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Awesom, just awesome .... very well, what will they have planned to do with the couple of the many moons following in ig?PR can be so stupid, I mean, are they really planning to sell the fauxest dating in the world just because he follows her?

They are likely going to open her IG.  My best guest.  

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I think this is Harry's pr backfiring on him. He starts his IG pr now and it is all about how he was saved from his childhood trauma. Harry was saved by his trauma by saving wounded vets. That seems to be his pr theme this time round. Give it a rest Harry especially since it is obvious you are still one sick pup.


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Some idiot left a message on M.C. picture "Addicted" on IG "I hope your PR thing works out" 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ That's not right, even if it is really a PR thing. It's just fucking stupid and immature imo.

That’s our good old friend Chikri.

Sophia Smith imitates Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on Instagram
Liam Payne's ex Sophia Smith appeared to take a dig at the 22-year-old's surprise new flame Cheryl Fernandez-Versini by imitating the X Factor judge on Instagram.

Look familiar? Liam Payne’s ex Sophia Smith appears to imitate new flame Cheryl Fernandez-Versini in sexy Instagram snap


PUBLISHED: 19:51 GMT, 27 February 2016 | UPDATED: 23:40 GMT, 27 February 2016

She split with her former One Direction beau last October after the band’s hectic schedule prevented them from seeing enough of each other.

But despite the seemingly amicable separation, Liam Payne’s ex Sophia Smith appeared to take a dig at the 22-year-old’s surprise new flame Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, 32, amid reports the pair have been enjoying a secret romance since December.

Just two days after Cheryl posted a racy photograph on Instagram which showed her laid seductively on a bed after a long day at London Fashion Week, Sophia hit back with her own saucy snap.

Cheryl’s famous tresses also cascaded over the pillow in her picture as she lay in nothing but a towel and fierce heels with one arm resting on her hip and the other extended above her head, while pretending to sleep.

She captioned her post: ‘Night zzzzzzzz #LFW’, while Sophia tellingly left no accompanying words with her post.

Speaking to MailOnline at the time of Sophia and Liam’s split, an inside said: 'Liam is incredibly sad, but is going to keep busy. He really hopes that everybody will respect both his and Sophia’s privacy and stop speculating.’

The former sweethearts started dating in 2013 but had been friends since their schooldays in Wolverhampton.

And Liam found the split particularly hard to deal with at the time.

The singer told The Sun on Sunday: 'I’m absolutely devastated to have split with Sophia.

Being on the tour all this year and being away from her was so hard,’ he explained. 'We spent so much time apart. But in order to do right by somebody sometimes it’s better not to do what your heart wants, but to do what’s better for them.’

He explained how he would do some soul searching to find out 'who I am and what I want to be’.

It was revealed on Saturday that Liam and Cheryl, who reportedly filed for divorce from her husband Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini last August, have been seeing each other since December.

And it appears Liam even dedicated a romantic Instagram picture of a rose to the stunning songstress on Valentine’s Day.

The heart-throb addressed a mystery woman as he posted a single red rose on his Instagram two weeks ago, with the caption: 'Happy Valentine’s Day baby…’

He added several emoticons, including a wink, blowing a kiss and a lovestruck emoji.

At the time, 1D fans probably assumed it was a general sweet message for them, but it now takes on a whole new meaning following news of his romance with Cheryl.

The Fight For This Love singer famously got a large tattoo of roses covering her lower back and buttocks.

She told her online followers that the longest she did in one sitting was for 7-8 hours and added to another: 'I have personal meaning behind it but English roses are my favourite flowers.’

Smitten: It appears Liam even dedicated a romantic Instagram picture of a rose to the stunning songstress on Valentine’s Day

SUMMURIZING the article so you don’t have to read it:





Now comes


Which one is more real?

Which one sells more easy?

Which one matches him better?

Stay tuned and find out!

P.S. if necessary and to make it more believable, we’ll throw in a fight in the mud with Liam as the Judge!

Oh, and in case you didn’t got the memo: Liam is straigh as an arrow and very much lovestruck in his new relationship with Cheryl! Almost as much as he was devastated after splitting up with Sophia…

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why do you consider the cancellation super messy? like I'm sure it is, but spill the tea

Well for starters, I think Disney has known for a bit that they were going to cancel the show, but didn’t have the decency to call Jacobs until January 4th. They sat there watching all the fan campaigns to save the show, and then Disney posted GMW pics on their Instagram for the first time in months, probably already knowing they were going to cancel the show. They unnecessarily increased the fandom’s hope right before pulling the rug out from under them (most likely in an attempt to increase ratings). It’s just rubbing salt in the wound, and only makes the viewers think more negatively of them.

They also took down the Radio Disney poll of ‘What’s Your Favorite Disney Show’ (which GMW was winning w/ 86% of the votes, 645k votes total!), the morning of the day they called Jacobs to confirm cancellation. In retrospect, it makes them look super sketch.

Then there’s the actual cancellation announcement itself. Now obviously I don’t know for certain, but I have a strong feeling that Disney expected to let Jacobs know, and then release an official Disney press release about it (maybe even after WMG aired). I’m sure they expect upset fans, but I don’t think they expected quite the commotion that cancellation has actually caused.

Jacobs announcing the cancellation on Twitter at 10 PM EST on a weekday night definitely stood out as him beating Disney to the punch and getting the upper hand. 

I think this threw a big wrench in Disney’s plans. And honestly, it was pretty much a PR shit storm for DIsney after that. Like they couldn’t adjust to this curveball.

