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“I’m not cute!” -Jungkook Drabble

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“Everything you do is cute”

Jungkook giggled as he stared happily at the phone screen. He was live in the dorms with you behind the camera. It was no secret that Jungkook loved talking to and answering the fans questions, he honestly would do anything for them. For you it was blessing just to watch him in his aura.

He had done a lot of requests that the armies had asked him and they just kept coming, piling up in the chat. Each close to the same as the one previous. While he talked and fulfilled the requests of many armies his eyes would flick upwards to you with a small smile.

Of course he was happy to be talking with the people that supports him but the fact that the person he loved was watching him and helping him made the young boys heart swell. Life for him was definitely perfect at this moment.

“Rap Suga’s part of Cypher” Jungkook read out making you release a quiet giggle. Jungkook raised his eyebrow at you obviously mentally challenging you, there was no part of his mind which doubted that he could do it being the cocky boy he is. Your relationship was no secret to anyone watching in fact you had both gone public quite sometime ago and he is so grateful for that day now he could show you off to the world. 

Whilst keeping a steady hand you moved to turn on the music which was just loud enough to hear him over. You skipped ahead to the chorus before Yoongi’s part had started and waited patiently with Jungkook for it to start. A couple seconds into the rap and Jungkook had already stumbled into the word clearly being defeated by the speed of his hyung

Finally once Yoongi’s part had ended Jungkook had finished as well hanging his head low just listening to your mockery. Gathering his pride he sat silently battling with the embarrassment but not after long he had joined in with your never ending laughter. “That was cute”  You observe while gathering your breath. “Y/N It wasn’t meant to be cute!” Jungkook defends trying to bite back his laughter. “Kookie, everything you do is cute”.

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