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A brief timeline of 18 June 2017

@worththewhiletweet got an anon pointing this out.

Louis takes a screen capture of his weather app at 7:10 PM Doncaster time (2:10 PM NYC time). 

Louis then posted the screen cap to Instagram at approximately 8:05 PM Doncaster time (3:05 PM NYC time).

@Louis_Tomlinson then tweeted the Father’s Day tweet at 8:12 PM Doncaster Time (3:12 PM NYC time). 

I like to think he was shading the tweet and ripping the band aid off quickly at the same time. Otherwise, why wait to post that random ass weather screen cap placing him in Doncaster so close to the Father’s Day tweet? It would make sense if the two were connected. That also begs the question, why the need to place himself in Doncaster with a literal receipt he provided if the tweet itself implies he isn’t in LA with Freddie? I don’t have any definitive answers here, other than to say the two are obviously connected. The tweet itself said everything the Instagram post said: Louis “misses” Fredo and isn’t in LA. Maybe Louis really just wanted to drive that “not in LA” part home for some reason.