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Friendly reminder that Magnus started wearing an ARROWHEAD necklace. :) nephilimthreads on ig. :) instagram com/p/BYGZ8r2D25F/



First thing I thought of when I read your ask is THIS FIC tbh:

An obsidian arrowhead rests in his palm, tethered to a delicate chain. There’s a rune carved onto its face. Magnus tips his head delicately to the side, noticing the careful letters printed on the paper. It’s Alec’s clear script.

Magnus, I know it’s no ruby, but I wanted to give you something. The rune is the closest translation of my name. It’s a defense rune, for protection. When you wear it, you’ll always have access to what little power I can offer. — Alec

Magnus stares at the words, and at Alec’s name engraved into the stone. It’s not a promise or a pledge, Magnus knows that. Yet, he can’t help but smile as the arrowhead warms to match the temperature of his skin. He looks, just a minute more, before sliding it deliberately over his head and feeling the weight of it resting against his sternum. Magnus lets his eyes fall close. He leans back against the pillows and Magnus feels something like Alec’s heartbeat thrumming against his chest.

From Thunder’s Getting Louder by Teumessian, Part 3 of The Boundless Saga. One of the most beautiful fic series in this fandom. Proof # 948376524 that the showrunners/writers read fics, loljk.

(17) wander through the autumn, stranger

wander through the autumn, stranger
lamplights at the corner of the swinging vine streets
extending spindly legs to climb hills
to reach the old broken homes with
nineteen-hundred-forty lovers
over the tips of the water waves

wander through the summer, neighbor
hood pushed back to walk the paddies
boots splattered in criss-cross crack crumbly mud
lilies and lotus underfoot, each step
growing new glow-blossoms
scattering neon white
in your footsteps’ wake

wander through the spring, friend
each vine-finger-hand reaching through the rat-race
to explode into freshness 
to choke/wind-around the hearts of the salamanders
that live in every rundown house
(breathing out whispers of sensual flame)

wander through the winter, lover
a susurrus of moon and cloud, shafts of
pale light breaking through the overhead
hood pushed up, breath fogging bright
fairies, like sunlight over rivers
home at last, home at last,
……… home at last

wander through the autumn, stranger….

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I SAW!!! I was watching and got everything recorded 👌 Except for Takato’s live, because it’s not archived 😔 but my friend managed to record it! I’m waiting for a copy from her!

If anyone wants to watch the live from Naoki’s side, go follow his IG: http://instagram.com/takeshi__naoki

Shouri, Takato, Naoki, and Tatsunari were all hanging out together for dinner and, most probably, drinks lol Tatsunari looks drunk 😅 For a few tranlations of what’s going on during the live, you can head to my twitter @toabeans . I don’t think I’ll write a summary of it here bc it’s not exactly Kondou Shouri-related 😆