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170723 Sanjoy IG Live
  • He, Elliott, and Youngjae have been working on multiple tracks together and one has been recorded.
  • Sanjoy and Youngjae became very close friends while in New York.  He said that Youngjae is a very open person.
  • “Youngjae is very inspiring to be around because he’s so talented.”  He also said that Youngjae is very willing to try new things and never holds back.
  • Sanjoy will be traveling to LA, where he will meet with Elliott and record his parts of Victim of Love.  They are planning to release it before KCON.
  • While they we walking together they saw many dogs, and Youngjae told Sanjoy a lot about Coco.
  • Sanjoy said that he’s had a great time with Youngjae and that they had even met earlier that day.
  • He will be going to KCON to see GOT7.
  • Youngjae will be going back to Korea in a few days.
  • He considers himself to be an IGOT7.
  • He said that Youngjae’s English is getting better, although it was never bad to begin with.  He is getting much more comfortable with speaking it.
  • He is working with Youngjae to produce a few more songs.