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hello friends, i may or may not have reached a ridiculous milestone last night?! and i am here to give you guys the absolute biggest thank you! thank you a million times over, for somehow sticking with me through all this? i’ve had this blog for a good while and this honestly baffles me to no extent. for the foreseeable future, i shall be doing loads of things to prolong my celebrations not only for you guys, but because i do quite enjoy celebrating!

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anonymous asked:

I love your IG series creation. I hope to see more soon. ❤ you have such a wonderful talent, i can really imagine them!

Thanks dude! And there might be a lil addition to the actor!jughead & film-nerd!betty insta series that the amazing @sylwrites and I are collaborating on, so you know…👀

sylwrites also turned the series into a fic btw so check it out on AO3!

So I think I just died and went to high carb heaven… 800g of sweet potatoes chopped, rolled in mixed herbs, sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt and baked, then topped with some (a lot of) homemade guacamole! Brb gonna go devour this amazing creation 😍

IG: amantterram