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Haven’t updated here in ages, sorry @ those people who send me messages but I never reply! :p Anyway, here are just some posts from my insta hehe, also congrats to those who recently finished exams, hope you guys get deserving grades!

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Eat food that loves you back😌✨🌿 I find it sad that so many people see eating healthy as a chore or punishment, and people who choose to eat healthily are seen as ‘health freaks’.
Truth is, our bodies really are our only home. And nourishing your body with foods that make you not only look but function and FEEL your best is such an amazing thing💫
I will never be ashamed of choosing to eat consciously and choosing wholesome, REAL food. For me, eating healthy is a joy, it’s a form of self love after years of restriction, deprivation and choosing artificial 'diet’ products over nutrient-dense whole foods purely because of a number.
Love yourself enough to give your body the best nourishment it deserves🙏🏼💛

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Choi Youngjae’s Playlist


  1. Avery Wilson - If I have to
  2. 엠투엠 - 세글자
  3. Navi (나비) - 잘지내니 (Are you doing okay?)
  4. Bruno Mars - When I was your man
  5.  R.Kelly - I believe I Can Fly
  6. Mr.Probz - Waves 
  7. Javier Colon - A drop in the ocean
  8. One Direction - They don’t know about us
  9.  Adam Levine - Lost Stars
  10.  Lorde - Glory and Gore
  11.  Jung Jun Il - Confession
  12.  Lim Chang Jung - Ordinary Song  (Youngjae played this on piano during Real GOT7 Season 2 Ep.1)  
  13. Kim Dong Ryul - Old Song (Youngjae Version)
  14.  Rachael Yamagata - Duet ( Youngjae recommended this song during his birthday last year)
  15. Bernard Park - Honestly ( (Youngjae sings it during the recent fansign event at Incheon - Youngjae Version )
  16. Banhana - Listen
  17. G.Soul - You
  18. Frankie Vallie & The 4 Seasons - Can’t take my eyes off you  (Youngjae sings this at 1theK show)
  19. Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning (This one of Youngjae’s favorite songs. He first sings this song during GOT7 1st Showcase) 
  20. 2AM - Confession of a friend (Youngjae version
  21. 2AM - This Song (Youngjae sings this song during JYP Nation One Mic Starcast) 
  22. YB - Love, Two (Youngjae sings this song during Feels So Good Ep.2, Youngjae Version
  23. Park Jin Young - Honey 
  24. Navi (나비) -  Summer Night(여름밤에) - (Youngjae posted the song on IG)
  25. Cotton Factory -  그대가 온다 Vocal 장규철  (Youngjae posted this song on his IG 3days ago) 
  26. NAUL(나얼) - Memory Of The Wind(바람기억) (Youngjae sings this song today at Boramae fansign - Youngjae version )
  27. Kim Yee Won -  이미 넌 고마운 사람 (Youngjae sings this at MBC Starry Night - Youngjae version
  28. One More Chance - I Think About You (Youngjae sings this song at Bundang fansign - Youngjae version )  
  29. Lim Changjung - A glass of Soju (Youngjae duet with Jr. at  cheongryangri fansign - Youngjae version )  
  30. Im Sejun - Don’t Go Today (Youngjae Version - he sings during Ilsan fansign)  
  31. Lee Ki Chan - Beautiful Woman (Youngjae Version - he sings during Ilsan fansign ) 
  32. Sweet Sorrow - Hiding my heart (Youngjae posted this song on IG)  
  33. DJ Khaled - Gold Slugs  (Youngjae posted this song on IG)
  34. Tori Kelly - Nobody Love  (Youngjae posted this song on IG)
  35. Erykah Badu - Cel U Lar Device  (Youngjae posted this song on IG)
  36. George Nozuka - You deserve better  (Youngjae posted this song on IG)
  37. Elliot Yamin - You Say  (Youngjae posted this song on IG)  
  38. 너도 (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) -  로꼬 (LOCO) (Youngjae posted on his IG) 
  39. Kim Bum Soo - Only You (오직 너만) Hyde and Jekyll OST (Youngjae posted IG) 
  40. Justin Bieber - Love Yourself  (posted on IG) 
  41. Soran Natural -  Don’t Lose Weight [살빼지 마요] (posted on IG)
  42. AURORA - Warrior  (posted on IG) 
  43. Kim Yeon Woo - Antidote (posted on IG) 
  44. Eric Benet (에릭베넷) - 정말 사랑했을까 (posted on IG) 
  45. LOCO 로꼬 - 니가 모르게 (You Don’t Know) (posted on IG) 
  46. 679 feat Monty - Fetty Wap (posted on IG) 
  47. Jo Kwon(조권) - Crosswalk(횡단보도) (posted on IG) 
  48. RYEOWOOK -  려욱_어린왕자 (The Little Prince) (posted on IG) 
  49. El Debarge -  How Can You Love Me (posted on IG) 
  50. Skizzy Mars - Time (feat. G-Eazy & Olivver the Kid)  (posted on IG)
  51. Giriboy (기리보이) - 성인 (Adult)  (posted on IG) 
  52. SHINee (샤이니) - Please, Don’t Go 잠꼬대   (posted on IG) 
  53. Sia - Bird Set Free  (posted on IG) 
  54. Toy Lanez - Say it (final) (posted on IG)  
  55. Chris Brown - Lost In Ya Love (posted on IG) 
  56. Acoustic Collabo -  제발 (posted on IG) 
  57. Snakeships - All My Friends (posted on IG) 
  58. Before You Exit - When I’m Gone (posted on IG) 
  59. August Alsina - Kissin’ On My Tattoos (posted on IG) 
  60. Jason Mraz - I won’t give up (posted on IG)
  61. Han Dong Geun -  Making a new ending for this story (posted on IG)
  62. Fifth Harmony - Like Mariah  (MelOn Radio) 
  63. Jun. K (2PM) - Think about you (posted on IG)
  64. Jimin Park (15&) - Try (posted on IG)
  65. Bruno Mars - That’s what I like (posted on IG) 
  66. Jesse Barrera - Chances (posted on IG) 
  67. SoMo - You Can Buy Everything (posted on IG) 
  68. Elliot Yamin - Wait for You (posted on IG)  Youngjae version
  69. Noday feat Sanchez - Wait Up (posted on IG) 
  70. Baek ah Yeon - So So (posted on IG)
  71. Bruno Mars - 24K Magic (posted on IG)
  72. Noday feat Andrew Choi - Be Cool (posted on IG)
  73. Sanjoyd ft Elliot Yamin - Obvi (posted on IG) 
  74. Park Won - Try (posted on IG) Youngjae version  / 2ae Version
  75. Eric Benet - The Cracks of my Broken Heart (2jae LieV) - 2jae version
  76. Kim Bum Soo & Park Hyo Shin - What Are The Friends For (2jae LieV)
  77.  Richard Marx - Now & Forever  (posted on IG) 
  78. Sophiya - Overlap (Acoustic Ver.) (posted on IG)  
  79. Jeong Jinwoon (정진운) & Jeong Hanbin (정한빈) – Set Me Free (posted on IG) 
  80. Sister’s Barbershop - The Most Ordinary Existence  (posted on IG) 
  81. izi - Emergency room (posted on IG) - Youngjae version 
  82. GOT7 - Never Ever (posted on IG) 

