up 

who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “guess who” thing?

kim prbly has Tried it but it alwys startles trini so sh stops :/// 

who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

trini definitely,, she always does it whthr on accident or not bc kim alwys sleeps almost butt ass nkd and trini is a grade a clingr and she cnt really avoid it sometimes,, but othrtimes iss a subliminal way of saying trn on th gotdam heatr 

who had that embarassing reality tv marathon?

both prbly, trini prbly lyk hyperfixates on shows a lot and lets face it rhonyc are p gotdam entertaining, n kim does jus bc iss so much more fun to be in on drama whn iss badly acted and not real 

who laughs more during sex?

kim bc trini prbly gets rllllyyy flustrd and blushes real hard and who couldn’t find it adorable whn trini’s voice is squeaky and she looks lyk a tomato whn she’s tryna tell kim to move it along n stop teasing???


trini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whn she’s the lttle spoon she feels safe and protectd n w th added bonus tht iss kim, she jus cnt help it she lovs it 

Guard!Jimin Part Two

And now it’s time for our precious lil angel, half of the Busan line, Park Jimin aka chim aka can I take a moment to talk about Jimin’s legs bc w o w I wasn’t much of a leg girl until Taehyung came along but Jimin’s legs could make anyone become a leg person like the th ig hs his thighs are legendary they’re so beautiful and nice and it’s just like god damn and when he wears those tight black jeans or the shorts it’s almost too much for my fragile heart to handle I’m not even a Jimin girl, dear Jimin stans are you okay

