ig animal

sometimes i wish life was like animal crossing

u want money? sell some random tat u found on the ground to a tanooki in an apron and/or his two small child accomplices

u hate someones guts? just ignore them for 3 months and theyll move the fuck out

want some music? visit the local nudist guitar player and he’ll just hand it to you like it’s not his only way of making any money in this godforsaken world

wanna look like an entirely different person with minimal effort? go to the poodle upstairs, she’ll sort you out dude

have to go visit someone but can’t be bothered walking there? literally just go to sleep and dream about being there


sarahleearts I made up my own animal crossing character! Her name is Lacy and she is a deer. What would her catch phrase be? Also add me on pocket camp! : 4421 3466 438 💕💕