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bath-bath-Cat Zitao and his graceful high-jump…
[video cr.: CherryTAO]

Since coming back from winter break, things had been going well for Charlie. It was one of the less busy times of the year. In the fall people were still settling and Quidditch was starting, and then in the spring exams would be coming up and things got chaotic as the year started to come to a close. But for now, he could easily manage his classes, his prefect duties, and Quidditch happily. 

After helping a student with their Astronomy work, he started to make his way back to the hall with a book in his hand. He’d always loved languages, so it was no surprise that he was currently trying to learn a new one - Spanish. With his eyes cast on the book, not really focused as his feet followed the familiar route to the Ravenclaw dorms, he bumped smack into someone turning the corner. He merely dropped his book and as he reached down to grab it he said, “Godric, I’m sorry. Are you alright?”