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Here are the photos that @telluceeni and I did over the course of our Spring Break together. We plan to do more cosplays together (next time doing FrUK since we are lacking photos for that ship) and we’ll do official uniforms next time as well for USUK. Anyways, enjoy the USUK photos we took!

- England (me): @king.arthur._
- America: @telluceeni (same username for IG)


Quite the Quahog

Narragansett, RI

valerie and I brought my brother quahogging in narragansett last week because its so easy to drive into narragansett when you’re bored and hot, and this is the perfect activity as you can frolick in the marsh and stay cool. all you need to quahog is a bucket and your feet; just dig around with your heels and you’ll feel them, it’s so much fun because you can have little contests with your friends to see who gets the biggest or most, or bring the whole family and enjoy a large meal after your bountiful harvest. valerie kept picking up razor clams instead of regular ones so that was quite funny, but it doesn’t truly matter as they all taste the same. make sure to check online at the government website to see when the tide will be low, as you can only quahog for those few hours, which is usually in the early afternoon!

adventure instagram: @willconns

Congrats on 10 million subscribers Jack! There are many amazing people in this community and here are notes I collected from Instagram and Tumblr for Jack I encourage you to read them all.

“JACK THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME HAPPY” ~ IG || @/septiplier_kid


“Jack I have watched your vids since 2013 and I just want to say thank you, you have changed who I am as a person, and I really hope to meet you someday. I love you so much. You’re my hero.” ~ IG || @/notsolamegame

“Jack! Your amazing and have made me feel better when I was down. Thank you. Happy 10 million!!!” ~ IG || @/kristinapack_2001

“Thank you for putting a smile on my face when no one else could…” ~ IG || @/omgitssean_

“Jack, you’re the best and thank you for making me smile!” ~ IG || @/septiplien

“Every time I watch your vids Jack, I can’t help but smile when you smile or laugh when you laugh. Love u Jack-a-boy!!!!!” ~ IG || @/straight_outta_youtube

“You should move to the USA!! I LOVE you Seán!!” ~ IG || @/liaxmark

“Every time Seán looks at the camera it makes me feel like I’m not alone ^-^” ~ IG || @/freak_child_

“You make us happy! We make you happy! We love you Seán! <3” ~ IG || @/armin_._armout


“Jack, whenever we are sad or just don’t feel well, you ALWAYS cheer us up. I really want to thank you for that!!” ~ IG || @mark_mud

“You changed my life, thanks <3” ~ IG || @/somewhereunderstars

“I’ve been there since the beginning. And somehow I’m still there laughing at the amazing things you do. Thank you.” ~ IG || @/featherstar_fallenclan

“Thank you for everything <3 Your videos always make the darkest days so much brighter and you have completely changed my life. You are always there and this community you have created is amazing… Thank you so much Jackaboy <3 And please move to England” ~ IG || @/septiceye_summer

“Dear Jack, Thank you for everything you have done for me. I have been through a lot and have went through multiple panic attacks and deep depression patches lately but when I watch your videos or hear your voice it instantly calms me down and it really helps me. So thank you and keep doing what you’re doing. LIKE A BOSS!” ~ IG || @/youtube.is.my.life13

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for us <3 my life has been so much happier when I discovered you. High fives from Canada! -Colleen S.” ~ IG || @/colleen10penguin

“Thank you Jack so much for making us smile! I love you so much and someday I hope I can meet you <3” ~ IG || @/brendonb0red

“Jack, you are my hero bro <3” ~ IG || @/bryana.in.hyrule_

“You’ve always been able to make me smile. Even when mayday has been going for the worst, you always put a smile on my face. Thank you so much -Beth” ~ IG || @/livelaughmark

“Jack, I love your videos and I love your energetic attitude! It reminds me a lot about myself. Your videos always make me laugh and smile when I’m sad! You’re and inspiration to my friends here in Oklahoma who watch your videos! I wish you lived here in Oklahoma, but you’re good where you live! YOU’RE A BOSS and my hero! Congratulations on 10,000,000 subs! We all love you! LIKE A BOSS! -Miranda <3” ~ IG || @/phandom_trash_cookies

“Thank you Jack for managing to make me smile, and making me laugh until tears come out of my eyes and my stomach hurts. Thank you for being there when others weren’t. Thank you for calling me me beautiful when others called me bitch, slut (for having to many guy friends, even though I’m a virgin [I’m 14]), fat, etc. just from the bottom of my heart, no, my whole entire heart, thank you <3. I hope that one day I will be able to meet you, Mark, Wade, Bob, Felix, Signe, Ken, and so many others <3” ~ IG || @/septiplier_awaayy

“Thank you Jack so much for putting a smile on my face when I was upset. You always manage to make us happy with whatever craziness you do. You love your fans so much and that’s just so great! I know one day I will meet you and it’ll be the greatest day of my life. Just thank you for believing in me when no one else did and calling me beautiful. :) from the bottom of my heart, thank you Jack <3” ~ IG || @/igotyourfischbach

“Your my light that shines in the dark.” ~ Tumblr || @/wooshywoosher29

“When I look back on life Jack, I will remember you as the light that saved me from the darkness that was life.” ~ Tumblr || @/lokasennascribe

“Thank you Jack for making me smile. You give me hope <3” ~ Tumblr || @/blueheartangel

“Jack, without you, I would’ve never been in this community and see you smile everyday… Thank you <3” ~ Tumblr || @/allfoxesathearts

“Thank you Jack/Seán for all the beautiful memories! I’ve been subscribed for so long and with you and YouTube the past year there has been good changes and the bad ones… The same had been happening for me and seeing how you deal with change has pulled me through. Thank you dearly! AND ILL SEE YOU WHEN WE HIT 15 MIL *highfives*” ~ IG || @/vaitallity

Thank you everyone who wrote a note. It’s so special!