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someone help me snapchat is sinking its filthy furry filter claws into me


[170724] Kyungsoo was featured on Oshareshoe’s Instagram Update


Tips to classic style
It’s simple yet elegant
Wearing this pair of shoes, Do Kyungsoo looked even more dazzling.
#DO #DoKyungsoo #exo #menshandmadeleathershoes #handmadeleathershoes

P.S. This isn’t the first time this custom-made store has featured Kyungsoo.

Cr: IG @oshareshoe (2017.07.24)
Eng Trans: twitter @enthralleddd
In partnership with: IG @channel930112

The Signs As Their Most Beautiful Feature 🌖


Aries: Adorable Nose ☼
Taurus: Long Eyelashes ᯽
Gemini: Lucious Lips ➶
Cancer: Infectious Laugh ☾
Leo: Flowing Hair ☼
Virgo: Dainty Ears ᯽
Libra: Gorgeous Smile ➶
Scorpio: Defined Jawline ☾
Sagittarius: Perfect Eyebrows ☼
Capricorn: Stunning Eyes ᯽
Aquarius: White Teeth ➶
Pisces: Sculpted Cheekbones ☾



ART OF THE WAFFLE: TOP 5 Vans Inspired Art

We’ve picked our top 5 favorites of Vans inspired art for this week, all of which featured either Sk8-Hi’s, Slip ons, or Old Skools. What are your favorite classic Vans to draw? Don’t forget to hashtag #Vansart on IG, so we can feature it on our top 5 Art of the Waffle!!

1. Hale0london
2. Lizyborjas
3. Matuchie_Doodles
4. Edstudios22
5. Todd Coats

Wade’s Instagram is creeper shots of Spider-Man and selfies of Deadpool with Spidey in the background

later Spidey poses with Deadpool and instead of creeper shots his ig features pics of him and Spidey being domestic

Peter’s Instagram is private and eventually has pics of him and Wade doing gross/cute couple stuff

Translations of Messages Between Sara & Isak

Unknown Date

Sara: Have you thought about going to Oline today?
Sara: I think it will be fun.


Sara: Excuse me, but can we talk about how dumbass Vilde is? Did you hear what she said about “brun og blid” in lunch break? She is like just extremely dumb.
Sara: She was like, much of what “brun og blid” stands for is the value of women. Value of women?? Seriously??
Isak: Haha - says something else starting with “fi” but the rest of the message is cut off -

Sara: Finished at school?
Isak: I wish. 

Unknown Date

Sara: Don’t you wanna know what I dreamt about?

Unknown Date

Sara: It should be known that many people coming. Everyone is so freaking concerned about having fun when she has a party because she has a fucking nice house.
Sara: But NOONE talks about that it is just impossible to understand what she says.

Unknown Date

Sara: It is totally fucked up then.
Sara: Once she asked me about something in class, I also said “huh” several times, also she clicked, what the hell is up with that? Hello.
In the end, I just nodded silently and gave her a pencil.

Sara: Hey you :) :) :) We are at the store, should I bring anything to you?

Unknown Date

Sara: Binge watched Season 2 of the Wire. 
Sara: Now I am sitting like a big damn question mark. WHY does everyone say it is the worst season.
Sara: Thus, how that story sets gag union vulnerability, does not resemble anything I have seen.
Sara: Sets labor union vulnerability in focus*
Sara: NOT TO MENTION if we read into the precariation of labor just a half decade later
Sara: Fair enough to say abuse of power and drugs and racism are important themes to bring up, but it is quite fucking important that not the whole society ends up as Foodora’s bikers without pension as well
Isak: Have a buddy who rides for Foodora

20.03.2016 - 23:54

Sara: Just wanted to say that I hope you’re not upset and we can still be friends. You’ll always have a special place in my heart, Isak. In a way, you were my first love. Not in a way, you were. <3<3<3
Isak: You, too <3


Sara: I dreamt about you tonight hahaha.
Sara: Don’t you want to know what I dreamt about?

17.12.2016 - 19:01

Sara: Eeeeeeh????? * posts an IG pic of Isak’s featuring Isak & Even *

P.S. 1: There were more messages exchanged between Isak and Sara. I made screencaps of the messages Sana took photos of but they were impossible to read.  

P.S. 2: Feel free to correct me [in case you are Norwegian/know how to speak Norwegian/know other Scandinavian languages/are familiar with other Scandinavian languages] if there are any mistakes with my translation, since I’m still learning Norwegian. ;) 

its CRAZY how well they have absolutely ERASED Danielle man. She was so extra, she was everywhere, a 101 pap sets, ITS A BOY balloons, featuring on ig, in the public house all the time, extra af holidays, and now? POOF! proves that ANYTHING can change ANYTIME