ig addict

  • Best friend: What have you been doing the whole time? I mean you never come outside.
  • Me thinking: Well, I've been fucking people off tinder, watched serial killer documentaries, Cry and masturbating while eating pizza, thinking if i should get help for my sex addiction, You know the regular.
  • me saying: Nothing interesting.

my level of extra: going on a cinematic adventure for a recipe video

Alright everyone. It’s time for a talk.
Please stop writing or drawing about Phichit invading Viktor and Yuuri’s privacy and posting it online. That’s not okay, and Phichit would never do that.
Don’t write or draw about Phichit giving up his place on the podium just so Viktor and Yuuri can get married. He is dedicated to his sport; unless it were a life or death situation, he would never sacrifice his whole career.
Don’t write or draw Phichit and reduce him to nothing but a media/IG addicted best friend. He is so much more than that. Yes, he loves sharing things online, but that’s not all there is to his character.
Phichit is making history and achieving his dreams, not sitting in the background doing nothing but posting on IG. Stop characterizing him to be what he’s not.
You’ve been given a wonderful character with Phichit Chulanont. Don’t let that go to waste.

[170519] Weizhou’s assistant (Li Hao) weibo + insta update
✩ Trans: Making breakfast by himself.

→ Omfg don’t tell me this doesn’t relate to Jingyu’s cooking video yesterday!! Gosh I’m so tired of these lovebirds. Poor our little assistant, he even needed to post twice lol. Zhouzhou, pls post it on your own next time, we will all understand your hints…