ig bliss

Cyrus: What meaning is there in yearning for the truth? You must instead close your eyes and live in blissful ig–

Hareta: What?! You’re just saying all those hard words because I’m not that smart!

Cyrus: …very well.

Cyrus: HEY BOYS AND GIRLS! It’s time for Cyrus’ Existential KIDS’ KORNER! The word of the day is: FUTILE! As in: “your FUTILE existence has no meaning.” Hareta, do you know any other words that start with F?

Hareta: Fsteak.

Cyrus: Excellent. Now, all together! ~~Your futile exi~stence has no meeea~ning!~~

Cyrus: …ok let’s get serious I’m going to kill everyone in this universe.

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Notice how Lauren generalizes EVERYTHING. There's no expressed nuance. It's a silent "all" to everything. Psychiatrists over drug patients. Americans don't care about politics because of the Super Bowl . Catholics condemn homophobia and condone pedophilia. Shippers are delusional wet dreamers. Trump voters are bigots and racists. It's not that she doesn't have some ground to stand on. It's that the ground is often only a segment of said group. Why? Intentional or inherently simple thinking?

(NOTE: Okay so I know I said I won’t be posting anon asks that isn’t about music or fics, but I feel that this is important so I’m gonna answer this one. But please, I’m not ready to be bombarded with anons/asks yet, I’m still recuperating from all the drama, so I’m not gonna post any more anons after this. I’m sorry.)

Ok so I’ve always talked about Lauren’s outspokenness before, both the pros and cons. And I have always defended her, even if I don’t completely agree with her “black and white” perspective. I’ve always valued her passion and her genuine desire to spread awareness and change society. I’d rather see a blunt yet outspoken Lauren, than a silent Lauren.

But that being said, I really do agree with you, that her tendency to generalize is really detrimental, not only to her image and credibility, but also to the message which she’s trying to say.

Like, I’ll use her latest tweet (about the Catholics) as an example. We know that the Catholic Church is dirty (I’m a catholic, I’ve had a friend who used to be in the seminary). Lauren has a great point. But because she used a blanket term, generalizing ALL Catholicism, people are bound to react negatively. That Lisa (?) girl has a point as well. They both have points. But because Lauren generalized, her MAIN message gets forgotten, because people will start arguing over the generalization issue instead of the issue of homophobia and hypocrisy surrounding the church and some Catholics. So instead of the tweet being a medium for education, it has became a thread of arguing who’s right or who’s wrong about the generalization.

As I’ve said before: Condescension attracts negative reactions. Diplomacy inspires logical discussion. In this case, generalization attracts useless reactions.

That’s why I’ve always been concerned about Lauren’s TONE. It’s VERY IMPORTANT in this society and in this social media age to be mindful of how you phrase your words and how you use your voice. Condescension won’t open hearts. People will only resent you for it.

If Lauren starts using a milder tone (I’m not asking her to dim her fire, never. I love her fire.), she’ll be able to attract more people to listen.

I don’t think she’s doing this intentionally. I believe she comes from a good heart and pure intentions. She’s a kid who wants the world to be better as shaped by her ideals. But reality is, we all have different beliefs and views, and it takes an extraordinary effort to unite all of us. Ranting and generalizing is NOT the solution.

I also don’t think she’s stupid. I think for her age, she could be eloquent when she wants to be. She’s also thirsty to learn more, so that’s commendable. Sure, she’s not perfect. She tends to gravitate towards “naive idealism”, but I’m not faulting her for that, I used to be like her, I used to talk like her (hell, I still sometimes do till now)… She’ll learn as she lives more and experience more.

But yeah, I hope she stops generalizing, and then gets mad when people call her out on it. Prevention is better than cure as they say. If she worded her message carefully in the first place, she wouldn’t have to waste her energy explaining her point or apologizing for her rash words, and finding a hot picture she could post on IG (coz distractions are blissful) 😂

I love Lauren. But I can’t wait for her to realize her full potential. Other feminist figures have managed to fight hate with love. She can too. The mark of a real inspirational figure is the ability to inspire change through diplomatic discourse, and change a doubting mind.

That’s all.

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