  • For anyone that hasn’t read part one and would like to, click here
  • Guard!Jimin is honestly s u ch a sweetheart
  • He cares about you so so much and it’s so obvious that he does
  • He doesn’t even try to hide the love he has for you, platonic or not
  • It does start out platonic, at least to him
  • He thinks of you as his best friend, the person he’s sworn to protect
  • Somewhere along the line, that love turns romantic and he has no idea when it happened but it did
  • When you two first meet, you click instantly tbh
  • You just know you can trust him bc there’s a certain look of genuineness in his eyes and once he smiles at you, you’re locked in 
  • You’re actually the first to develop a crush but it’s hard not to when you have Park Jimin constantly throwing flirty lines and compliments and just being an overall lovable ball of sunshine
  • He’s midkey pretty flirty with you when it’s just you two but in public he tries to keep it more friendly conversation
  • It’s hard not to fall in love with his smile or his lil giggle, especially when it’s two in the morning and there’s nothing that’s all that funny but he keeps laughing anyways bc it’s one of those nights
  • You two know each other better than anyone else
  • He knows your secrets and you know his and it’s actually kinda relaxing
  • You never have to worry about saying the wrong thing or if he’ll judge you or anything like that
  • He always always always has to have either his arm over your shoulders, around your waist or his hand in yours
  • Like he needs to have physical contact 25/8
  • It’s half “I just want you safe and I wanna know where you are and that’s easy to do when we hold hands” and half “I just wanna hold your hand lol”
  • You don’t mind at all though
  • He’s just really warm and cozy so you can easily use him as a pillow and he wouldn’t mind a single bit
  • He has a tendency to play with your hair
  • Whether it’s running his fingers through it, just twirling it around his finger, braiding it, he just likes playing with it
  • It’s comforting to both of you really
  • It helps you both relax bc you feel safe in his arms, especially with his hand toying with your hair and he knows you’re 100 percent safe it’s a win win
  • Can we also just talk about how good Jimin would look
  • Like he’d be in a loose white shirt and some black pants and his hair would always be a lil bit ruffled up and he always has a simple black ring on his finger that you gave to him for his birthday
  • Everybody loves Jimin
  • Even the people that don’t like anyone in the entire castle like Jimin
  • When Jimin’s first assigned to be your guard, most people think he’s gonna be the next king 
  • Like he just holds himself so tall and even the other knights are treating him with a high level of respect bc of what an amazing fighter he is and everyone just assumes he’s a prince from another town that’s arranged to marry you
  • A lil boy runs up to you with his mother right behind him trying to stop him and he’s just like you’re the future king right ?? Can you get the library some new books I need more plz and thnx
  • Jimin’s just :D sorry lil man but I’m just a guard you can ask the amazing cutie next to me though
  • He spends the rest of the day smiling and when you two are saying goodnight you tease him about it like “goodnight king Jimin”
  • He gets all flustered after you close the door and he just !!!
  • He can’t tell if he’s more excited that you called him a king, or more specifically your king, ergo your husband or if the way you said it was just too cute for his heart
  • He figures it’s both and just spends that night smiling like a lil kid who just got another cookie
  • In the first post, I mentioned that Jimin helps a lil girl find her mom when she gets lost and they move into the castle bc her mom is a seamstress and the castle needs another one
  • She “helps” him confess
  • He doesn’t exactly tell her that he’s in love with you at first but she’s a smart kid
  • She knows those lil love filled looks you two give each other aren’t “you’re my best friend” looks
  • She brings it up to him one night when he’s walking her back to her room
  • She’s pretty blunt about it and is just like are you two in love ??
  • Flustered chim makes another appearance and he’s like stuttering for an answer bc his mind just goes blank and she’s just laughing
  • “You are!! I knew it!! Can I plan the wedding can I name the future bby I have a great name for it”
  • He sits her down and is like look yes I am in love but you can’t tell anyone not a single person
  • She’s a bit too excited about the possibility of a wedding to fully listen to him so she just gives him a yeah sure man
  • The very next day she runs up to you and starts talking about the wedding like I have a few ideas for the flowers and also I think you should have a chocolate cake just saying
  • You’re just really confused bc wedding???
  • She tells you she knows you’re in love with Jimin and that he loves you just as much and that she’s really excited to help you with the wedding planning
  • Jimin’s frozen as she’s rambling and he’s focusing on you to see your reaction
  • He sends her off to go get some lunch and then you two are both searching for words
  • He figures he’s blown any chance of at least staying friends with you so he starts to walk out with his head hanging a lil lower than usual
  • You snap out of it and are just whoa wait I love you too where are you going
  • It takes him a few seconds to process and then he asks you to say it a few more times just to make sure he’s heard that correctly
  • He gets this really huge smile and his eyes are all bright and he’s so happy and it makes you happy bc happy jimin is the best jimin
  • Your parents have z e r o issues with you marrying him
  • From day one, everyone’s already thought of him as more of a prince than a guard and everyone loves him including them and he’s smart and can handle being a king so they give their full approval
  • Lil girl does get to help you plan the wedding in the end

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I am an anti too but honestly all the main characters except Pidge have adult appereances, so that's why there are people who ship them with Shiro. Like if you ship BillDip or RickMorty then you may not be a real pedo but you're still a fucking weirdo because it involves characters that not only are children but also clearly look like children. But if you showed an outsider Shiro and Keith standing next to each other in canon, they'll most likely think "two twenty somethings". Correct me though

idk they look like babies to me? especially in s2 everyone except shiro has a baby face. when i asked my mom (bc that’s apparently the fun anti meme skdjfk) she said that H/L looked about 16, p!dge looked about 13-14, sh!ro looked 35, and ke!th looked about 20

and tbh i halfway agree with her assessment, bc ke!th does have a baby face in s2 (i showed her shots of s1), but he also has a lot of shots where his jawline is really really pronounced and he looks older than the others. but other than that he looks about 16-18 to me

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i will shove an entire jug of milk down my jugular i love milk and i will literally fight you mic lets go right now square up cmon

eraser n      O

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So, I am just slow on the uptake, or was that whole little IG story with Ian, TH & Charlie just vaguely shady at TW? Or do I need to put down my beer now?

OMG! Boy am I glad you brought this up because let me tell you my sleep deprived brain went the same way. In my mind it’s Tyler’s special brand of shade. Hoech’s whole monologue was just him @ing TW tbh.