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I seriously can’t with the “there is evidence that SamCait is real”. What evidence? All they have is fake canon and PR receipts.

Why are they never seen with each other? The fans in SA had no trouble mentioning when they were spotted together, why never anywhere else? Fans got permission in SA, but in the UK or US they don’t? Get paid off? Why would fans keep quiet? Not everybody is an ES who would “protect the relationship”. And no, Cait doesn’t hide or steps out of the frame or doesn’t get recognized. She said that it takes fans longer to recognize her, not that she isn’t recognized at all.

What we get is Sam/Mackenzie sightings and Cait/Tony sightings. They attend public events together, as well as private events (NYE, family wedding etc) and are actually seen spending down time together as well. And fans mention it like the SA fan who saw Sam and Mackenzie being loved up. A fan at BAFTAS last year who said there was no mistaking that Sam and Mackenzie were a couple as were Cait and Tony.

There are no holidays or hiatus together! Instead Sam jumps on a plane every chance he gets to see Mackenzie. Cait calls London home and spends her holidays nowhere near Sam. And a couple who works together, will eventually want to spend true down time together as well. They work most of the day, Sam goes to the gym twice a day and both spend their weekends separate as well. Why would this couple not want to spend time away from that?

An introvert who wants privacy would never be this OTT! Does anybody really believe that Sam who is called shy and introverted by every person who knows or meets him would behave so OTT in public with Cait if they were a couple? If they were a couple, ES would never have gotten their PR receipts, cause Sam would never have behaved so demonstrative. He wouldn’t have called her “wifey” or post picture after picture on IG. It’s PR. 

A strong, feminist would never allow this!  Does anybody really believe that Cait an outspoken and stand-up woman who is a feminist and activist would allow anybody to dictate her private life? After having experienced a career in the fashion industry, does anybody really believe she would sign her life away? Or that she would allow “her man” to humiliate her in public by beeing seen for nearly two years with another woman? Attending public and private events together? Spending Christmas defending the other woman on social media? Vacationing with her and eventually post an article which calls her your gf?

A kind, egoless man doesn’t behave this way! Sam attanded a family thanksgiving and more importantly a family wedding. [CO NOTE: Although Sam was working on Thanksgiving last year it looks like he spent Thanksgving weekend with MacKenzie and her grandparents.] Does anybody really believe that Sam who gets praised from everybody for being the most kind, genuine and down to earth person, would exploit an innocent couple’s wedding just for his own gain? That he would allow somebody to get bullied over false rumors? That he would lie and deceive? Sorry I don’t. Sam spoke out numerous times about the bullying. He had to accept that he can’t change it.

Reputation! Sam and Cait aren’t A-list. There is no reason whatsoever for the network or the stars to invest so much into hiding a relationship. Not in this day and age where you can be exposed at every turn without you even realizing it. Smartphones are everywhere. And I seriously doubt that Cait who worked hard to have a career as an actress would lie to awards voters, journalists and fans when she knows she could be exposed as a liar at every turn. She would look ridiculous and ruin her reputation. She was always very clear that she isn’t with Sam, that she is with a non-celeb bf and that doesn’t like the insistance from people that she’s with Sam. Can it get any clearer? I don’t think so. And why would all these other people risk their reputation for Sam and Cait like Graham, Diana, Terry etc?

So what receipts do ES have? FauxHeads, lemons, fists? Fake pics like the baseball pic or their new fake Hungary receipt? Cait having a S2 Barbour jacket? A fundraiser that was fan organized and they were invited as guests? I don’t see any real evidence for this fake as hell, sunk the bottom of the ocean SamCait ship. At this point even Damie is more likely to be real than SamCait.

Great essay anon!

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Ty n lauren hd gone to d concert days ago yet the photo got posted the day ty releases the music video fr his lead single nd camila releases 2 songs, harmos r voting fr ty on vmas and watching his videos amd camila liked ty photo on ig abt his new song an hour before d tyren photo lmao and alexa L's bestfriend liked camilas havana post on ig, tyren is so pr its obvious now d timing is so planned and d pose in d pboto ks same as laucy lose 😂 lauren hs a standard couple photo pose too

Promo, promo,promo. No publicity is bad publicity right?

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Does anyone have a copy of Darren and Chris's drivers license?

Oh Anon, are you trying to say that without their licenses I cannot prove they live together?  Here is what we have. We have a copy of Ben’s license that he posted on IG with the PR House Address. I don’t think Chris’ is any mystery, we know where he lives.

On D, I am confident his license says the PR house.  That is part of the long game. They actually did get some things right and fact is, it is his house.  

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Awesom, just awesome .... very well, what will they have planned to do with the couple of the many moons following in ig?PR can be so stupid, I mean, are they really planning to sell the fauxest dating in the world just because he follows her?

They are likely going to open her IG.  My best guest.