Rowan also dragged Disney on her IG post (”I will continue to fight to not be talked down to by the shows and books and movies that are aimed toward us. I am sorry that this channel is just not able to understand that”). Jacobs continued to throw shade at the cancellation decision by using Alanis Morisette “Ironic” lyrics after announcing GMW got nominated for two awards. Jacobs threw more subtle shade at Disney in his most recent tweet: “In these three shows, GMW and BMW all let you know what we’ve always tried to be”. Tried. To. Be. As if maybe they were limited by a certain network……

In response to Jacobs’ letting the cat out of the bag first, Disney’s PR IG posted an old S1 photo announcing the series finale and saying how proud they were of the show, which came across as half-assed and insincere.

Disney could’ve just shut their mouths after this point and wait for the storm to pass. But instead they added fuel to the fire and kept putting their foot in their mouth.

First, the official Disney Channel Twitter went and liked this tweet (and they never unliked it either):

Like??? You’re the network with the power who cancelled it? Wyd? 

Next, Disney posted a World Meets Girl photo on Twitter with the caption stating “This one is for the fans”. That post and caption was whatever (they still have to promote the remaining episodes).

But then they posted the same picture on IG but with a different caption and really put their foot in their mouth with the caption. “Without a doubt, #GirlMeetsWorld has some of the most amazing and passionate fans. We know it’s hard that there are only three episodes left, so tonight, this one is for you” Like jfc could that be any more bs and condescending. 

So when you add together Disney unnecessarily increasing fans’ hopes in December + Jacobs announcing cancellation first on Twitter + Jacobs and cast throwing shade at Disney via social network + multiple mainstream media outlets criticizing the cancellation + the current fandom campaign to Netflix/Hulu that’s actually gaining some traction + trending on Twitter twice last night + Disney not being able to stfu on social media with bs posts that everyone can see right through + WMG airing after Jacobs dropped the cancellation announcement and basically showing how important the show is……it’s one big PR mess for Disney Channel. 

My take on last night's 'hiccup' on IG - my unbridled thoughts

After last nights incident on IG i feel the need to Voice my take on the events and share my thoughts about the subject. First of all let me explain that i am still a SamCait shipper despite the recent events…. But i am disappointed in Sams behaviour - no doubt about that. As being an popular actor with tons of fans worldwide his career is quite dependent on his public behaviour, like it or not but that’s a fact. And last night’s show on IG wasn’t one of his finest performances, lets just say that..

I am a marketing Executive and everything in my marketing addled brain screamed NO NO NO when i saw his banter with this underwear model last night on IG. From a PR and branding point of view his behaviour was a totally NO-GO! You dont poo in your own garden, Sam that’s rule number one..

Now i dunno him personal, becoz if i did, first i would give him a friendly piece of my mind and tell him what the fuck he was doing ( his behaviour was IMO both improper and immature), and second tell him to fly low under the SM radar the next couple of days…from a branding and PR POV his actions was so ‘bad mojo'that it speaks volumes!

Why did he do it? I honestly dont know. He could have been drunk, thinking with his other brain (as men sometimes do) or having a minor cerebral haemorrhage - personally i think the latter, but no doubt that it was stupid as hell no matter the reason. 😁

Will it have consequences? Undoubtly, i cannot see why it could not be so. Even though fans dont decide what he should or shouldn’t do, there are reactions from the fanbase all over the world and making a Living which involves having a very public profile, makes you quite vulnerable to the public opinion no matter if you give a shit about it or not …

Was it a bad move? Major bummer if you ask me.. mommy is not angry, mommy is disappointed!!! Wherether he is in a relationship with Cait ( which i still ship) or not, it was inapropriate behaviour considered this model has a child and husband - no regards that she did initiate it…he shouldn’t have taken that road - period. 😏

Now i know I swoon over Tom Hiddleston on Daily basis here on my blog…showing my appreciation for the mans talents even though i have been happily married for 20+ years…but i dont flirt with mr. Hiddleston or anyone else for that matter over the internet - that was one major poo in your own backyard and we dont do that, do we??? Whatever he is with Cait or not, this behaviour would send him to the doghouse for a least a couple of days (if i was her) becoz his actions/ lack of judgement will, no matter what, reflect on her as well 😔

What does it show me? That celebrities are humans and not saints whatever we like it or not…and that convo on IG last night, that was what humans do - they fuck up..all the time

Was is wrong? IMO it was wrong on more than one level and showed a lack of judgement that really took me by surprise…i didn’t Think sweet, thoughtful Sam could be so immature to be honest…

Does he regret it? Boy, i hope he has the worst qualms in the realms right now, i most certainly would have and i dont even live in a country with severe ethic standards, but i have also lived long enough to recognize a fuck up when i see one, and this one was Big enough- let’s just put it that way..😉

My friendly advice to mr. Heughan (i know he doesn’t see it and that’s quite allright): keep your appreciation for the better sex out of SM (do it subtle like millions of men all over the World - in silence or in private) because what’s on the internet stays on the internet..forever!! And then take a deep breath and brace yourself for the work ahead of you, to repair your public image. Becoz one i thing i do know, is that bad publicity seems to stick to you like a really bad smell -you’ll have to do more than one wash with the rose scented soap to get rid of it.. 🌹

Here at the end of my long solo speech theres only left to apologize for any errors made - english isn’t my native language and finally say, that YES i am disappointed right now but no worries, i won’t get my shipper panties twisted over this! 😊