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Kinda freaking out about the fact that Anthony Hamilton not only watched Valmani's contemporary piece but also took the time to look up Normani since he tweeted her complimenting her voice. Dwts brought so many blessings man. And Jaquel Knight commented on her ig video. I know you're a Bey stan so I don't have to tell you who this is lol

What I love most about her getting noticed nowadays is that she hasn’t had to compromise herself or her morals for it. N’s literally just being herself, and that’s what makes me the most excited and proud. She’s matured and evolved thanks to this journey but she’s the same ole N. I grew up listening to Anthony Hamilton so for him to even acknowledge her and commend her on her talent is wild to me 😱 And yes, of course I know who Jaquel is lol Actually fun fact, I learned about J.K. a few years back through Sean (5h’s choreographer). He and Bankhead are the best of friends and he’d always be in S.B’s dance videos and I went searching for him one day. So obviously I was excited for him when he officially became about of Bey’s team (I’m generally excited for anyone who gets to work with my Queen). Also, a lot Bankhead’s established dancer friends have been commending Normani on her performances, which I’m sure is a huge compliment to her because I am always happy when professional/fulltime dancers say great things about her.

Why do we try to force people to stay in our life? Why do we try to force bonds and relationships with people who always make us feel insignificant? It is not healthy to keep begging someone to love you like you deserve to be loved. It is not healthy to keep attaching yourself to people who always have one foot walking out of your life. It is not healthy to keep lowering your standards into accepting things like; verbal abuse, physical and mental abuse, broken trust, lack of communication, lack of effort and lack of attention just to say that you have someone. If they love you, they will show it. If they love you, they will never disappear on you. If they love you, they will be committed to investing into the relationship just as much as you do. Stop giving people the freedom to treat you like shit, when you know you deserve better. Let go of that negativity so that you can finally have some positive things and positive people walk into your life.
—  Relationship Rules

these are soooo creative and pretty!! please go follow cheesy_slimes on ig she deserves it 110%

Sunday mornings mean smoothie bowls and early market trips🌞🍓 I’ve been so busy and stressed lately with Uni, moving house and a few other unexpected happenings, that having a couple of days off at our new home with my family was so much needed🙏🏼 Remember that, as much as it’s important to keep pushing on, taking care of yourself and resting when you need it is JUST as important❤️ Do something for yourself today. You deserve it.✨

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Wonder why Louis post his blue shirted selfie in IG story, and not normal IG. That selfie deserved to be permanent!

it is we have it in our louie hands there’s no way it’s going anywhere now